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I ordered 1000 wow gold 6 days ago in The only information I recieved about them at all, was the email from paypal saying the transaction was completed. There is no place stating that you need to "verify" your paypal account for the order to be processed.

Which raises even more questions. Why in the world do I need to tell you my paypal account for you to verify that I bought it. I am fairly well versed in the ins and outs of paypal, and this seem ludicrous. I did my homework before purchasing and found that there were thousands(literally) of complaints against gogoer, so I took a gamble and purchased the smallest amount possible. I also purchased a larger amount from another site, because they received much better reviews than Gogoer did. The other site took 2 and a half days to deliver, but I received very good customer service throughout the entire process. And when they could not make the delivery in the stated time frame (Click a button on their site telling them you will be online, and they will deliver within the hour) they notify you that they will be unable to, and you then repeat the process the next time you will be online for an hour. In essence, you chose when you want to wait for delivery.

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  • My
      Nov 03, 2009

    Yep, after i placed the order, they called me to confirm my order by asking my paypal address and the order information. I was upset at first but there seems to be nothing wrong so far. Maybe it's just a way to avoid online frudulence.

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  • Na
      Nov 03, 2009

    Which website can provide us a safe and good service? The ones I placed order before, always have these and those problems, delivery delay, uncomplete delivery, and like this verification! I had to worried about so many problems when I just want buy some gold! garbage! I want to change to IGXE, but see the complaint here! The only way I can do is never buy since now! But how can I play!

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  • Ma
      May 26, 2010

    Just wanted to email you and let you know how pleased I am with your service I know as a customer service rep myself how important it is to have feedback and I can safely say I have nothing bad to say about your service.
    Your customer service rep's and power levelling service have been outstanding everyone I spoke to through out the process was very helpful and the timescale of the order was spot on from what you advertised on your website just want to say keep up the good work and you have one very happy customer who will defo be back for more of your services!
    Very best regards

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