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Dear Respected Sir,

I have faced an issue regarding the Infinix Smart phone set Note 3 Pro.
When I purchased the Infinix Note 3 Pro on dated April 05, 2017. After purchasing the mentioned mobile set I used it for 02 days during that time I had observed an issue with the mobile set during my usage that it was heating up and also the battery was going down relatively fast. At this point I had contacted the shop keeper from whom I had purchased the mentioned mobile set and explained him with the issue and also asked him if the mobile set came with the glass protector? To which he replied that he has no knowledge about it.
As observed previously by me and my other colleagues that the purchased mobile set usually comes out with a company’s plastic protector on it but this mobile set had a glass protector on its screen as well as no reflector sticker on mobile box Moreover I complained to the shop keeper and told him for a replaced mobile set, however he should replaced the mobile set but he forwarded the mobile set on warranty instead.
After this the mobile set was not dispatched immediately and there was an unknown delay of 10 days (the courier slips / details and call logs to the mobile center are attached) for your easy ref.
I again want you to note that I had told the shop keeper for a replacement warranty instead he on his own claimed for a repairing warranty this is not my fault. As per your policy there is a 07 days replacement warranty however as mentioned above my replacement warranty was exhausted during the unknown delay of 10 days which is not my fault.
After this I received the mobile set on April 18, 2017 and the issue of heat up and battery loss was still the same. To which I contacted the Infinix carlcare service center and explained the issue to him to which he replied that the mobile set also had an issue of charging jack. And also I asked that if the company provides mobile set with glass protector on the screen to which he replied NO, then why was there a glass protector on the mobile screen of my purchased mobile set.
Also please note that the mobile set came without a company’s mobile screen cover.
After all this I took the mobile set firstly at your Star City Mall, Saddar Branch basement shop no# UB-18 and explained him with all the incident that had took place. To which he replied to take the mobile set for replacement to the Infinix head office at Saleem Tower Nadra, Khayaban-e-Itehad, DHA, Karachi. So today I visited the Infinix head office and I did not got a positive response from your good side.
I want you to know that I am using the Infinix brand for the first time and I m totally disappointed, they say FIRST IMPRESSION IS A LAST IMPRESSION and I had a totally bad impression.
My mobile set at this moment is in your head office and I am again requesting you to replace my mobile set, if you can’t then kindly return back my MONEY at your earliest.
Need your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard.
I am still awaiting my email Reply but I am sorry to say that after sale service department of CARLCARE is very bad experience for me
I once again request you to see the attachments and response me accordingly…


Beenish Hanif
Address: House No, 1913 sector 11-E Nagan Chorangi North Karachi
Cell No. [protected]
Email: [protected], [protected]

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Infinix Mobility
Infinix Mobility
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Infinix Mobility

May 2, 2017

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