Ideal Image Modelsscammers not paying their models

Te Feb 08, 2015 Chatsworth, CA Review updated:

“In Dec. 2013 I signed with Ideal Image Models in Chatsworth, CA. They have only booked me for two shoots. First shoot was B/G, which happened to be with my agent, TJ (Tee Reel). They advanced me the money for my test, which was taken out of my check on the day of the shoot, as well as their 15% commission.

The second shoot they booked me for was with Alicia Silver Productions in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The shoot consisted of 8 photo sets, 3 solo videos and B/G video. The shoot lasted 13 hours. I was there from 8 a.m. till about 9 p.m. I came back home around 10:00 p.m. or so. I live in Los Angeles. At this shoot, I was told that the footage would be used for a MILF website.

The pay for this shoot as it stated on the release I signed was $1, 200. The other agent, Corey Carnes told me that the pay is payroll 1-2 weeks before booking me. He also told me this for weeks following the shoot when I inquired about my check. So I waited till the 2 week mark hit. Then I started getting worried and asked them if my check came in. That’s when things went downhill.TJ texted me a photo of my check, trying to prove to me that they are not stealing my money. Then they kept telling me the check has not cleared. Note: I have all of TJ’s texts saved on my phone of everything he told me regarding my check. I transcribed the texts into a document and I’m attaching it here for you to see, as well as a picture of my check that TJ texted me. As you can see in the transcribed texts, they made me drive all the way to Chatsworth from West LA only to tell me that they cannot give me my check and it has not cleared.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Chatsworth, CA I went to inquire about my check the second time with the police escorting me there hoping they would just give me my check. I know that the whole clear check thing must be a lie. It shouldn’t take that long to have the check cleared.

They told the police that they have 30 days to release the check to me according to the labor commissioner. It has now been past 30 days. I applied to the labor commissioner and at this point I have no idea what is going to happen. This is all a foreign territory for me.

I’m new to this industry, I signed to this agency without doing much research on them and sadly after all this I found out that they are not good through several people in this industry. Not one person had anything good to say about them. They all said that we are not surprised they did this to you. They have put me through so much stress with all this. My first experience in this industry has been ruined, now I’m scared to death to trust anyone and just don’t know how to even go about all this. This is so unfortunate. I feel like I’ve been used. Now this agency has been ignoring me when I asked about my check. They are probably just hoping they will not pay me.

I even contacted some of their models on their site and they had bad experiences too. Some people told me that this agency doesn’t pay their webcam girls either and that the girls never see that money. It seems like they owe money to other people in this industry as well, not just models but managers and others that work with them like agents. I’m not naming names now, but I can if need be. Another management company told me that supposedly this agency is broke and that’s why they are holding on to my check, also that they are in some lawsuit between LA Direct. I have no idea what is going on.

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  • Ka
      Feb 09, 2015

    I think the first clue would have been your doing the shoot with your agent?


    On looking up this guys name I found a number of disturbing videos featuring this so called "PIMP" ... find a good lawyer and get out of your contract asap.

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  • Ti
      Feb 13, 2015

    If you do some diligent research on this company you will find that they end up forcing their models into prostitution and sex trafficking.

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  • Br
      May 07, 2015

    Looks like the above review wast true at all-
    Below is a timeline concerning [the] recent post regarding said model.

    On 12/11/13 this model was signed to Ideal Image Models. Her first scene was a few days later. As a performer who has shot some 3, 000 scenes, I am one of the contract guys for this company. This model’s first scene was with me, and she earned $1, 000 for an hour long scene. She was paid and she paid off her commission.

    On 12/22/13 this model was booked with Alicia Silver Productions for a scene for This model was given all the relevant information and told she would be on set for a “full day.” Anyone who has ever shot for several of these types of companies can confirm that there is an abundance of photos, solo clips and a boy/girl scene. Unfortunately this specific shoot took longer than usual because of the simple fact that she was new and had never done a photo shoot before or solo clips or pretty much everything. Alicia took her time to help the model so that the performance would be a good one.

    On 12/23/13 this model sent a detailed email that she felt “Ideal Image Models” took advantage of her, etc etc. and that everyone she spoke to said it should have only lasted 8 hours and that she wanted to be paid and paid now. I informed the model that it takes 1-2 weeks usually to receive payment.

    On 12/29/13 this model was calling saying that it had been a week and she wanted her money and she was going to go to the cops because we were stealing from her. Please note that this is also right in the middle of the holiday season.

    On 1/5/14 this model was continuing to call the office, text, have her boyfriend call, threaten, etc. saying she needed to be paid. At this point in time we had received her check, however the funds from the original producer had not been sent making the check useless until a funds transfer had been completed. We did tell this model that it should be a
    few days and they could come to the office for the check.

    On 1/11/14 this model and her boyfriend came to our office. I informed them and showed them the check and that we had not cashed out the check and weren’t holding her money. They demanded a post-dated check which I refused to do. Both parties went ballistic claiming we were stealing, etc. There were 3-4 witnesses including other models in the office when this went down. They were asked to leave, but not before calling the police who told them to contact the Labor Commisisoner.

    On 1/13/14 the police arrived at our office. I told them the same story. Showed them the footage of her actions from our security video feed and they told the model and her boyfriend that this was a billing issue and not a police issue.

    On 1/14/14 all of the Ideal Image Models staff were in Las Vegas for the AEE convention.

    On 1/21/14 the Ideal Image Models attorney indicated that we needed to follow a certain protocol before issuing payment to this model. We could no longer just send her a check like we always have from a trust account. In addition Ideal Image Models attorney now was in conversations with Alicia Silver Production’s attorney to see how best this should be

    On 1/27/14 the Sheriff’s department was sent to Alicia Silver Productions because this model reported the company for putting kids in harm’s way. Obviously this was an attempt to harm Alicia Silver Productions and showed the lengths that this model would go to.

    On 2/5/14 Ideal Image Models was given the ok to deposit the Alicia Silver check and issue payment.

    On 2/5/14 Ideal Image Models issued payment and sent the check certified mail.

    Please find relevant information attached including blatant voice mail threats and paper documentation.

    We are one of the fastest growing licensed talent agencies in the industry. We have never not paid any model. You will see that we never deposited this model’s check, therefore we weren’t holding on to her money.

    This model has never contacted any of the other models we represent. I honestly wish she would have asked some other models in the industry who have waited on payroll checks for just as long in rare cases from several different companies.

    We have more full time employees then most of our competitors and no one is owed money. This model is trying to portray that she knows the inner workings of how Ideal Image Models operates, however she has only been to our office once, and that was on a weekend. She also claims that she’s asking other talent agencies to try to figure out our “financial” situation which should raise a red flag right there.

    She then contacted Monica Foster to “Get Dirt” on myself and my company.

    But there is no dirt- I’m a 10 year vet in this business- I don’t drink smoke or do drugs- I don’t promote or encourage escorting for my models nor have I ever been arrested. All legal issues that have been accused about my company have been found to be untrue, and myself and my legal department will do everything in our power to protect my company and our models.

    Please feel free to ask any questions, and listen [to] and post just one of the many Voice Mails left by this model’s drug enraged boyfriend.

    I pride myself on running a successful legal talent-friendly and supportive licensed and bonded talent agency, and I will continue to do so!

    Ideal Image Models

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  • Es
      Dec 12, 2015

    To Brian Reed:
    You must be joking. Your website lists all models as "available now". Do you mean they are available for shoots right now? Literally like sitting in the studio all made up and ready? Or for something else?
    You contacted me via text message, and I'm an escort, to apply to your agency. Why do you even solicit escorts to work for your agency?Because you want them to work as escorts, that's why. And yes, you didn't pay the model for over a month, yet you promised two weeks. Who cares about your BS explanations on why you didn't pay?She did the work. Your story makes no sense.

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