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I tried multiple times to speak with someone at hughesnet who cares about what's being sold to customers. The sales person basically ‘sold' me a bill of goods. They told me that my internet service would improve (over centurylink) and had me sign a contract after going through a thorough discussion of where I lived and how much I depended upon the wireless service (pool system, alarm system, laptops, iphones, tv, etc.) I was very clear about my needs and was assured it would be better.
It was a 2 year contract so I really drilled the guy who insisted it would be much better than what I currently had.

Immediately upon installation my service was barely working, and only 40% of the time after that, nearly half of the time it didn't work at all. I was not living at the home full time, so time between calls were somewhat long, but I had people living in my house and constantly complaining. When I moved in full time several months ago, I realized how much worse the service was and kept calling to ask for a solution.
I then was told by a technician that I had too many items (7) on the wireless system and it would never work. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So none of what I was told was true as the people that I spoke to when I bought the new service knew everything I had in detail. Then, the guy that came out to install it also knew, and no one said a word until after I had signed the contract.

I continued to call and cancel the service and was told one thing after another to try to trick me into thinking it would work. Well it never improved - not ever. Then, I was told that I had to pay nearly 2 thousand dollars to get out of the contract. Eventually they brought it down to be $1200. I still said no, that I was sold this service under false pretenses.

Finally, the last guy I spoke to told me if I paid $220.00 and returned the hughesnet box (of which they'd send a return box) they would stop the service and not bill me anymore. I paid it that day! But then, I received the last bill in november for $652.20, before I even received the packaging of which I was to use to mail the hughesnet box.

On top of receiving a bill for $652.20 I was now not only asked to send the inside box back but now they want me to climb on the roof with wire cutters and remove their radio equipment? It not only took almost 2 months to receive the packaging but also to climb up on my roof and pay $652.20 of which was absolutely not disclosed by the representative at hughesnet. I will not pay it. I was scammed not once, but twice now that i'm being held hostage until I send the radio? You can send a representative out and get your radio any time you want. But I have paid the bill as agreed and I am returning your equipment today.

Then, to add insult to injury, they sent me to collections.

Update - 1/17/19 - I have been told that they would not charge me to send someone out to get the radio from the roof. And, they would take an additional $220 off my account. Once they receive the equipment (which I have to send them) they will take $300 off my account and I will owe $132.20. I will pay that amount and be done with this if this is the truth this time.

Thank you for your time.

Jan 17, 2019

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