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ICICI Lombard Chennai / icici lombard executives from chennai are disturbing me

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ICICI Lombard executives from Chennai are disturbing me in all ways, recently I received 5 to 6 calls from ICICI Lombard executives, they where telling only one thing that Mumbai credit Card office has been selected me as the privileged customer and I am going to get 20 laks of General Insurance and 25 Laks of Accident policy or some insurance free of cost. All the time when they used to call me I used to tell them only one thing, I am not interested. Now the situation came that without my permission they have credit Rs. 5266 from my credit card. I have filed the complaint to the customer care and blocked the amount.

I would like you to answer me one thing, "How can ICICI Lombard can access my credit card without my permission?" and How can ICICI Credit people can credit Rs. 5266/- for ICICI Lombard without my permission?

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  • Nh
      21st of Mar, 2007
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    Its 101% true that ICICI has an unprofessional business attitude. It has become like a fish market appointing local peoples and asking them to call all the numbers in directory and do marketing on their product, not bothering if they are interested or not, or if they are in any meeting or in the office premises.

    I was warned by many of my friends not to take credit card, but due to ICICI executives completion and their wonderful promises I had to take one. My limit was 21k and I used the card to purchase a new PC. Almost I payed 15k. When I faced problem in their billing, I stopped paying my dues and at last the manager compromised and promised to pre-close my account and took the minimum due for that from me, and didnt turn back next month. He told me If I pay 11,500 I can close my account, then later he reduced to 9k. Next month a new executive came for collection and asked me to pay 12,000 as due for that particular month .. can u imagine??? I was shocked and told him not to expect any more payment from me hereafter. 8 months passed now my outstanding shows 35,000..!!! What a business na?? its a decent way of "looting" people. One fine day without my permission they have auto debited Rs. 26,222 from my account. Damn..!! who the hell did give permission for that?? I think ICICI bank customers have no safety for their money. Its better not to keep any account in ICICI. I have complained regarding this and still waiting for the reply. Let me see or else I have to take further steps. Will seek Human Rights help.

  • Sa
      21st of Mar, 2007
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    I fully agree with you, now i have taken help of Law and i hope everything will clear and i will ask for compensation from ICICI Lombard. I wont leave this ICICI Lombard people.

  • An
      29th of May, 2007
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    It is very natural that you guys got into this trouble. ICICI has this regular way of cheating their customers. These ICICI people are real ###. Their Mumbai Office lured me into Credit card, and the lombard (Chennai) people soon started nagging me. They told that I need only to pay just INR 401/- per month for Health card, to which I agreed. They never told me it would be debited as a lump some amount for two years!!! Then they debited two years' (24X 401/-) rupees from my ICICI credit card (even before the Credit card was delivered to me). Damn..!!

    Its almost two months they sent me the credit card, but I have never received it. They just have a customer care number that works by Voice Response System.

    Perungudi, Chennai.

  • Gs
      23rd of Dec, 2007
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    I also faced the same problem just yesterday, ICICI Executive Named Rani called me and explained me about the policy and at the conclusion i told them that i am not intresting in this policy, she told me very rudely that at first you accepted so we are holding 13500/- from my creditcard account. here the main matter is i Just applied for credit Card and yet I have not received and i dont know the Number of that, she told me the number and insisted me to told as i have credit card with me, what is the drama.

    How to control them, how can we take action on them, to whom we had to complaint.

  • Ra
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    hey icici bank is a big time ###, tell me how to complain about the wonderful cheating work an looting my money, I use a icici credit card, I got a call from icici Lombard the ###ing product of icici bank, I told them I don’t want any insurance
    but I was taken to surprise, when I got a message for using my credit card in icici Lombard for 8000 rupees.

    How to stop this ###.

  • Ra
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    WHY U are cheating me i maintenance account very good in ur bank

  • Sa
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    Hi, I am Saravanan D - Working in TCS, Chennai. I m using the ICICI AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card. On August 25-2008 I got a SMS like, I have made a transaction of 11, 203 Rs. at ICICI LOMBORD.

    But, I havent done any transaction. I just want to file a case against ICICI LOMBORD. My Online credit card account is also now showing the details for the same transaction.

    Now.. i dont want to continue in ICICI.. I m going to close my savings account in ICICI and planned to dispose all the ICICI Credit Cards...

    I will initmate this to all the TCS Employees in and around Chennai. I contacted the ICICI Lombard person Balakrishnan (98840 17644), he is telling me that my voice was recorded during the call by their executive. He is asking me to come in person to their office.

    See how bad the attitude of ICICI... ICICI is becoming the POOR bank... ALL THE FRAUDS ARE WORKING IN ICICI - CHENNAI

  • Sh
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    hi, i have same problem, but i am not to understand if i have icici credit card then why icici lombard can issue the policy,
    and the big commody is this, the policy is get created on some unknown person, whom i dont know, when i request to cancel it they cancel it and refund the money in my credit card... but soon after 5 day they took entire 2 yr policy money at once, like 24*410 ...
    and i am doing conversation with then they are not replying about taken money.
    they are just moving me here and there.

    and right now i am out of india so i am not able to call then like 30-50 minute on call, like hold and other...

    See how bad the attitude of ICICI... ICICI is becoming the POOR bank... ALL THE FRAUDS ARE WORKING IN ICICI

  • Ra
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    Hai, nearly 2 months back i get an health policy from icici lombord but after that i am not interested to continue a policy, . so i informed to the customer care to cancel the policy but that person told me to informed about the cancellation to the persons who are in the cancellation department and they informed me a toll free number to call. After that when i tried the cancellation departement they asked me a policy number but that person in the policy department didn't informed me any policy number so again i called to that icici lombord policy departement and i asked my policy number but they not responsed about that. They not informed me any policy number still now but they take approximately 250rs from my credit card, . Now what can i do. when i called to cancellation department they told me they couldn't get my details in the system. i have the credit card in icici more than 4 years but they informed me they dont have any details about me in their system. After that they accept my complaint and they gave me a cancellation request number and informed me that they will cancell the policy within 11 working days but toady its take more than 11 days but still they not canncelled the policy... that cancellation request number is 3100822. Now i want to cancel my policy.. no body can response me in the icici lombord department... they really cheat the customers. Lets tell me how can i cancel the policy...

  • Ve
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    I agree with you guys.. ICICI Bank are the real ###ing bloody ###. I received a call from lombard and got an healthcare policy. A month later i requested the customer care to canel the policy for which i wasnt interested to continue, they had sent me a cancellation letter and with the number syaing all transactions closed. But, still i am receiving call from the bloody ICICI ###ing ### to pay the oustanding amount for the policy. They are real ###...If anyone knows the route to keep full stop from these ###, please let me know.

  • Am
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    Dear sir,

    please find the below mail.& find the attached file,

    Last year i have lost my job due to my final settlement time, after i studuied a software course in chennai, now i am ready to settle my dues amount

    of what ever the mentioned in attached file, Kindly revet back as soon as possible..

    1/1028 Periyar street,
    Bhavani Nagar,
    Chennai - 600 052.
    Mobile No : 9047015952...

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Am
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for writing to ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd. This auto-acknowledgement confirms the receipt of your email.

    **This interaction is being tracked through the subject line. Please do not change/modify it while reverting to us**

    Your request is under process and we will revert to you on the same shortly.

    If you have contacted ICICI Lombard earlier in this regard kindly provide us the interaction id to enable us to process your request faster. Also request you to provide your contact number and complete address with pin code to facilitate our future correspondence with you.

    Customer Support Team

    -----Original Message-----
    From: NIVAS NIVAS []
    Sent: Monday, Aug 25 2008 8:52AM
    To: []
    Cc: []
    Subject: Please find the attached document


    SUB :Please cancel my Lombard health insurance.

    I received my credit card as on jan-2008 in Chennai, I received my credit enquiry for all these numbers.

    044-5583447, 044-5583501, 044-5586440, 044-5583446, All the person are told me the same reason, if u not interested please cancel Lombard health insurance, within one month after received my Lombard document, I am not interested due to my financial reason, I make a call so many times all the people told the same reason concern person is not available here please call after sometimes .

    Payment is not my fault please cancel my health insurance then I settle my payment in only one settlement.

    Already last month I talk to MR.KANNAN about these problem .

    Now I am working in Bangalore please call my mobile no ;


    CARD NO : 5177194478305003.

    VALID FROM : 01/08 To 01/12.

    CURRENT MOBILE NO : 09731863927.

    My E-MAIL :

    Kindly request to you please cancel my health insurance.



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