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EMillionaire.comOnline scam


I entered Facebook and saw an ad reportedly saying i could make up to $11, 000 Canadian a month by writing links for emillionaire through Google.The ad seemed genuine.Fortunately i did not give my credit card info and hit ask me later at the bottom.As far as i know i believe i gave them the info to send to my address any literature about said 'SCAM'.

I've inquired to my Mastercard and have no purchases from emillionaire or Marqilife.But now it gets even better!! I went back to Facebook and lo and behold there is the ad with a little 'TWIST'. A male in his early twenties from my town named 'Corey Peters' with the exact same story as the person who i had seen before except he was only maxing $7, 000 per month.There has never been a person named 'Cory Peters' or anyone with a last name as 'Peters' in this Town.

Hopefully i've avoided a bullet, if not let it be a lesson to me and anyone else.


  • Ri
    ritehanga Jul 14, 2009

    a personal message sent to LESLIEUK who leaves supporting comments for this scam...

    here is a comment i recently added, as it is aimed towards your comments i feel it is worth making you aware of them...

    i personally would disregard anything ever posted by this leslieuk. obviously they are involved or possibly is the culprit parading under an alternative name! how many people have been scammed??? and only leslieuk is the only one to benefit from this. seems to me they must be associated with the scam. no one can get in touch with this emillionaire company or this brock character who is the apparent thief behind it all. if leslieuk has personally been educated by brock then why doesnt leslieuk provide viable contact info for all unhappy customers to contact with a happy response???? because surely as a legitimate business [which it obviously is not] they would be interested in good customer service and would want to help those who are struggling with this so-called service! as it is i think we can all rest in knowing it is a scam and leslieuk should be stricken from any discussion prompting any more false hope and promises of "easy money"

    if you are legit and do have the good fortune of finding this to be a legit business surely you can post on all these complaint forums a useable and safe way to contact the company you readily stand up for. those customers not happy with the service should receive a refund, those not sure should receive safe and confident coaching to use the service as is good customer service.

    but i think we both know this will never happen as 99.99% of the internet is posted by this being an actual scam which makes me wonder who you are and what you actually get out of this.

    i thought it only fair, this being a public forum that you have your say in the matter and in an ideal world useful actual contact info would be provided to anyone requesting it. please if you do have any, being a "student of brock" you would be a fine candidate to provide this

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Jun 01, 2009

    EMillionaire is big scam

    Report this scam to Florida Attorney General here and they will investigate:

    Also to the Attorney General in your own state

    If enough people do this then legal action will be taken against these scammers!

    By the way - this is the person behind this scam - just do a search for his name + emillionaire and you will see that.

    So contact him direct for a refund:

    Brock Felt.
    Telephone number: [protected]

    Address: 4903 Yacht Club Dr, Tampa, Florida, FL 33616 USA

    Email address: [email protected]



    Some more emails to try, I found them at:

    [email protected] (Customer Care Specialist) and [email protected] (Company Owner)

    Phone: [protected] (USA)

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  • Ma
    marian whelan May 27, 2009

    lucky for me i noticed when they were taking money out of my account, i went to the bank and got it changed opened a new account.My bank paid me back. How do you stop these basards???, i have sent an e-mail to Google as well.Low and behold, today i recieved a CD, 27/05/09, this CD is going back RETURN TO SENDER, with RIP OFF, Don`t give them BANK DETAILS, written all over the letter in RED pen..On the front, is YAHOO! FORBES, AOL, CNN, MSN, I HAD 3X $65.00 AUST TAKEN OUT EVERY 3 DAYS, UNTIL I S TOPPED IT. SO now you all know it`s `happening around the world..I live in Australia, No wonder they call themselves e Millionaire, they are. my e-mail is [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jack Lay May 23, 2009

    Charges credit card for material never recieved. Never can get an answer on the telephone. Thanks for the interest in trying to get an answer to this problem. J.Lay. e-mail [email protected]

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  • Em
    Emma May 11, 2009

    I've been scammed.
    Two charges $1.95 + $47
    I've reported the ads to Facebook.
    I've contacted my bank.
    I sent an email to [email protected] but it came back as : "Delivery expired (message too old) '[Errno 61] Connection refused'"
    I tried calling the number above but it's been disconnected.
    How do we report these guys?
    How do we shut them down?
    Who do we go to?
    I see all these complaints but is anyone doing anything?

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  • Al
    a little peeved Apr 22, 2009

    [protected] harassment!!!All victims, by either harassing phone calls [protected]) or unauthorized credit card charges, here is the companys real contact phone number: Million-Aire Enterprises, [protected]. All other numbers circulating are fakes! Especially any number with 727 area code!!!

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  • Li
    Lisa G. Apr 07, 2009

    Type: Land Line
    Provider: Verizon
    Location: Clearwater, FL

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  • Li
    Lisa G. Apr 07, 2009

    I'm in the processes of trying to get my money back as well. I was just called by someone from Emillionaire not even a second ago and when I told them how upset I was and that I was not going to stand for it, I was hung up on. Well, I guess they forgot to block their number because this is the number they called from: [protected]. I've been calling this number constantly since he hung up. First it rang forever and no one answered. Now I'm getting a busy signal. At least now I have a number to call and I encourage you all to do the same.

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  • Bi
    bigfella2k Mar 20, 2009

    I just looked closer at this says not affiliated with google...which is what now pisses me off...I shouldve known better but I did the same as everybody else...but they didn't mention a charge...but I got nervous right away when I didn't get an email...but I got this damn it really doesn't work at all huh?

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  • Do
    Donna Mar 18, 2009

    They also got me for the 1.95 shipping... and guess what happen next, they charged my Credit Card 47.00 saying I agree to be a membership when I send up for the information. I did call them to have to charge removed but it was like pulling nails out of the wall, I also called my Credit Card and disputed the charge. I will turn them in and blast it all over the news...Scammmmmm ..No wonder he is a Millionaire


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  • Da
    David Mar 17, 2009

    Same thing happened to me!! Someone you used my card for the $1.98 charge which was ok because they gave me $2.00 since they didn't have a credit card. So I allowed it. I waited for this packageto come from them but nothing ever came. sunday when I was out of town I decided to check my account online. I noticed TWO purchases but i only made one for $10.00 @denny's restaurant. Then there was a $47.00 charge also!! I called my bank they gave it back to me so they said!!! Then i decided to check my account today they $47.00 is gone!!! I called my bank back they are disputing the chrage but I also have prepaid legal services to help with these chrages!! I called my hotlint for legal servces and will call tomorrow to talk one one w/an attorney./!!!

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  • He
    helene Mar 13, 2009 I guess I wasn't the only one who thought it was going to cost only $1.95 for shipping. I also saw the ad on facebook thinking it would been nice to be able to work from home now when I'm a stay at home mom. After not recieving anything in the mail I called and cancelled and said I wanted my money back. She cancelled my membership and said I will recieve an email shortly..ya right!!! A few days later my debit card got overdrafted for $47 and overdraft fee for $22 ???? I got so pissed of and called the bank what this $47 was and It was from emillionare! got the number again, but now I can't reach them and the mailbox is full. I called my bank back and I'm disputing the charge and the put my money back!!! thank god! these people should be cought I can't imagine how much money they have stolen from poor inecent people. DO NOT BELIEVE IN STAY AT HOME JOBS ON THE INTERNET!

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  • Ca
    Carole Mar 10, 2009

    I clicked on the ad on Facebook and like a fool gave them my cc info. I received an email right away and logged into emillionaire with my password. Then I started to get a bad feeling...modules did not make sense. I googled "emillionaire" and came across this website. I sent them an email right away cancelling my order, I gave my name, address, phone number and password. I told them in my email, that if it wasn't cancelled immediately and if I did not receive an email advising that only the initial $1.00 would be the only charge made to my cc then I would contact the FBI Internet Crime Complaint. I received an email within 5 minutes guaranteeing everything I requested. Now I will need to follow up with my cc company to verify.

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  • Le
    LeslieUK Mar 05, 2009

    What? You believe everything you read online? GOTOYOUTUBE.COM, search emillionaire and watch the freaking testimonials you idiots!!! emillionaire has 4 seminars a year where Brock does intense training on how to run an online business. He does a coaching program andhis website is up and running!!! YOU SCAMMED YOURSELF BY NOT READING THE FINE PRINT!!!

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  • St
    StevenJones Mar 05, 2009

    This is a scam, see this news article:

    "Clicking on the link in the ads took people to another page, run by a company dubbed "EMillionaire", which invites users to submit their details to see if they are eligible to take part in the program.

    The details included credit or debit card information as those interested in the scheme would have to pay $US1.90 to take part.

    But the entire venture is a scam with no ties to Google, designed to trick people into handing over their banking details."

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  • Le
    LeslieUK Mar 04, 2009

    check out testimonials on youtube. search emillionaire. company is actually legit. you just didn't read the fine print

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  • An
    angrymom Mar 03, 2009

    This is a huge scam!!! I totally agree. I received a call from them this morning of a kit that I supposedly ordered from them. Dummy me, I shouldn't have given them my credit card info to begin with but I thought $2.00 wouldn't hurt. But once this female person got on the phone, I told her to cancel my order IMMEDIATELY. She said that I would have to call the cancellation department for that and she gave me a wrong number (dish satellite number). I got so mad. I went to their website and got hold of the phone number and canceled it immediately. She said that I won't be billed anymore. I am so disgusted with this scam I don't know how we could shut down their operation.

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  • Ka
    Kasumi Feb 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Update: So, the lady on the phone told my I would receive a confirmation email once my account has been deleted. It's been 8 hours so far and nothing has arrived. What is more, just to check my account, I put in a password request (where you enter your email address and it sends you your log in information), and I got an email stating my login name, and they changed my password (which I had tried and it hadn't worked) to "cancelled". I went to the site and logged in using that as the password, and what do you know, it worked. For all of you out there that can no longer log into your account but are still being charged, try using "cancelled" as your password. I have decided to give it a couple more hours, however, I have already set up my email client and scheduler to send an email with my username and the phrase "DELETE MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY OR I WILL CONTINUE SENDING THIS EMAIL EVERY 10 MINUTES." to their support email address. They have annoyed me so much already, they don't even KNOW what "annoying" is until I don't get what I want. If they still don't delete it, I will change it to every 2 minutes. I shall call this "Operation Scammer Spammer"...and it shall be amusing. Operation Scammer Spammer status: Initiated.

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  • Ka
    Kasumi Feb 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just signed up for the trial a couple of days ago and as soon as I logged into my account, I got the feeling that something was not right. I just got off the phone with a service rep and I canceled my account with them. I still think it is strange that she only asked me to verify my email address and name. But she said I would be receiving an email shortly confirming my cancellation. I wonder if I will ever get that. If not, I will continue calling them and emailing them non-stop until I get what I want. They won't know "annoyance" until they make me mad.

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  • Ci
    citizen.soldier06 Feb 24, 2009

    They are totally a scam. They hit me up for the $1.95 shipping and handeling, I figured no big deal if it doesn't work, right? It said you could cancel within 7 days and be charged nothing, but if you didn't cancel within 7 days your account would be charged $40 something and some change each month. I figured, $1.95, I could check it out and cancel if I didn't like it. What's 2 bux right? They use things like "seen on CNN and MSNBC" to make you think it's legit. Anyways, I got to the site and it was garbage, nothing there, very difficult to navigate. I never even got the "welcome" email telling me what to do next. I called there # (which is [protected] if you can't find it on the site, or cant get into the site to find it), to cancel it not even an hour after I signed up for it figuring I'm well within the 7 days. The lady took my information and said no problem, you will get a confirmation email showing you cancelled within 10 hours (which I thought was kind of an odd length of time but whatever). I got up this morning and still no email so I went to their customer support page and emailed them being very clear that I wanted this cancelled. I got a delivery failure notice saying there was no such email address for them.
    So, tonight I called them back and lo and behold I got the same female I spoke with yesterday, very easy to tell, broken english, IT WAS THE SAME VOICE. I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor, she was reluctant at first and asked if she could help me and I said no because I had already been told this would be taken care of and it hasn't been and I need written proof that it was cancelled. She then said "o.k. but it will take 2-10 minutes, is it o.k. if I put you on hold?" I told her no problem. Not a minute and a half later, the same woman came back with a different name this time, claiming to be the supervisor. I told her that I was dumb but not stupid and I knew she was the same one I talked to yesterday and 2 minutes ago. She told me "sir, if you dont believe what I'm telling you then I can't help you with cancelling your account."
    I proceed to tell her that I'm not getting off the phone until I get some kind of written proof that I spoke with them and my subscription is indeed cancelled. An e-mail, a text message, a letter to the bank. She tells me that the email department is closed LOL. I told her that she has verified my information with me and is obviously in front of a computer, why doesn't she send me one. Anywho, we went back and forth with the whole "I promise it's been cancelled" and me telling her "I need something in writing, your word means nothing to me" for a while, then she puts me on hold again.
    Upon her return she informs me that she just "found" someone willing to send me an e-mail and that it was in my inbox. I kept her on the phone, of course, to verify that it was there and sure enough it was, from emillionaire support, clearly stateing my account had been cancelled. I guess I'll see for sure but at least I got that much.
    What a bunch of low-lifes, especially in these times.
    I truely hope this helps someone.

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  • Ch
    Christena Feb 24, 2009

    Emillionaire got me for $506.02. I was not as smart as Chuck and I did give my credit card number(which was maxed out and I didnt really think that it would go thru). As a result, they took the $197.00 twice and I am now charged with a $35.00 over the limit fee on top of that. When will I learn!! I cannot get in touch with emillionaire now of course as my password doesnt work to get me into, which is where they send you on the contact link. Always remember, like our parents said, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is!!!

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