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Hughesnet Satellite Internet / billing errors

1 TX, United States

I signed up for HughesNet simply because there were no other options in my area. I was on the automatic payment plan and had no problems.

A few months ago, my credit card company issued me a new card, and the old card expired. HughesNet began sending me paper invoices through the mail. I would then make a one time credit card payment online. I liked this method of payment better, as I don't really trust automatic billing.

I received a bill in the mail, stating that my current balance plus a previous balance was due on August 4th, 2009. The previous balance had been due July 5th, and I had simply made the mistake of thinking I had already paid.

On July 20th, a pop-up page began appearing, stating that my account was past due. I discovered my error, and promptly made payment of the past due amount online, also opting to set my credit card back up for automatic payments to keep this from happening again. The current balance would then be due August 4th (or so I thought).

After making the payment, I still continued to receive the pop-up page stating my account was past due. I thought maybe their system needed some time to process the payment, so I thought nothing of it.

This morning, I was still receiving the notice of non-payment. I called customer service to explain the situation to them. I was informed that my payment due date was 7/20. I explained that I had a paper invoice that stated otherwise. Not only that, but the automated account information over the telephone stated that my current balance would be automatically drafted from my credit card account on 8/7.

I argued and argued with these people. Apparently, when I made the payment online on 7/20...the system changed my payment due date for the CURRENT balance to 7/20. No one made any apology, they simply stated that if I didn't pay the current balance I would be cut off within 3 days.

So now I've paid them TWICE. I am interested to know whether or not they intend to charge my credit card again on August 7th.

I had hoped to resolve the issue with customer service...but the lady I spoke with was apparently an automaton, as she could only repeat what was on her computer screen over and over again. I spoke with her supervisor and explained that companies cannot arbitrarily change due dates on bills without some sort of notification to the customer. His reply was "consider this your notification". I asked if there was anyone that was in the United States that I could speak with and he told me "no".

I wouldn't recommend HughesNet to ANYONE. I will NEVER recommend them. Period. If I had any choice other than HughesNet or an even worse satellite internet provider in my area, I would gladly switch. HughesNet customer service is horrible...their packages are overpriced...and they are completely worthless, in my opinion.

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