IC FreeShippingunauthorized credit card charges

I am registering complaints about an online ordering service of Zulily and fraudulent billing of IC
On 9/21/16 I placed an order (#[protected]) for an item and was offered free shipping with 10% rebate on future purchases. I agreed to that and set up my account with my VISA number and password to use for this purchase.
I have been charged $12.97 per month since 9/23/16 from a company called IC FREESHIPPING.COM on my VISA.
I called them to see where this came from and they said it was initiated by the order I placed with Zulily on 9/21. I never knowingly authorized such a charge and am unhappy that this has cost me $51.88 additional. (Especially when the item I ordered was just $14.94.) They agreed to cancel the January charge but would do nothing for the previous 4 months. I have never ordered anything else that would even be covered by this service.
When I called Zulily customer service today & spoke with both Melia & Terrance, they said they had never heard of this ic freeshipping company & would have no way of linking me to it in my order process. This is my concern. That was the only way it could have happened or somehow ic freeshiping hacked into that order & got my VISA number. She (Zulily) said they wouldn’t even have my VISA number but that is what I paid for the order with. They also told me that they were not charging me $12.97 a month so they didn’t owe me anything.
I feel IC FREESHIPPING has been charging me $12.97 a month that should not have been charged. I have received no information from them about this and just found the charges on my VISA. I believe I should be credited back the $51.88 from ic freeshippin. In researching online I see many complaints about similar things with this company . Can't find a physical address for them to write to them.
Please help me.
Shirley Howard
3906 E. Darlington Dr
Meridian, ID 83642

Feb 06, 2017

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