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Hughesnet / crap service and charging more for it

1 Gladwin, MI, United States Review updated:

My girlfriend and I moved to Gladwin, its a small farming town in mid-Michigan. After a few months of having no internet or TV we decided to get Hughesnet since the neghibors had it. We stopped at a local "computer shop" in town. I say "computer shop" because they deal mostly in Alltel cell phones. Anywho, they send a guy out quick as can be with the promise that we'll have high speed, broadband internet. Broadband yes, but not speed wise. Its broadband as in the cable it broad compared to phone cable. Thats it. The Alltel shop said they would be giving us a free installation. A guy came out and set it up, charged us $125 for a pole in out backyard even though we had a satellite pole already as the previous tenants had DishTV. After its set up and theres a hole in the side of my house which you can see through he takes the $125 and goes. He leaves me the boxes which is fine, I like boxes. When I get an account statement I find that they've charged me $270 for nothing at all. I've never signed a contract, i've never spoken to these people and it was a struggle to get rid of their service. I had it for four days and have already decided that dial-up would be better. i've signed nothing, given them one check for $125 and now have a hole for insects to crawl in and out of my house through. The worst part is that I had no connection 80% of the time and when I did it was slower that 56K. They've said they will refund me the $125 and the activation charge but I have yet to recieve any of that.

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  • Je
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I agree 100% with the experience of Killjoy Zero. I had pretty much the exact situation. They came out - they charged to install a pole - what free installation??? It is NOT faster than dialup. I complained to the company 11 days after installation -- and they conveniently waited until TWO days after the 30 day "complaint" window to get back to me. I finally wrote to my State Attorney General. We'll see if I get any results going that route. I WOULD VEHEMENTLY DISCOURAGE ANYONE FROM GETTING HUGHES NET! IT IS NOT WHAT IT ADVERTISES. Their service is pathetic. When I complained - I got someone in India who informed me, "Internet there is working good." NO IT IS NOT!!! DO NOT GET HUGHES.NET. You will regret it.

  • Ra
      12th of Nov, 2009
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    We live in the foothills of Yosemite and we have one choice of internet company so we went and got hugheshit service . we are not really super downloaders or anything but we kept overing our FAP (Yes look that up BEFORE you purchase Hugheshite!!!)

    We averaged about 12kbs during our 24 hour punishment for actually using the internet!!!

    We have now switched to local broadband company STI and they are friendly efficient and their call center is actually nearby and no in India!!!

    So ### you Hugheshite and your crappy internet service

    Love C and S

  • Ar
      3rd of Aug, 2011
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    Maybe your complaint is not with HughesNet themselves but rather with the idiots you are ordering the service from. HughesNet is a good solid product and offers a great service that is useful to those that live outside the DSL and cable areas. And it seems to me that you are complaining about the product instead of pointing the finger at the guy that did a lazy install for you. Kind of like saying you hate all chocolate cake because the baker you got it from was lousy. Next time do some research and order it from an experienced company that deals in HughesNet only. You will recieve exceptional service that way.

  • Ar
      3rd of Aug, 2011
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    HughesNet cost is 399.99. The installation portion of that is 199.00 with the other 200.00 as the cost of equipment. There is no longer any charges for pole mounts. The basic speeds of HughesNet is 1000 k. The majority of folks actually get 900 plus as an actual speed. If you have had a bad experience, you should call Hughes and get it resolved. I am a HughesNet Tech and I can tell you that there are alot of guys running around pretending to be installers with little or no training. NOT order the system from any out of state dealers. If they cannot give you their local address (no matter what state you live in), then hang up and look for a local dealer. You will get much better service without the salesman misleading you because he will never see you. The local dealers do a much better job because their techs have to answer to them and their reputaion is on the line with every install. If the dealer sells more cell phones than anything else, then they are not the people you want to deal with...PLEASE DON'T KNOCK THE PRODUCT BECAUSE THE "MAN" DID YOU WRONG.

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