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IC System / debt collection

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This company tried to charge me more for a debt than was owed.

This all happened April 14, 2017

I called [protected]

I had an old account with COX cable totaling $193. I paid a portion of the account with one debt collector in the amount of $80, January 2017. The account was since removed from my credit report and as such I thought it was settled. A couple of months later I see the same amount pop back on my credit report; this time with another debt collector: I C System. I called to ask for the true balance and they insisted it was $193. Yet, they saw I made a payment of $80. I asked to pay the true remaining balance of $113. They insisted it was $193, and offered to let me settle the debt by paying $135. I said that is not right because I already started paying and it appears they are trying to extort more money from me. The individual I spoke to, a male, advised I send a letter via postal mail to file a dispute. I asked if I could email my dispute. He said no. I thought this was odd given we are in the 21st century. I found it frustrating considering they were adamant about using incorrect information. I asked them why they would think I owed $193 given I already paid $80 in January. They insisted this was information given to them and they did not see a need to question it. Eventually, the customer service rep became very rude and asserted I wouldn't be in the situation if I paid the account earlier. I hung up.

I called Cox Cable, and according to their records I indeed owed $113; and they have on record the $80 payment. I was even able to settle the debt right then and there.

I called I C System again. Apparently, the same individual picked up the phone. I informed him their records were indeed incorrect and they should look into their practice of false account information and reporting. He insisted he is only going off of information from the client (Cox Cable). Yet, their client informed me according to their system my account balance was $113. I asked how could Cox Cable's system say $113 and that same system tell I C System it's $193, spite having received $80 of it. He surmised Cox Cable tagged the $80 back on the account; that perhaps the payment didn't go through. I said that's not possible considering Cox did not report this. I expressed that it felt like they were stealing money from me.

I made the point that they fraudulently reported an old and incorrect balance on my credit report in hopes I would just pay to settle the account; knowing I owed less. They took no steps to question or verify the data received; and thus careless to the impact on my credit. The customer rep was rude and did not care that their system reported incorrect information. The company as a whole has a very outdated way of resolving issues; spite being one of the first computerized collection agencies. In looking into their company, it appears I am not the only one to experience this.

Apr 14, 2017
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      28th of May, 2018
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    It's nice to know from reading all the comments here that IC System is continuing to not live up to the code of ethical conduct they brag about on their website. (Eyeroll...) We live in Tucson, and in December of 2017 we moved from one house to another within the city. This involved a change of address (d'uh) and along with it, a change of phone number which was to another company as well. A few weeks ago, in MAY, I got my first nasty call from IC System. The not-a-gentleman told me I owed AT&T $108 on a phone bill from December whatever 2017 through January whatever 2018 dates and since I had ignored two notices that they had sent me at my current address (the new one!), I had to pay immediately or there would be dire consequences. My mama didn't raise no fool. I immediately realized that our AT&T phone account had been closed and paid in full in late December, and we had even received a refund check on our last payment, as we had paid more than what the last month of use involved. I told him that we did not have AT&T service in our new home, where we living beginning on December 20th of 2017, but had gone with another company and had disconnected our AT&T landline service at the old address. OH NO, he said, and rattled off a phone number, thinking he had me. IT WAS THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER! I told him that, I also told him that I pay the bills and know positively that I owed AT&T nothing, nada, zero. He ignored that information as another example of my nefarious duplicity. I told him I would get the records from AT&T and forward them, which would end this farce. He had to note that, and did. After that there were calls. I was becoming increasingly infuriated with this skeevy group, and it was I'm sure something they could hear in my voice. I never once in all my dealings with them used one word of profanity, EVER. I had called AT&T, who informed me that my bill was paid in total, that I had never missed a payment in the four years I had been a customer, and furthermore I had never been billed at any time for anything close to $108, the amount IC System was claiming I owed. They were sending my records by snail mail. I called IC Systems, got another less-than-charming "gentleman" who started arguing that their records showed differently and I asked to speak with his supervisor. That was a young man named Mike, a sensitive soul (that's sarcasm) who objected to my tone and said if I continued to "yell" at him he would be forced to hang up. I assume Mike is still recovering in the emotional trauma room, hugging a teddy bear.

    In the meantime, IC System had filed a delinquent report which had dropped my FICO score horrifically. WARNING: These folks play VERY NASTY and I am personally not convinced that their claim of commitment to high ethical standards is anywhere near the truth.

    I began to notice things that were amiss in the IC System report, which I had by then received. The account in question was listed as ATT, not AT&T. I went online and discovered that ATT and 10 ATT are names for a division of AT&T which offers basic service, cell phones, net connections to low income households. To put it delicately, that is not an apt description of our family. I called to check on this and was transferred to a supervisor named Jenny, the only person in the entire operation with a functioning IQ. She was actually helpful in that she asked me my phone number, I told her and she gave me the phone number in dispute, which was not a number I had ever seen. She asked me if I had ever been a victim of identity fraud and I said, "No." She offered to send a fraud report kit. A week later I received a second BILL, along with a report on the "account." This confirmed identify fraud, and I called ATT, where it was confirmed that three numbers had been opened using my social security number, one of which was the one IC System was accusing me of not paying. They were very lovely, noted the fraud, and I told them I would use the information they provided in my reports to Experian, Trans-Union and the police.

    I jumped into action. Documentation was sent to both Experian and Transunion, I had already filed a report against IC System with the FTC. Both were very helpful and I am going to the police station in Tucson tomorrow to report this all to them. IC Systems last message insisted I still owed $108, unbelievably. Against a phone number I had never heard of nor used.

    The ding against my credit and FICO score has been removed, there are no reports on file with Experian, Trans Union nor anyone else, but I remain furious and stunned that they could proceed so aggressively. I'm hard to intimidate, but many seniors are not. BEWARE OF THIS GROUP. THEY OPERATE JUST THIS SIDE OF THE LAW (AT BEST) AND USE DECEITFUL PRACTICES AND VICIOUS HARASSMENT TO GET WHAT THEY WANT.

    They will be prominently mentioned in my police report and I will be updating my FTC report with a few additional comments about their business practices. Something tells me that I will hearing from them again in a couple months with regard to those other two bogus phone accounts, because they are not very bright, either.

    I pay my bills on time, faithfully. I know what I owe. Don't take their word for ANYTHING. Double check their claims, make sure they are not bogus account numbers. Beware especially of any alleged amounts owed to "ATT."

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