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I Travel 2000 / poor conditions and services

1 Cuba

We got into our hotel lobby at about 7:30 pm, on the evening of January 19th, 2009.The smell of sewer was overwhelmingly strong. We got into our rooms which were not near the main building, thank goodness! The first thing we did in the morning is hit the beach..Since the hotel is known for some of the best snorkeling from the beach in the region, its the reason we decided on going there...
While waiting for our group to all show up that morning, I was taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery and sunshine.I observed the jewel colored waters turn murky and caught it in my pictures.It was very disturbing to watch, because there were already people out snorkeling while this was happening.
No one from the Hotel staff came out to inform anyone about raw sewage being pumped into the ocean, and there was no signs, flags or warnings anywhere about it happening either.The only way we found out was from some other vacationers, who came down to the beach to warn us to stay out of the water.I observed 4 very upset swimmers walking up to the main hotel, and knew they were the ones who had to swim through the sewer to get back to shore.I know how I felt and I did not into the water, it was discusting!!!
No-one from the staff we talked to could explain why it happened other than it had to be done, so sorry.I do understand that this is the way its done, but late at night and when the tide is going out would be proper procedure.To do it at 10:30 am with so many people on the beach and in the water, with the tide coming in, was gross mismanagement to the max..
I did not go down to the beach again until the 25th, the weather was rainy and very windy so no snorkeling until our last full day there...I did manage to get 2 hours of pleasure snorkeling out of a whole week there.Even when the weather would have permitted us to go in the thought of swimming in an area where sewer in being dumped at any time made it unappealing and am very disappointed that my holidays were ruined, in this way.
This region could really be a great vacation spot but the level of safe clean beaches was very upsetting.Quite a few of my family have been to this resort in the past few years and recommended this trip to me .
They were very upset at how the level of service and accommadations
have slipped in just one year.Unless it improves I will not go back, thats for sure!!

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