IGXE/WoW Gold / Spam and Bots

College Station, TX, United States

I see everyone else mainly complaining about their transactions, or never receiving their product. However, my complaint isn't about that. I actually had a great purchasing experience with this company. I only had a couple times where the delivery was not on time, and even so, it was only by a few hours. My complaint is that this company is basically run by bots. Their instant messaging system is bots, their Skype is bots, their email is bots. Every service you use to contact this "company" is going to be replied to by a bot. There is 0% human interaction within any of this "service." I honestly thing this whole gig is probably only run by a maximum of 5 REAL people. The main problem I have with this service though, is the amount of spam they send you. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. EVER. IF IT IS REQUIRED GIVE THEM A FAKE ONE. They will send you constant emails no matter how many times you unsubscribe. You will have to report their emails as spam, and yet they will STILL get through. It has also come to the point now that it WON'T EVEN LET YOU UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THEIR EMAIL LIST. There is a line at the bottom of the email that will say "click here to opt-out of future emails." BUT, there is no link there and no words are linked to an unsubscription either. The reason this is irritating, is that there IS an opt-IN link, but not one to opt-out. You can reply and tell them to stop, you can block them, you can do whatever the hell you want and they will still send you spam. Whatever you do don't give them any personal contact information. That is my complaint. The service is HORRIBLE, and it is a spam service. The purchases are frequently a scam and you won't get your product, thankfully enough I haven't had that happen to me. Overall, JUST DO NOT USE IGXE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER FOREVER.

May 11, 2015

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