Icontact.comFraudulent charges

When iContact was unable to accurately track our account activity within SFDC as well as Campaign Monitor was able to, I called to cancel my organization's account after about 7 months of inactivity in June 2014.

iContact failed to actually cancel the account and continued billing for 6 more months before our finance department noticed and I ended up calling again. They claim that a "two free months" offer was accepted but it was not. iContact refused to refund any of the charges even though there had been no account login/activity whatsoever in over 13 months (last activity using iContact services was 11/22/2013).

Filed a BBB complaint and they still stubbornly stand by their stance that the customer knew the terms. iContact would not in good faith issue a refund for the illegally charged invoices during a period of time where there is proof that no account activity occurred, and after the fact that I had initially called to cancel the account.

In the event that any other current iContact customers attempt to cancel their account, they will notice that a call must be made with hoops to jump through instead of offering the ability to do this via the web.

iContact operates on a very sketchy business model as we have found out the hard way, and I hope this review rings loud and clear for anyone else considering iContact in the future. STAY AWAY!

Dec 30, 2014

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