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I stayed at the Iberostar Rose Hall from August 27th-Sept. 3, 2008 and noticed immediately upon check in things were not the same as the hotels in Mexico and the D.R. We were told we had a room with a pool/ocean view, we did not. Our room overlooked gardens that were under construction and a small view of the ocean. There was one bath towel upon check in, 2 hours later, we received more. We asked for an additional patio chair & were told that there were none available, but overheard the maid's radio telling others to gather patio furniture from vacant rooms due to Hurricane Gustav. Granted, the storm may have had a lot to do with our problems, but it was mostly hotel & staff. Elevators were broken as were the showers in the "hospitality" room. Floors were slippery and many guests fell. Chunks of the dining areas were falling down, large portions of the dining areas were roped off. The food was also sub-par, even in the gourmet eateries. The bartenders did a good job of trying to make us forget how miserable we were. The final insult came after we booked an excursion from Jamacian Tours in the lobby and paid with two one hundred dollar bills. Imagine our surprise 2 days later when we were called to the lobby and told that our money was counterfeit. The whole lobby knew, and nobody would listen to us. It was embarrassing, especially since they were accusing my 73 year old mom of the crime. The front desk offered no help, they refused to get involved. By the way, upon returning home, I took the bills to the bank and verified that they were good. I understand things took a while to clean up after the storm, but it took the crew two and a half days to clean the pool, but that's if you include the numerous breaks they took to chat & flirt with the guests. Service was OK, but it was very discerning that many of the male staff made remarks, noises & gestures towards females. I feel this is very inappropriate for staff of the hotel to do as they were supposed to be working. The storm can actually be considered the highlight of this vacation, and I will probably never return to an Iberostar again.

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    really bad experience

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    it was a really bad experience we were there April 8 2018 till April 14

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  • No
      Apr 28, 2009

    We stayed at the Iberostar Suites in Rose Hall Jamaica April 2009. Had a great time. Facilities, staff, food & service were wonderful. However, upon our return I was contacted at home via cell phone [protected]) from Jamaica by a woman who claimed to work for a collection agency stating that I had cashed a "fake" US $100.00 bill. She also claimed that the Iberostar employee who made change for me was about to be fired because of his oversight. I was skeptical and called the Iberostar directly and was put through to the front desk and the person answering the phone was aware of my situation. I informed them I had spoken with the US Secret Service regarding counterfeit money and the Secret Service wanted the bill back for testing. I asked them to scan and email the bill to me before mailing for verification of serial number as my bank had a record of the bills withdrawn. I have not heard from them since. This is apparently a very common scam and my guess is that it is quite lucrative for the Iberostar employees behind this as when a large bill is cashed at the front desk; they document the bill number along with the guest signature and room number. Obviously hotel records are being accessed to contact many people who have cashed large bills at their hotel. I'm surprised a large resort would allow this to happen at any of their hotels.

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  • Ol
      May 26, 2011

    I stayed in the coral beach iberostar Marbella (Spain)...
    We were very unhappy with the service of this hotel.
    It started already with my booking were I received a discount of 20% for early booking. 3 months later they were granting a discount of 40%.
    After a few mail and complaint upon arrival no one was able to justify this !! Poor service and too high prices for a 4 star hotel.
    Poor and very slow (spanish) service.
    Food at the beachclub was ****
    No more Iberostar for me...

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  • Dm
      Jan 19, 2013

    My husband and I stayed at Iberostar Rose Hall, Jamaica Jan. 9 thru Jan. 13th for a destination wedding.
    At the end of November I tried to secure a Room at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Jamaica through Travel Impressions. This is one of the travel agency connected with Iberostar resorts and the one chosen by the wedding party. The block of rooms set aside for the wedding guests were booked and I asked the travel agent, Kimberly Felix, if the resort had any more rooms. She called me back later and told me the resort was totally booked. SHE LIED. I made arrangements to stay with my daughter and her friend and my husband arranged to stay with the bride's father. Both had already booked rooms at the resort. We paid over $1800 (some to the travel agency and some directly to the resort) for us to stay four nights.. After we arrived, we were surprised to find out that the resort was not full. Upon realizing that there were plenty of available rooms, I inquired if my husband and I could be put in the same room since we had paid the double occupancy rate. I was told to come back in the morning. Thursday morning I got quite the run around. They said because I had paid the travel agency for three nights, they could not give me credit for that payment and would have to charge us more if we wanted a room together. Friday, I told the resort representative from Travel Impressions what had happen. I thought they would want to know that one of their representatives was outright lying to customers. Beverly, the rep., assured me she would take care of it. We stopped by five times and were told to check back each time. My last attempt to resolve the issue was at 11:00p.m., after the rehearsal party, I was once again told they could only put us in the same room if we wanted to pay more. Totally unwilling to do the right thing.

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  • Ir
      Aug 15, 2013

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    Below please find the email correspondence between myself and the hotel manager of the Iberostar Rose Hall Mr. Luis GOnzalez that i pasted unchanged for you. I would like to get your input into my understanding of this very unpleasant situation.

    Thank you,

    Irina Shendrik

    Iberostar Beach General Manager, Luis González (l.[protected] to contacts 6/10/13
    To: 'Irina Shendrik'
    Cc: Amy Gray ([protected]

    Dear Mrs. Shendrik,

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for getting back to me but most to apologize if I have disrespect you or offend you anyhow, it will never be my intention, I do not considered to be an Arrogant in sending you what I send you, if I dare to talk about Amy it is and it was just because we have never had any problem or miss communication with her at all and when she confirmed something it is because it have been confirmed by us at the hotel.

    If I did not mention the Beach cleaning it was not that it was not important to us but the reality is that no one can control the Nature I’m sorry that you didn’t get to see our staff ( Beach Cleaner) it happen to be the only person who didn’t see them or that at the time you got the beach they have already passed by the area

    I did not offer you the room upgrade trying to stop you in writing whoever you wish to I did it as a good will gesture but obviously it was not what you were expecting to hear and I understand it

    Hotel Upgrade is not only to book one hotel and get another.

    Best regards,

    From: Irina Shendrik [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2013 13:51
    To: Iberostar Beach General Manager, Luis González
    Subject: RE: complaint regarding the stay at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach

    Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

    Thank you for a prompt response.

    After having carefully reviewed your letter, i am concluding that not only you did not understand what exactly transpired during my visit and stay at your hotel, but in a way your response contained certain condescending and bordeline arrogant and dismissive notes.

    You are telling me that Amy Gray is a great person - how is she a great person when she completely disregarded and brushed me off in a totally arrogant fashion - without simply attempting any explanations of her decisions, no attmpt to reach out to me as a guest - as if i was nonexistent.

    Is that your understanding of a "great person" and a great service?!

    At the time of my stay your hotel was not full to capacity - it was reconfirmed to me not only by my Apple rep, but by the several Water sport reps, your front desk people, as well as your next door property staff - so no need to tell me the opposite.

    Yet it is not the culprit of the situation at hands - that should not be what you are mostly concerned about.

    Even If your hotel was full to the capacity, that info should have been conveyed to me by Ms. Gray, and i would have most certainly understood.

    Yet her level of disrespect and carelessness about the guests at your hotel is what should have been your true concern.

    You also brushed off my mentioning about poor customer service and poor beach cleaning services - as if i never stated anything about that.

    I dont need your room upgrade - that is like throwing a bone to the dog - is that what you think was the reason for my complaint - which by the wasy you think is not a complaint - to get an upgrade should i decide to come back ????!!! Is that your cheap tactics to shut me up? That is very presumptious of you, and frankly, also very inappropriate.

    In my original complaint i requested the name and contact info of Ms. Gray's direct supervisor - instead, you deliberately forwarded my letter to Ms. Gray - what is that supposed to mean?

    So that we are on the same page, please, forward this letter to her direct supervior and please let me know of his/her contact info.

    I am letting you know that I have my full intentions of forwarding this complaint to the top management of Iberostar chain, and initiating more formal actions with other agencies as well - it is just a matter of time - and let us see whether they will like the way you treat your guests' complaints...

    Irina Shendrik

    From: l.[protected]
    To: [protected]
    CC: [protected]
    Subject: FW: complaint regarding the stay at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach
    Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 19:02:40 +0000

    Dear Mrs. Shendrik,

    First of all I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your experience here at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, I will not name it as Complain the e-mail you have send to me I will call it suggestion and of course it is of a big help for us to be able to find out where the miss understanding is coming from.

    I’m happy to hear that you have been in the Dominican Republic as well as Mexico and that you have enjoyed booth country to the maximum.

    In regard to Amy Grey she is a great person who have been working with us for quite a while now and we have never had any similar situation when she confirm something it is because she have already got the approval from the sale department as well as the Hotel Management and we to the 100% grantee and honor any type of request that have been confirmed

    The reason why we do not guarantee this tape of request it is just because it really depend of the hotel occupancy and luckily our hotel have been running with highest occupancy during the whole year, I’m surprise that Apple representative didn’t tell you how it works but I will also follow up with her

    I’m more than sorry to heard that the staff never attempt in helping you with your request but please note that they were not going to be able to give you a solution as it does not depend on them neither us those are corporate sales department guide line that does not allow us to move from one hotel to the other

    Please accept our most sincere apologize for the all the inconvenience you had during you stay but we all keep working hard to make sure and provide you with the service you deserve on your next trip to the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Jamaica, We are therefore happy to offer you a room upgrade from STD to OVJS once you make your booking feel free to contact us at least two (2) weeks in advance in order to guarantee the room offered.

    Best regards and if we can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Luis Gonzalez


    General Manager

    Iberostar Rose Hall Beach

    Rose Hall Main Road, Montego Bay-Little River PO

    Phone +[protected] Ext. 1635 - Fax. +[protected]

    Email: l.[protected]



    Do not print this e-mail or the attached files unless necessary

    From: Irina Shendrik [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013 18:43
    To: Iberostar Beach General Manager, Luis González
    Subject: complaint regarding the stay at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach

    Dear Mr. Luiz A. Gonzalez:

    I would like to file a complaint regarding my experience at your hotel during my stay between 05.22.13-05.28.13.

    This was my very first time coming to Iberostar property in Montego Bay - i have been to Iberostar hotels in Dominican Republic and Mexico multiple times before, but not in Jamaica. I loved it each and every time - great service, food, entertainment always - never failed, and i always looked forward to coming back.

    I love Jamaca with its beautiful nature, great cuisine, and breathtaking sea. I have been to Jamaica several times, but never managed to go to Iberostar - so when i finally got my tickets to your hotel i was very excited, looking forward to a great vacation...

    When i was booking this vacation, it was arranged that even though i am coming to Iberostar Beach, the Iberostar rep AMY GREY will TRY to upgrade me to the Iberostar Suites property - my travel agent had an agreement with her considering their relatioship and her selling a lot of Iberostar and me being one of the buyers.

    When i arrived on 05.22, i learned that nobody at the front desk knew of the above arrangement. Not only they did not know - they did not TRY to help - i encountered a lot of resistance and unwillingness to be of any assistance on the part of your staff. I was coming back and forth after the email was forwarded to Ms. GREY - only to learn that nothing was heard back - but the staff was not accomodationg either - sour faces and poor custeomer service - that was all i got. The only person that was of help was Nadine from the guest services - she was curteous enough, pleasant and professional.

    Next morning i had a meeting with my Apple rep who asked me how things were, and when i told her my story she was genuinely surprised that considering that the both Beaches and Suites were NOT FULL to capacity it was unclear why MS.GREY could not deliver her promise.

    When Ms GREY finally responded to NADINE, she stated something like "the uprade was never guaranteed"...

    Of course nothing was guaranteed; the upgrade was supposed to be ATTEMPTED - but what do you call never trying to proceed with upgrade - NEVER ATTEMPTING - FALSE PROMISES???? How professional is that ?

    If that is the face of your representation as Iberostar chain - that is simply very sad and highly inappropriate. That is the poorest, most repulsive customer servise there is.

    I understand that there may be a direct superviser that Ms. GREY reports to - when i informed Nadine that i am planning to file a complaint against the above individual and needed her supervisor's info, she did not have it, and provided me with yours instead. Therefore, if necessary, please either provide me with the direct info about Ms. Grey's supervisor so i can forward him my letter, or, please, forward it for me.

    I would like to bring to your attention several other things - those are directly related to my stay and are about your staff.

    Overall, the staff is semi-pleasant and semi-helpful both in the restaurants and throughout the property. The worst and really appauling is the fact that the beach does not get cleaned at all - i had to nearly beg the people cleaning the other parts of the beach - not near the motor sports - to come and tidy up the area that was simply unkept, with tons of garbage and dirty cups everywhere...that was simply ridiculous. The electric outlets in my room were half way out - which was dangerous. The bathroom door had to be fixed since it was not closing/opening, the TV was not functioning and i had to ask for repair several times. The room service - the water was not even delivered the day before last - and the refrigerator was not properly cooling.

    I went to see the Iberostar Grand on my last evening - the front desk staff was professional and curteous - they were there for the customers...I went to see their beach - immaculately why isnt it the same at your property?

    I spent 6 days at your hotel - i enjoyed the sea, the food and the beach after i had it cleaned. But nothing else - and it is sad, considering that it is Iberostar chain with such respectable name.

    Feel free to contact me via email if you need further clarifications.

    Thank you for your time and understanding,

    Irina Shendrik,

    guest at Iberostar Rose hall Beach 05.22-05.28 room 1339

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  • Di
      Jun 22, 2014

    We stayed at the Iberostar Palace Hotel Fuerteventura from the 6th of June to the 11th of June 2014. We had originally booked an all inclusive package for 5 nights and we then upgraded to the privileged customers package for our final 2 nights (9th June and 10th of June). We had a very enjoyable holiday and the staff were really friendly and helpful. On returning back to the UK I received a bank statement which showed that we had paid twice for our stay. I contacted the hotel on 22nd of June by phone to clarify what had happened and was left on hold for 38 minutes and nobody spoke to me in that time. I eventually had to hang up the phone and redial. I spoke to a female member of staff and I had to immediately reassure her that I had not rang to complain, because I was afraid that she was going to put me on hold again. I ask if 2 rooms were booked under the names Diane and Andrew Campbell from the 6th to the 11th of June and she confirm that there was. I asked her why would I book 2 double rooms for myself and my husband, because it did not make sense. She said that we wanted to be together. When we checked in only one room was allocated to us and at no point did we discuss anything about wanting to be together. As far as we were concerned we had only booked the one double room. Surely if we had booked 2 rooms then 2 rooms would have been allocated to us when we checked in on the 6th of June .At no point in our stay did anyone on reception inform us that 2 rooms had been booked under the names Andrew and Diane Campbell. We then paid a further sum of money when we upgraded to privilege customers status for the last 2 nights of our stay. My complaint is that none of the staff on reception informed us about the error in the booking even though they would have been fully aware of what had happened because all the information on the 2 hotel bookings would have been adentical.We had paid £991.82 twice for what we thought was 1 double room all inclusive package for 2 and then paid again for our upgrade. I would like a full refund for £991. 82 and I would like you to look at your staff training with regards to dealing with complaints because the treatment I received was unhelpful, unfriendly and very dismissive, which was not what I had experienced in my stay at the hotel. The company the hotel was booked through was Hotels4U, Prestige House 23 - 26 High street Egham, Surrey, TW 20 9DU United Kingdom. My name is Diane Campbell and my reservation number was 5186712.

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  • Ma
      Feb 25, 2016

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      Feb 25, 2016

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  • An
      Aug 21, 2018
    IberoStar - the hotel in cuba Laguna azul

    we had water leaking on floor from vent shower was broken closet doors missing and left in bedroom along the wall no iron holes in bathroom walls sink and tub plugs broken I have lots of pictures

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  • Ch
      Oct 27, 2018
    IberoStar - Website
    United Kingdom

    Your website is slow and the functionality is poor. Can you help to improve the experience please. Many of the links do not work. It is very hard to navigate and the video is not informative. Thank you.

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