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I am a professional and recently applied for a job and downloaded my meticulously written resume via 'indeed'. The next day I went to the site to check on my resume and I was horrified to discover the poor format and gross mistakes made (for example- all of my past employers and experiences were listed under "Education") It made me look like an unpolished, unprofessional #####! I contacted 'indeed' immediately and they stated that they are "currently looking for ways to improve resume conversion". Seriously?? This angered me more than I had been previously as they are obviously well aware that they are having huge problems downloading resumes and this is not a new problem for them. Had they warned applicants that their resumes would not appear as they should, I NEVER would have applied for any position. Your resume is EVERYTHING. They suggested that I go into my account and "edit" my resume. I was not willing to do this as it was so horribly downloaded that it would have required rewriting my whole resume. I immediately deleted my account. ADDITIONALLY ~ I received daily unwanted emails for prospective job openings. I am an RN and they were sending me email alerts for "Floor Cleaner" and "Financial Advisor"-- Really?? Why would they do that. You don't need 'indeed' to apply for a job, you can do it better yourself.

Jan 30, 2017

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