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IBI* / this company is a big scam

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I order a pair of shoes for $39.95 in Nov. They charge me $39.95 on my credit card for the next four months. When I call to tell them to take off those charges, she said, "I can only give you store credit" This company is a big scam!! I am calling the atty general in Calif to get this kind of company shut down!!!

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  • An
      12th of Oct, 2013
    +2 Votes

    Same hapened to me ! ... oh my god... not fare at all ! What we can do ? cause I never been inform of that when I purchased the boots on sales at 39.95$ !!! on my god!!!

  • Ho
      9th of Dec, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Same thing happened to me.. Oh how can I stop it?

  • Pe
      23rd of May, 2014
    +3 Votes

    They charged me $39.95 for four months too and refused to give refund. Had anyone succeeded to get his money back?

  • No
      18th of Jun, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I was a victim too. I bought a handbag for my daughter at $39.95 - a lure for a much deeper, deliberate act of scamming me. I just realized they've been deducting my account for 11 months. Let us join forces to shut down this company! File legal complaints !

  • Re
      8th of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    They charged me $39.95 for four months too, when i bought only in july $18.24 a pair of shoes. till today they keep taking money

  • Ll
      9th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    I feel totally scammed by this company. To my knowledge I did not agree to the monthly charges on my card!!! Shame on me for not noticing it sooner!!! After calling them, I still do not understand the stupid program. they had the nerve to ask if there was any other reason for me canceling! Just said "no" and stop charging my card. What a rip off company!!!

  • To
      2nd of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    This continues with no action from the BBB. I called them and they said to look up my account, that i don't have nor authorized, they would need the first 6 numbers of my credit card and the last 4 numbers of the card as well. When I told my bank this they said DO NOT GIVE THEM THAT INFORMATION. They did this somehow on my Bank debit card that I only use at point of purchase. My bank sent me forms to fill out, notarize and then return with so they can open an investigation. Is there anyone who can stop this??? Google shows a rash of years of abuse by them yet they still operate.

  • Jo
      26th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Tony Sales Yes this has been happening to me for a year now I've been getting charged $40 every month faithfully and didn't notice until I went to see my account activity and I just called the company and they kept trying to tell me that I had options, could buy stuff, it was savings in the long run etc & kept cutting me off when I was speaking until I went off and started getting angrier and louder and told them "YOU ARE STEALING MYYY MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT ! NOT ONLY THAT BUT I NEVER AUTHORIZED TO BUY ANYTHING, OR $40 TO BE CHARGED EVERY SINGLE MONTH WHEN I'M NOT RECEIVING ANYTHING OR PURCHASING ANYTHING!"😡then he cut me off again and said um but it's like you're saving because you have a choice . . .so I told them again "I DIDN'T HAVE A CHOICE IF I WAS BEING CHARGED FOR OVER A YEAR WITHOUT MY CONSENT, I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW!"😠 So I spoke with them and my bank and now I have to wait for the refund to come in or my bank will go after the company.

  • Ka
      24th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    I unfortunately did not notice this for and ENTIRE YEAR . . . .$39.95 a month! The credit card CO only refund/disputed the last 4 charges. I am furious and the CO hung up on me when I called and ask for a supervisor. I am reporting them everywhere. The Company should be put out of business or charged back all the claims made against them by the credit card users Co. I would think that the credit card Co would shut them down as the credit card co is also liable under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. I am going to research this more.

  • C1
      7th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @kattaik63 I just got charged for something i didnt order threw this stupid people how do we stop them

  • C1
      7th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    This company is a piece of #### they are scam artists and they need to be stopped. They it me for order i dont have and my bank will come after them. People shouldnt be treated like this and you dont like my mouth to #### bad. I will let others know about this and not order threw them

  • Ji
      16th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    It could be worse. I got on the JustFab/ShoeDazzle carousel of charges, without ever visiting their websites or purchasing anything from them. It was a fraudulent charge to start with. And then when I disputed the charges, I was told I was NOT the member and had no standing, even though it was MY credit card being charged. When I complained to my credit card they (JustFab & ShoeDazzle) refunded me over $1000 in charges, but would not stop the "Subscription" without the credit card company being online during the cancellation process. The entire company of IBI is slimy.

  • Ti
      12th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I was checking my bank statements and notice a charge for $39.95. Got in touch with my bank it was after hours so no help there. I called the company number on the charge (IBM* I did some research and found out that there were a lot of complains about the company and the charge. That they are associated with JustFab & ShoeDazzle. I called the number talked to a operator. Gave her some information so that she can tell me about the charge because nobody from my home knew anything about the company. She informed me that it was a for a "membership" fee associated to my underage daughter. I spoke to her she said that she doesn't know anything about JustFab. I told about ShoeDazzle also. She and my wife stated that she only ordered boots from ShoeDazzle 8 months ago. I told the customer service person to cancel the membership fee ("subscription"} that my underage daughter did not make and to refund the whole four months "fee" charged to my credit card. I will be calling back tomorrow to follow up on the refund. I went thru this before with another fraud charge. I got my refund, but called the company 3 days straight to follow to make sure that they reverse the charge. Also don't forget to report these jerks to scam sites & your state attorney general.

  • Aj
      20th of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes

    IBI*justfab fraud company. charged 308.08 dollars 3 times total over $900 over the last 3 days. big fraud ever.

  •   17th of Nov, 2017
    +2 Votes

    I'm so angry with this [censor] company I just show it from my application they are charged me and i thought my sister bought something after I show this forum and I went Back to checkout the other 3 months from 30 August then I shopped my first time and is truth they are charged me September-November justfab 39.95$ CA 866 I hope to can to fix it soon...

  • Ji
      13th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    Well I have the worst complaint of all!! Im the dumbest!! In 2014 I bought boots from Just Fabs. they had my credit card number ofcourse. And being neglectful and knowing that I dont have auto debits coming out of my cr card monthly, and my cr card bank debits the payments, I never ckd. Now that was stupid! However, I now saw that Ive been paying Just Fabs $39.95 a mo for all these years to the tune of $1558.00! I never recd any ads or notices from Just Fabs and I noticed today that there is no place on their current site to skip a month like they say! I called and they said they could give me credit for the money paid but they dont tell me how to do it, how to purchase and how it works. Just general info. I read the fine print now, finally, and it says we have to go to arbitration for this sort of thing in California. We cant sue. Besides getting an attorney and suing as well as going to Ca.and paying for arbitration would be more than the $1558 and if I cancel I will loose the $1558!!! They said I could skip months by the fifth, but there is no option on their site to do that. I thought since I did this to myself and bought into their scam, that I would shop for Christmas and birthdays and my family with the $1558 credits that they say I wont loose and are like gift certificates..If you purchase name brands the quality is ok and it beats loosing all the money. But they wont give me any info on how to do it and it looks like the way you figure the amount after the credits still leaves you owing a lot. If I cancel membership instead of skipping (which I havent found out how to skip), I will loose my $1558 credits. Why cant consumers be protected after we complain over and over again. Going to US Consumer Agencies also cost money! I found that out too! Buyers beware! Has anyone been able to recoup their losses with this company? I dont know what to do next. Ive called everyone there and so has my daughter. In fact when I bought the boots for her in 2014 I had the boots sent to her and without knowing, JF opened an account for her too. I never joined JF but the fine print, signs you up for membership when you make a purchase and they have your cr card info from the original purchase, so the $39.95 a month is charged to your credit card!. Fortunately she didnt get any charges.They didnt have her credit card, they were waiting for her to buy something apparently. Thats another loophole scam they do. I went into my JF account today to see if I could use it and guess what! No credits appear! Im screwed!!! Be Prudent! Ill drive them nuts with phone calls but they must be used to that! Im just sick!!!

  • Ro
      17th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    How and where can I file a report this happen to me and I am so pissed I want my $39.95

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