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I was very surprised at the complaints but happy to see some compliments too. I first went to Ideal Image because I had ingrown hairs and shaving or waxing my bikini area was painful. I was so happy with the results that I added another area recently. I love going to my appointment because I am in and out in a flash (not like the waiting I've experienced in other settings where I wait in the waiting room after checking in then wait in the examination room). I love the way my skin feels and looks so no regrets here.

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      29th of Oct, 2011

    I looked into laser hair removal for a few years. I went to a consultation at Ideal Image and knew I was at the right place. They were very knowledgeable and from the time I called to the time I went for my first treatment, everyone was amazing and very helpful. It was not the cheapest place I found, but it they seemed like the only place that really knew what what going on and experts. I liked the fact that laser hair removal was all they do, and they are not a med spa, or a doctor trying to make more money by adding this on.
    I have had 3 treatments and seen great results so far. I even had the consultant I originally met with (Shannon) sit down with me and ask how I was doing. It is really nice that they have good service. I have seen some complaints, but have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company.

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      14th of Feb, 2012

    Like everyone else out there, I was always opening up the groupon, and living social deals, and jumping on the "fantastic deals" I bought one laser hair removal deal, only to find out that they didn't have the machine yet!!! They were trying to get some money together to get a gentle lase machine. They had an IPL machine that they said that could treat me with if I didn't want to wait till they had the right machine. Guess what, they still don't have the machine yet!!!

    I don't know about you, but I love a good deal, I paid $200 for nothing!!! A. K.A. "Sucky deal!!!" I fought it and got my money back, but I'm not wasting my time again for false deals.

    I finally broke down and called Ideal Image. I had heard from my friend that they were pricey, but they actually have machine's and they work! The girl who did the consultation was really nice. I wasn't comfortable about my hair issues. She introduced me to the nurses that do the treatments, explained how everything works, showed me the machines and had the nurse come in to see how treatable I was. I found out that I was not a candidate for the area that I wanted to treat. She said that there was no way that they will treat something that would have poor results. The other place told me that I would have great results! The other place just wanted my money! They didn't care about me at all! What jerks!

    Well, this story has a happy ending. Well, almost... I still have hair on the area that isn't treatable. But, I am LOVING the treatments that I have started with on my bikini and underarms with Ideal Image!!! I am on my 4th treatment, and the hair is soo thin and with each treatment, there is less and less hair left! I know that they are more expensive than the cheap places, but I wouldn't go anywhere else. With the monthly payment plan, it is actually about the same price that I was paying for waxing anyway.

    Please call them and listen to what they have to say! Ideal Image will honestly let you know if you are not treatable, and if you are treatable, you will love not having to shave!!!

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