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ING Direct / False advertisement

1 United States

ING Direct -

I was looking to do a refi with ING. I locked in a rate of 5.87% which I thought was great! Two weeks later they sent a counter offer because they said my house value was below what I put on the application. I thought this was garbage. I had my house appraised 2 times and it was valued over 10k above what ING's supposed appraisal listed. The appraiser does a drive by and has no clue to whats in the house. The the counter offer included the same rate but 2 loans. One primary and one that would be an equity line. In the letter they said that I would need to respond within 30 days to take advantage of the offer and from the time that I accept the offer, the offer would lock for 30 days. So after shopping around, I accept the next month but within the 30 days (about 20 days later). AFter sitting for several days, ING finally sent an attorney to my house for the closing. When looking at the paper work, it had an incorrect rate. The attorney informed me that it was too late to call an underwriter and this was on a friday. I called monday and spoke to a rep (dont remember the name) and explained my situation. He tried to over talk me until I asked him if he could see the letter on his end. He informed me that he could and he quickly closed his mouth and went to inform his manager. I spoke to his manager and was informed that the counter offer didnt include the interest rate (even though it was listed on the paper). I was informed that the timeframe for the interest rate was still timed from the initial application start date.I was in shock. This didnt make sense at all. He informed me that he would speak to someone and would call me back tomorrow. He called the next night and informed me that there was nothing that he could do. I was very upset. I asked who was above him and he wouldnt tell me and tried to talk over me. He began to be very rude and constantly repeated himself. I did appreciate the fact that he tried to help (if he did at all) but I dont think he did. He could not justify the reason why ING couldnt give me the rate. All he could say was why didnt I respond to his reps when they called during my decision time which shouldnt matter as long as I was still within the 30 days. Thanks for nothing Carlos Rodriguez!!!(manger at ING)


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