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We live far up in Maine, in our area we have very few internet companies to chose from.

We were using Localnet which cost $9.99/month, it was very slow and we saw a HughesNET commercial on TV, which guaranteed highspeed internet and access from any area. So we decided to try this out.

A guy came and installed the satellite dish, which cost us $130.00 and we chose the cheapest plan they had which was $60.00/month.

Once we went online the speed was decent compared to LocalNet, but very soon our internet speed just dropped, it was even slower than dial-up. We looked through the paperwork and saw that our plan only allowed us to use up to 200mb of Bandwidth, if we exceeded this limit we would be penalized for 24hours and our internet would stay slow.

Pretty soon our internet kept getting slower and slower, we had all our backround downloaders shut off, to minimize the bandwidth limit, we also couldn't go to websites such as "Youtube" or it would quickly run up our bandwidth limit. Basically the only websites we could go to without crapping out our internet were pages with only text and very little pictures.

Even with the "green flag" our internet is still very slow and we have called customer support several times and have been given poor support where the staff can barely speak English and couldn't figure out the problem, they would just redirect us to a speed-test website and tell us to refresh it 5 times, which didn't do much for us.

We're done with HughesNET, we our paying $60.00/month for the same slow internet we had when we had $10.00/month dial-up.
I will be filing a lawsuit and I advise everyone to stay away from this low life ISP.


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      May 18, 2007
    Hughes Net / Isp - Poor to no internet service
    United States

    Internet service is virtually nonexistent. Technical Support insists that FAP has been met even though there is no evidence of this on the user side. Have filed complaint with the FCC. Seeking refund for poor service for several months.

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