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Hughesnet / scam and cheating!

1 LA, United States Review updated:

The little lady on the commercial that arrogantly tells hughesnet users "your welcome" was the final straw. Given the abundance of useless channels on directv, the writer's strike's causation of painful re-runs, those damned HEAD-ON commercials, TV news that absolutely forgot the cardinal rule of journalism--OBJECTIVITY. Then sent me a 50 dollar monthly bill for their gracious allowance af letting me accept their signal in my home, and tells me, as afore mentioned , your welcome! You, my greedy corporate friends, have balls the size of Ecuador. Monday, I canceled directv. Today, apparently, I attempted to download too much info. and was rationed internet speed. Today, I canceled the little lady who tells me "your welcome". direct tv directway hughesnet the rest of the world, i am gonna tell you once, loud and clear, and you wont heed, for it is your nature! greed IS a deadly sin. When the dust clears, you explain to GOD why humanity was secondary to profit.

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      12th of Jan, 2008

    First of all i think I should start of with say NEVER PURCHASE HUGHESNET!! I have had Hughesnet for about two years now. The only reason I have not canceled it is because in my area it is the only service besides dial-up that is available. Sometimes I think dial-up would be better. First of all the biggest problem is the unreliability ,the internet will stop working or it will become very slow for weeks at a time. Second of all the customer service is extremely poor. They do nothing to help except say, "keep a record of the speeds over the next three days" and then when you call back they say to do something else for the next three days. Another customer service problem is that it is EXTREMELY hard to understand the reps, between strong accents and poor phone lines it is almost impossible to understand them. Next but certainly not last is the Fair Access Policy (FAP). The FAP limits the amount of download and uploading that can be done. For my plan which it the Pro Plan I can only download 375MB and on the Basic Plan you can only download 200MB. After The FAP is exceeded the download speeds will be reduced to around 56K(dial-up) and sometimes slower for 24 hours. The next problem is that i cannot play online games or use xbox live without there being a massive amount of delay(lag) which makes it impossible to play. But this could possibly be excused since satillite internet is know to have lots of lag. Now for my current issue that i am dealing with right now. About three weeks ago my download speed dropped of to about 2KB/s which made internet browsing almost impossible. So I called customer service and they goofed around and have yet to resolve any thing. So for the past three weeks i have had virtually no internet. But i have called at least five times over the last three weeks. one week ago i was escalated to the third level of tech support and they where supposed to contact me within two days. One week later still no call. So i call back( 0n hold as I type this) and they have told me that they will try to call in the next day. So the reason i am so mad now is because i am pay $89 dollars a month for 5KB/s.

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  • Wo
      17th of Jul, 2008

    I'm not sure if these numbers are valid anymore because Hughes rotates them on a weekly basis (why are they trying to hide?) These might still be the phone numbers for Hughesnet technical support in Florida (tier 3) where English is spoken. One is only referred here after dealing with India.
    They will probably ask for a case number or for you to dial another access code. If you get a live person tell them you have no case number but demand help you can understand.
    If the automated system asks for an access number they're here at the end of the numbers. These may no longer work but they're free calls and they used to work at least at one time. They could rotate back in next week too. Try both access numbers with both phone numbers.
    access codes: 298715 and 298729
    Hope they still work. Good Luck. This is no way to run a business.

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  • Da
      22nd of Jul, 2008

    THIS ###ING BLOWS! BIGGEST SCAM I HAVE EVER SEEN/HEARD OF. SEVERAL TIMES I HAVE CAME HOME AFTER SCHOOL, WHEN NO1 WAS HOME, AND I FOUND OUT "fair acess policy threshold exceeded" ###. I WANT 2 FIND OUT WHERE THE PRESIDENT OF THIS SCAM LIVES, GRAB A BASEBALL BAT, AND BEAT THE ###ING ### OUT OF HIM. 1st of all.. wtf is fair acess policy?? its not like theres some kind of limit on how much internet there is floating around out there... its not like it runs out... SO GIVE ME MY ###ING INTERNET AND STOP STEALING MY ###ING MONEY! and 1st of all... GET SOME TECH SUPPORT OTHER THAN TOWEL HEADS IN INDIA! not 2 mention.. they come up with "american" names EVERY CALL. BUT the only positive thing about this web provider, and probabally the reason y this is "the best alternative" is because THEY ARE THE BEST 2 PRANK PHONE CALL. THEY HAVE GIVEN ME LAUGHTER AND INSAINITY AT THE SAME TIME! getting back 2 the whole hughes net=scam... THIS IS ### AND GO DIE!

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  • Ke
      1st of Aug, 2008

    I am currently using Hughes net. It sucks big time. Almost as slow as dial up. Rationing internet is illegal, right? So, can't we sue them? Somebody should really look into this. I don't have extensive legal knowledge so if there's anybody out there who knows this stuff, could you help all of us Hughes net scamees?

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  • Me
      19th of Nov, 2008

    Hughesnet has been scamming me for over 5 months now During the day time i recieve speeds anywhere from below 1kbps to 20kbps usually being below 1kbps, it goes so slow i can't even use the internet, at this rate whats the point of having a fap if it isnt even possible to download 420megs in a day. But once the moment it hits 12 am it starts going up to like 180kbps speeds for download and it is like this everyday personally i think some illegal activity is going on here, and that the FCC should be looking into this.

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  • Ji
      31st of Dec, 2015

    I constantly "exceed" my limit, even when I have been online for a very short time. I have to keep restoring tokens for $5 per shot. Why can I have two satellite signal high def TVs running all day and never have an extra charge? I believe that Hughes Net is scamming me because there is presently no cable in our area. I would welcome the opportunity to participate in a lawsuit.

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  • Lp
      14th of Dec, 2017

    I have contacted Hughes Net at least 12 or more times since September 2, 2017 about how slow my internet is. I keep getting the same run around. They want me to turn off all things that are connected to internet. I have done this twice and then run a speed test. It did not improve anything. It is very time consuming these things they have you do. I record time, date, server for speed test, download speed and upload speed. Almost every day between the hours 5pm to midnight the download speeds are 0.1 or lower. At midnight the speeds do increase. But some days they never get over 2.0mbps. I also have a hard time hearing and most of the time I can not understand what they are saying when I call. Also the computer that I do download speeds I on is hard wired into the modem.

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