Indian Railwayexcessive rate of food by the pantry car service

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Complaint against the more charging for veg. meals by pantry car personnel’s staff.
Subject: Complaint against the more charging for veg. meals by pantry car personnel’s staff.
Dear Sir,

I would like to inform that I undersigned travelled with my family members from Manmad JN. to New Delhi on 6th July2011. The information of which is described below:

PNR no. [protected] & [protected] Train no. 12137 ( PUNJAB MAIL )
Total passenger --- 09 Nos.

It is reported that I ordered the train’s pantry staff vendor for providing 09 veg. meals. I was thereby provided 09 veg. meals(THALI) without curd and lesser quantity of food as per scale. Not even that they demanded me Rs 540/- at the cost of Rs 60/= each, instead of Rs, 32/= which was Rs 28/- more as per Rate list fixed by railway authorities. When we asked the Pantry Car Manager Mr.Akhlesh kumar Pandey ) about more charging of meal he replied that they are supplying mix veg. chole paneer instead of Aloo-Tamater in veg meal(THALI), but, the fact was that I didn’t told for any changed menu . Before supply the meals we demand the menu & Price list from Vender Shalender tomer but he refused for the same .I asked other passengers and found that everybody was overcharged and thus cheated.
It means the train pantry staff was cheating all the passengers in huge manner by increasing prices of meal and supplying less quantity of food of substandard quality.i.e. A group of 05 passenger those PNR NO. [protected] From MMR To Faridabad were also cheated by the pantry staff they charged Rs, 300/= for 05 no. of veg. meals Bill no.3847 dt 6/7/11 Such kind of cheating should be stopped immediately and culprits must be punished.
The train’s pantry staff manager ( Mr. Pandey ) also argued with me in very rude manner when I DEMAND for complaint Book then he refused and told us that I have no any complaint Book. Please take necessary action against him for prestigious image of INDIAN RAILWAYS.
Waiting for your quick and efficient action and reply.
Thanking you,
Dated: 07-07-2011



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  • Tv
      Apr 17, 2008
    Indian Railway - Non refund of difference fare

    Dear sir,
    I booked my railway ticket for my mother as sr. Citizen from ltt to salem jn. Vide pnr no. [protected] under train no. 1013 for date of journey on 15.4.2008. I booked well in advance on 4.3.2008 i.E. After announce ment of railway budget thereby my mother was entitled for 50% rebate instead of
    30 % rebate. However i apporached the concerned authority after 1.4.2008 but before my journey i was given a clumsy reply that i am not entitled for the refund since i have booked ticket before 1.4.2008 . The implementation of concession is only for those booked after 1.4.2008 . I would like to lodge a compliant and get the refund of excess fare paid to railways .

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  • Nm
      Apr 19, 2008
    Indian Railway - mis behavior from TC

    I travelling from nasik road to newjalpaigudi (njp) on today date 19/04/2008 in train no 5645 bogie no a1 PNR [protected]
    the TC from bhusawal onwords he drunk liqur and mis behavior with us useing bad words
    please help us and look at above serious complaint

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  • Di
      Jul 21, 2008

    hello dear sir lalu prasad yadav ji,

    i am good feel in indian railways

    i want just a train shamli to delhi root

    After 5pm

    plz regard me

    i am your faith fully

    Dinesh Panwar From Bali Baghpat

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  • Sk
      Aug 04, 2008
    Indian Railway - reservatin
    United States

    there was a reguler stop and till today(4.8.08) the train (2317) akaltakht exp stopped at najibabad station but railway computerised reservation system not allowing to purchase any ticket from any station to najibabad.

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  • Vi
      Sep 01, 2008

    the official website has lot of pop-ups and advertisement which make the user uncomfortable. This site does not show the passenger and express train which do not have a reservation coach. Here a user must know the train name or number and also station code without this information he cannot search the trains. they have given the link for searching the station code but if the user does not know the correct spelling of the station name he cannot get the station code. one more think is for each entry you will have to go to get it from separate page. if you does not know the date of running of the train then also you are not able to search the trains.

    But if you visit

    The better way to search Indian trains looks great and it open fast, no pop-up, user friendly. Every information in a single page. This concept is good and some of the features like calendar, train running day has not come in a single website in this reviews. the most important features i have seen in this site that if the user does not know the station code then also he can see all the trains and it is only website which have a drop menu box for the important station from where you can choose the station name and also it has a date calendar from you can choose the date and it show the running day of the train so that you can know which day of the week this train is running. the other most important feature I have seen in this website that it show the train which does not have the reservation coach for the benefit of the user and they are showing the passenger train also which is also not available in any website. This site will enable the users to search train route and compare fares of most of the trains in India.

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  • Ma
      Nov 16, 2008

    Respected Sir,

    I want your help. On 10 Nov. 08 my train scheduled from Mugal sarai to New Delhi vie Mahabodhi Train. I have a reserved ticket but waiting which was confirm on that day. But T.T. was not help me for informing my berth seat. And also want me Rs. 400/- for a confirm berth. I completed my journey as standing mode while I confirm on Net my berth was RAC Seat no. 7 and coach S10.
    Sir, I am very depress for this attitude. Please advise and help me for future journey. And also take any action for T. T. behavior.

    Sincerely yours

    Manish Kumar Srivastava

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  • Pr
      Nov 17, 2008

    i have a complaint regarding reservation policy of indian railway. I have booked two ticket for my brother and his wife. When we are booking the ticket we have opted specially the lower birth. As broter's wife is pregnent. This is Garib Rath train no.2204 from Amritsar to Saharsa on 16.11.2008. At the time of booking we get the ticket bearing seet no.41 & 44 in bogy no. J-11 being lower birth. When we boarded into the train we are shocked to see that both the 41 & 44 are middle birth. we have face a lot of problem due to pregnent lady with us. We contacted the TTE to solve the problem and at least provide one lower birth. But they have refused to help us. Actually this position because of non updation of seating arrangement in In trains like Garib rath Passage seet have been made three seater. and it creats a lot of problem and in seating arrangement. I have no problem with Lalu Yadav arranging third seat in passage side. But it should be displayed at So that passenger can be assure about their seat.

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  • Na
      Mar 02, 2009

    Dear Sir My Name is Nambimariappan, 58 j, muthuramalingar Street, Gandhi nagar, kvoilpatti-628502,
    Tamil Nadu.I Was travel In 24/02/2009 from Madurai JN to Kovilpatti, K M 92, VIA VPT Train No:6127 Fare 33 Rs Ticket No:[protected] When I am Traveling In side The Train Lot of Passenger Standing including me
    That time ticket checking/Conductors Was come The Place near virudhu nagar he is collecting from all passenger per head Rs 15.May It thing above 100 person and give few receipt Same i was paid rs 15 he is not giving receipt then i am asking same he is warning to me he told me without receipt only 15 otherwise more 250 rs Penalty I was paid rs 265 No.06 AA 196848 Up To kovilpatti i was standing position I Need reason for the Penalty?

    Kind N Regards

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  • Vi
      Sep 24, 2009
    Indian Railway - arrogwent behavior of unreserved ticket counter clerk

    i have bought a current raiway ticket on bhusaval counter, i got very dheap and arrogent treatment there when i asked for complaint book the authority refused to give me the book.

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  • Su
      Oct 20, 2009
    Indian Railway - unhygenic ac coach
    farakka express

    On 19.10.09 I was travelling from Varanasi Jn. to Patna by Farakka Exp. 3484 in AC III coach (coach B1 berth no. 28, 31 &32 PNR No. [protected]). The coach was fully occupied by the passengers but the coach was over crowed by the cockroaches and rats. On demand no complaint book was made available for lodgeing the complaint.

    S K Seth
    mobile no. [protected]

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  • Gw
      Nov 02, 2009

    I was travelling by the howrah mail from mumbai in the month of August 28th 2009 and i was aghast to know that the train was occupied by cockroaches and rats, it got me wondering if i was in the animal train or passenger train . IT makes me wonder as to why no serious action has been taken to improve the hygenic situation in trains . What are the railway ministers doing ? is it that they do not bother to get the trains clean coz they themselves do not travel like the rest of us civilians ? We pay money for our travelling then why is it not been taken care off. sending one pic as an attachement of proof was too petrified to take any more pictures coz i was busy running away and squealing .

    I am too travel again this month on the 6th from mumbai to kolkata and wondering how m i gonna manage with cockroaches inviting themselves over for lunch and dinner snacks with us passengers .

    Please be humane and look into the matter seriously

    It will be appreciated by alot of people .


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  • Pr
      Mar 15, 2010
    Indian Railway - miney not refund till date now
    indian railway

    Dear Sir,

    I have booked an e-ticket on 02-01-2010 by using IRCTC's the details are

    Booking details:

    PNR No [protected]

    Train No 4218 Train Name UNCHAHAR EXP

    From CDG to ALD

    Date [protected] Class SL

    Boarding Point CDG Reservation Upto ALD

    Quota General

    S# Name Age Sex Seat/Berth Coach Status

    1 NEERAJ KUMAR 029 Male 0011 S1 CONFIRM

    2 PRATIMA 025 Female 0010 S1 CONFIRM

    Total Fare= 638.00Rs

    Due to some reason the train was cancelled so as per the rule I was
    expecting the refund amount to be credited back to my

    account which used for booking the ticket but till now I am not getting
    refund amount till now after 8days of the

    cancellation of e-ticket. I am requesting to you that please credit the
    amount of e-ticket in my account as soon as possible.

    I will be thankful to you.

    I look forward to hearing from you for a positive early response

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  • Mk
      Apr 28, 2010
    Indian Railway - Not returning money on duplicate ticket
    United States

    Dear sir,
    I mk mishra send a duplicate ticket vide regisry no.3159 dated 13 jun 2006 for refund of money paid on duplicate ticket (Bpt - 433975 and pnr - [protected]) to chief comercial manager (Refund) north western railway jaipur. Veri fication received from allahabad verified by ccm jaipur. Please intervene so that money to be refunded back.
    Please contact me through email [protected]@yahoo.Co.In or my mobile no. [protected]

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  • Ds
      May 21, 2010
    Indian Railway - non issuance of unreserved ticket by new delhi station
    indian railway

    i went to new delhi station to day to purchase a unreserved ticket from Delhi to jaipur for date 22.05.2010 but at counter poonam rani who was sitting refused to issue ticket that there is no train from here. as per rules unreserved ticket can be obtained from any station before 3 days if journey exceeds 200kms. my e-mail address is [protected]

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  • Ja
      Jul 13, 2010
    Indian Railway - inability of berth against cnfirmed reservation

    i had resevation in W/L against PNR no.[protected]. After chart prepare my one berth confirmed .It was in coach no. C-1, 11 but i did not get my berth due to refuse by TTE. He told that it is already reserved according to my chart.
    so iwant to claim for the same.

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  • Pc
      Jul 20, 2010
    Indian Railway - Non refund of money
    Western Railway

    I purchased a Railway Ticket no. J [protected] for a journey from Jamnagar to Udaipur on 16 Jul 2010 at 1303 hours. On reaching Ahmedabad, it was told that the Udaipur express bound for Ahmedabad to Udaipur is cancelled for a week. I approached Window No. 7 at Ahmedabad. Mr. IJ Bhatt told that I cannot get the refund from Ahmedabad or I have to go to Jamnagar to get the refund. I mate Station master but no proper response. I went to Himatnagar railway station (where the Udaipur bound train terminated) to get the refund, Station Master Mr. CJ Lal and Mr. Sharma Ticket Booking clerk behaved very rudely used abusive language and told no refund get lost from here. Finally I approached Jamnagar for refund but it was told I cannot get refund from here. For this I spent Rs. 5235/- apart from lot of harassment and mental torturing. I want to get refund due cancellation of train plus the Rs. 5235/-. PC Jain +[protected]

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  • Aj
      Nov 23, 2010
    Indian Railway - REFUND NOT REVEIVE

    Till the date i am not receiveing my refund amount. My ticket detail as given below:-

    PNR NO.-[protected]
    TRANSACTION ID-[protected]
    BOOKED ON 22-05-2010
    DATE OF JOURNEY-24-05-2010
    TRAIN NO-0136
    TDR FILE ON 25-05-2010

    Sir as i come to know that refund amount receive within 90days. But till the date i m not receiving my refund amount. I request you to look this matter.

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  • Ni
      Dec 30, 2010
    Indian Railway - Late running of trains

    I was travelling by Sampoorna kranti on 28 DEc. 2010 and i had a horrible experience of my journey from Patna to New delhi. The train was late by 14 hours and when checked the railway website the train was running late throughout the week.

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  • Ra
      Jan 07, 2011
    Indian Railway - cheating

    REF.:-PNR NO. [protected] (ROU-HWH)
    The above mentioned Ticket / PNR was issued to me (Booking Date 22 Nov; 2010) for the travelling by 8006 Koraput Howrah Express for the Date of Journey 05 Dec; 2010 by 2nd AC, between the sector Rourkela to Howrah.
    But when I reached the station at Rourkela at 2130 hrs to board the train I was totally shocked to know that the particular train is on diverted route since last 5 to 6 months and not cross through Rourkela station.
    I was totally helpless to move Howrah as unable to get reservation in any train, beside this I was advised by customer care of IRCTC to proceed for TDR formalities for the said ticket instead of cancellation, as the chart was already prepared.
    I proceeded for TDR formalities of the above ticket and also cancelled the following onward tickets;-
    1. PNR. No. [protected] DOJ 07 Dec; 2010 HWH-BBS Train – 2073 BBS Jan Shatabdi Express
    2. PNR. No. [protected] DOJ 08 Dec; 2010 BBS-ANGL Train – 8106 BBS-ROU Inter City Express
    3. PNR No. [protected] DOJ 08 Dec; 2010 ANGL-BBS Train – 2894 BLGR BBS Super Express
    I am surprised to see why the tickets of diverted route / cancelled trains are issued which are not running through stations since long period and even in railway site “train running position” the trains are shown running at time at non running stations.
    Due to this negligence lot of passenger are harassed. I have suffered a big loss financially by cancelling the all tickets / tour visits and unnecessary staying in a hotel at Rourkela along with that mentally harassed. Along with this I have to kept wait for my refund against the Cancelled / TDR tickets.
    Beside this I was forced to stay at Hotel as there was no availability in any train, business loss and the harassment I faced is in-calculated.
    I have sent a letter letter dated 21 Dec; 2010 to The Director (Public Grievance), Indian Railway, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi by speed post on dated 23 Dec; 2010, but no reply is received by me till date.
    Kindly let me know what the action is to be taken for the misleading the passengers.

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  • Kc
      May 31, 2011
    Indian Railway - Poor Food quality and Cleanliness

    My experiance at August kranti express on 28/05/11
    Poor Food quality
    1) Cucumber served while dinner was deteorated or spioiled
    2) water given for tea preparation was cold
    Overall cleanliness was very poor especially basin and toliet utensil
    After paying Rs. 1495 how can we accept such service?
    Krishnakant Vichare

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  • An
      Jun 05, 2011
    Indian Railway - misguide by rail staff

    I was travelling by 12142 rajendra nagar/cstm exp. on 29/04/2011 vide pnr no. [protected] B2/41, 42, 44.Bed roll provided to us was unwashed and dirty, toilet wash basin was full of rice and pulses and condition of toilet was very pathetic.also no soap liquid provided.when i contacted head TTE mr abhayshankar, he say i dont have any complain register than i gone to guard at mugalsarai jn.about 17 boggies back and lodge complaint vide dt-29/04/11 before he was unwilling to give register.but after many request he gave.Than i gone to head tte from mgs mr.ramakrishna patil, he threaten "jao nahi deta jahan complain karna hai kar lena."and beheave very rudely.
    next morning 30/4 at 0900 hrs i ask coach attendent mr ashish misra to give soap liquid in toilet, as he was sleeping, he replied "soap nahi hai jao sone do yar".also they dont give towel, Finally i reached cst stn.and gone to station manager to lodge complain here also mr. maurya try to misguide me but after intervantion of head tte of cst he agreed and i lodge complaint vide 194543 dtd-30.04.11.excess price taken by pantry car vendorof cold drinks and water bottle from printed price.Print rate of soft drinks was rs.23 but they charge 25/-.
    please take appropriate and stingent action against defaulter.

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  • He
      Jun 24, 2011
    Indian Railway - train, running habitual late to jaipur

    Subject: habitual late “ DEE JP SF SPL train number 09722” and chain puling at Rewari

    To how may its concern

    This is regarding “Delhi Jaipur super fast special” run late almost daily by one hour. Right time is 4.10 but habitual come late to platform around 4.10 from NCR. I hope the timing should be change to 5 pm which help passenger coming from office taking short leave.
    there is no action for the culprit.
    Also someone daily pull chain at Rewari and hundreds of passenger get down. This should be stop.

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  • Jy
      Sep 17, 2011

    i had resevation in PNR no.[protected]. After chart prepare my one berth confirmed .It was in coach no.S-10, berth no.15, 16 but i did not get my berth due to the TT given the berth no.16 to some other person by TTE.
    so iwant to claim for the same.

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  • Sa
      Oct 05, 2011
    Indian Railway - Refund not received wide pnr no: [protected]
    sahil sharma

    sirs ! I was suppose to travel from mumbai to delhi in train number 12137 ...reservation ticket no: 92015392wide pnr no: [protected] but my ticket was not confirmed.
    I did request in mumbai on dated: 25.04.2011 but i did, nt receive any refund so far. Need your urgent help plz. I tried to call help lines number of indian railways but no reply always.

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  • De
      Oct 10, 2011
    Indian Railway - Excess charge of pantray car

    I was traveling by train no - 12295 sangmitra express from banglore to patna get 30. 09.2011 then i gave an order for veg meals to pentary car staff . After surving the person charged Rs. 50 for veg meals instead of railway's fixed rate of veg meals Rs.32

how these people are charging Rs.50 in place of Rs.32.

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  • Vi
      Mar 20, 2012

    i agree this. it happens in all train. no price list is available in coch or pantry. railways has to stick the price list in each compartment and even it is removed, it has to be posted again.

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  • Ta
      May 13, 2012

    dear sir i so many time travelling in train no 12650 nzm to ypr these train pantry car food is very very poor and the pantry car manager is toking very bed and all food price charge very high according to railway menu and they are not give any cash memo and they are not any compliant book he all ways told i dont have any complaint book . egg biryani charge 60 rs.without curd without water biryani rice quilty are very very poor veg meal they are mix sabzi and very few rice and two chapati and charge rs.50/-non veg 70/-omelette's bread 25/- lassi 20/-all price are very high

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  • Sk
      Jun 22, 2012
    Indian Railway - Poor responce for post purchase service
    Indian Railway

    There is a Aqua guard cooler cum purifier in the office of the under signed & the same is lying defective since long. After much of chasing up a service representative has visited last week & inspected the plant, reported the water drum to be changed. Accordingly it was requested to give necessary estimate, photo copy of authorisation for service center at Visakhapatnam since becoming a Govt. concern & Invoice to prefer advance cheque . But, no response so far . Further, our staff sent to collect the same having finding no other way, but found the premises changed leaving no address to refer back further. This is the miserable situation of post purchase service of your product at VISAKHAPATNAM( AP).

    Deputy Chief Electrical Engineer( Construction)
    East Coast Railway
    Near DRM Complek, Dondaparthy
    Mobile: [protected]

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  • Si
      Oct 25, 2012

    I also suffered on 23.10.2012 while travelling from Vizag to Howrah by Howrah Mail(12480). Food supplied in 1st Ac from pantry car in thalis(with eggs) @ Rs. 102/- per thali and Rs. 86/- for veg thalis. We had to pay this amount to the pantry staff. when asked about the bills he simply said you have not asked for it before and have to pay the amount, as it was already late in the night ( around 10.30pm).
    Will this matter be checked by railway authority and stop cheating the passengers.

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  • Vi
      Dec 09, 2012

    This is a common story now a days. Day by day pantry car workers are getting bolder and don't even talk with respect.

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  • Ud
      Feb 06, 2013

    get the print out of rail pantry car circular named ''cc 78 pdf''

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  • Ma
      Jun 24, 2014

    i mayur travelled from dadar to renigunta and the same return journey. pantry car unhygiene, lots of cocroaches

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  • Hi
      Aug 22, 2014

    As I am Travelling from newdelhi to tatanagar and in the train no.12820 pantry car charge for one veg thali 90 Rs it is not mention any where in there records but the pantry charge as same price every time i am facing this problem every time in my journey please take initiative towards these high price of meal in train pantry coach

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  • Pr
      Jun 17, 2016
    Indian Railway - unbecoming of railway staff
    indian railway

    I went to see off my brother on 16.06.2010 who traveled by 2304, Poorva Exp. in S-13 on platform no.16 from New Delhi to Asansol. There were more than 100 passengers in the compartment having a capacity of 72 berths. One gentleman who introduced himself as Hari Das Pandey was allowing passengers of IInd class in the compartment by charging balance amount plus some extra amount. When I asked him when even waiting list passengers are not allowed in the reserved coach and the coach is already over crowded, why he was allowing more passengers in the coach. On this he lost his temper and shouted publically that I would continue to do that and 'tum jo ukhar sakte ho ukhar lena'. After that some more passengers joined me and then slowely he left that place.
    The total act of the said Hari Das Pandey as a staff of Indian Railway is unbecoming on his part and an action should be taken under the Rules. If that gentleman is not an Employee of Railway, how he was doing up-gradation and collecting money in a station like New Delhi.
    An early action on this complint is anticipated.

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  • Sa
      Aug 17, 2016
    Indian Railway - criminal activitiesby without ticket local passengers, police and local students in upper class coaches

    I was travelling with my family from jalandhar to bokaro steel city by Train no 8104 on date 5/6/10 in 2nd A/C coach, After we cross the mugalsarai the train stopped at a small station and there from mroe than 100 local boys of age 12 to 20 get enter in our coach No A1 they were all without tickets, some local elder passengers with policealso get in our coach and they werealso without tickets, Ticket checkers dare not to ask them about tickets. the problem not just stop there the local boys start roaming in groups of 20 t0 25 form one end to other end of the coach making noise with abusing and bad language. I protest against them with some travelling passangers, and then ( local boys) they start abusing us and therating us that they will burn the train, and who ever will stop them from entering the coach will supposed to be dead.they were also calling a slogan EK BIHARI SAU(100) BABIHARI. I Feel so Shamefull that I am an INDIAN after that. A man with young daughter was also there who protest with me against them was unable to do any thing besides listening there threat and abusing shouts . A local police man there do nothing as he said to us that he was not on duty that day and he was also travelling there without ticket. I feel very shame full about that day loosing my honour and love for India

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  • Vi
      Aug 17, 2016

    I travelled on 2nd june 2010 by visakha express (train no7015) from icapuram to secundrabad .I was taken tatkal ticket from ichapuram counter, pnr no :[protected].
    please go through the that ticket details .My boarding point is at visakhapattnam, but my travelling point ipm to sc taken ticket.So I boarded at ichpuram here problem started, that ticket collector told me your no right to travel in ac coach, even though my ticket was tatkal ac confirmation ticket.That time un able to discuss with him because that time travel with my family.As per his arugumet and rule he asked Rs 400/ - I paid him, he won't given any bill he went off.Problem is these type ticket collector take action on him as per your rule.
    I hope the best,
    further details call me sir ([protected] )

    my address,
    prasanna kumar chowdhary,
    flat :302, ammabhgavan enclave,
    bhandary colony,
    nizampet, hyderabad.
    phone : [protected]

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  • Vi
      Aug 17, 2016

    please take necessary action on ticket collector(who tc between bhubaneswer to vizag ) in ac coach and refund my money.

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  • Su
      Aug 17, 2016
    Indian Railway - Status of Wait list ticket

    Status shown online for wait listed ticket does not change for many days. e.g. WL1/WL2 was the status for over a Month.
    Tickets get confirmed last moment by the time passengers get frustreted & make alternate travel arrangements.
    Passenger has to cancel wait list or confirmed ticket since he cannot predict due to status is not regularly up dated.
    Seems there are some vested interests of agents or staff to keep such system.
    OR is it to support tatkal quota?

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  • Dh
      Aug 17, 2016
    Indian Railway - Rude behaiour of stationmaster

    Iam a regular pasenger of malabar express from karunagapallly to kazhakootttam.After malabar express there is only a passenger at 3.0 pm which stops at kazhakotttam..But in kazhakoootam railway station there is season ticket available only after reaching at kazhakoootttam at 8.30 or 8.45 and passengers have to wait till to take seaason ticket .Today since tehre is no passenger
    for taking tickets, they are refused to give season ticket...They asked to wait till 10 'o' clock...Remember there is no trains after malabar upto 3'o' clock...Please kindly make arrrangements for changing this season timings.

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  • Vi
      Aug 17, 2016
    Indian Railway - DELAY OF TRAINS
    United States

    The Sawari Train (Solapur Pune Passenger) running between Solapur to Pune station is running late by 2 - 3 hours regularly from last 2 - 3 months & when we ask reason to the station authority the told us that we have to write an complaint at solapur station (DRM) office. They didn't provide us the complaint and suggestion register to write the complaint.

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