Indonesia AirAsia / poor service of indonesia airasia caused us to miss our flights

I refer to Booking number: TJT8VY. I missed my flights today (9 June 2018)_ from Jakarta to KL, and the subsequent connecting flight from KL to Hanoi, which should not have happened if the AirAsia ground staff could do better job.
I arrived at 4:30am, one hour and a half before my flight. There were very very long queues, since it was a start of long holidays in Jakarta, and people were travelling out. I was anxious, and ran up few times to the girl at the checking-in counter (Ms.Komang Artiwi), asking her if I could do the check-in since my flight was drawing close. Every time, I showed her the time on my watch. I didn't know why she could not get the message, since she said it is fine to stay in the line and wait for my turn. When it was 30 minutes from my flight, I was so concerned and asked another staff ( a man) if it is still ok to expedite. The man showed me to move to another line, which I later found that it is a wrong line (there was indication of the destination in the signal board). When I managed to get the boarding passes for me and my son and run to the boarding gate, the staff at the boarding gate informed me the gate was close, and I was not allowed to be on board.
Not end of the story. A staff (Mr. Muzam) was assigned to escort us to get out of migration area. He asked us to wait at the entrance, saying he needed to get the form (which form I didn't know since I didn't have to fill in), and disappeared. Waiting him for approx. 40 minutes, I ran out of patience and asked the assistance from the immigration for a contact of AirAsia (Mr. Kabul) to expedite process. Finally we were out.
I have to buy another ticket- which was of course costly at this late hour and during this holiday season of the year. Feel pretty bad. Just want to put forward some suggestions for Indonesia AirAsia to improve the services:
• Improve the service: know what you do, and do it faster
• Better communication: for important information: spread out aloud. Don't go around and whisper. I was later informed that the AirAsia staff did go round to inform passengers who are on the same flight with me to move up. But how come both of us didn't hear any thing, and how come the girl at the check-in could not help to show me when I did come forward to ask few times?
• Better coordination between check-in staff and boarding-staff: we wasted my time running to the gate when we thought we could be on board, and that the staff in charge of boarding will allow us to be on board since we was there 5 minutes before the departure.
• Never tell passenger thing that you are not sure about ( I forgot to note the name of the guy who showed me to move to the wrong line).

Indonesia AirAsia

Jun 09, 2018

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