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I've bought a Dell Laptop at Incredible Connection the Grove Mall of Namibia on the 01/04/2017. I handed the laptop in about a month before the warranty expired. The laptop was sent in for repair, after the 21 day waiting period I collected it and a week later the problem occurred again (flashing screen). I returnees the laptop on the 23/04/2018 for the second repair where I waited longer than the 21 day waiting period. I collected the laptop for the second time and that very day the laptop failed to work, screen froze, laptop restarted and then screen went black and failed to start up permanently. I returned the laptop for the third time where I was told if they can't fix it this time I will receive a new laptop or my money back from the repair company. On the 3rd collection I was told the laptop won't last long and will break again I should sell it and make it someone else's problem. I told them that is unethical. I took I home and after a Windows update the laptop stopped working and started again with its problems. I handed it in for the forth time now and was said it will take very long and that they can only get the credit from the manufacturer and not the repair company. No login form was made this time. I was lead to buy a new laptop as I wait for the credit and I did so. I've been paying off the new laptop ever since and never received my credit and now I've been told that I handed my laptop in after the warranty and Dell will not refund me. This is highly unethical, this is corruption, this is fraud. This is unlawful and not adhering to your own policies. In totally it's been about 8month now since the first entry.

Dec 04, 2018

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