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Hughesnet / inept customer service!

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Every time I have an issue with Hughes (formerly Direcway) it takes hours upon hours to resolve it. The latest debacle came when I chose to upgrade to their new, faster modem. It arrived on May 1st and after following the installation directions and achieving failure, I called customer service. Well, after spending 10 minutes in voice mail hell, I finally got to the right person to help me install my new modem - or so I thought. After an hour and a half, "Abby" (not his real name - unfortunately, a person located in India) said he had to transfer me to advanced support (which is usually what happens when I have a problem - which I find to be a Godsend as the advanced support people are typically located in the US). Well guess what, I got disconnected and had to start all over again. After another trip through voice mail hell, I got "Neal". After repeating most everything I had discussed with Abby, I received another case number and he was able to transfer me to "Frappel" in advanced customer service. Well, after another hour with Frappel, it was decided that the modem that was shipped to me wasn't functioning, so he would arrange for a new modem to be shipped to my home.

Well, it arrived today. I read the paperwork and Hughes was actually going to charge me to send the non-functioning modem back! I blew my wig. After an hour of trying to get this situation resolved, while on the phone with "Rachel" (not her real name - a strong Indian accent), it was discovered that Hughes sent me a DW 7000 model (the version I currently own) not the HS 7000 model so now I have two modems to ship back. It took Rachel a few minutes to understand what I was saying and another ten to get another $20 credit to ship the second modem (which I have no use for) back. She said she would connect me to the department that would send me the correct HS 7000 model modem.

Well, I spoke with Brandy. I had to explain my entire situation again, another ten minutes and then she said she couldn't help me - wrong department. She then transferred me to someone who seemed miffed that I wanted to know his name. I explained what I needed and he said he would get the HN 7000 to me.

I am so sick and tired of dealing with the ineptitude of Hughes. If I wasn't in a situation to have satellite, I'd definitely dump them. They have no customer service. I've spent 5 hours this week trying to upgrade and am still in the same place I was when I started. If I could bill them my hourly rate, I'd be way ahead of the game. And they don't care how much time you need to spend on resolving their problems.

I can't wait to see what happens next week when I get my HS 7000 (hopefully). And now I have to make a trip to mail both of these modems back.

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  • Ka
      21st of May, 2007
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    I have gone through the same ordeal with this company and they don't care. It has the worst customer service of any industry, bar none! They have us over a barrel and treat us as such. I would encourage anyone who has an alternative connection to stay with it. Do not sign up to deal with this company they don't deserve your money.

  • Jo
      21st of May, 2007
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    There is no "customer service" at Hughesnet and they ought to stop the sham and rename the department, if there actually is one. I am going to cancel this service and I am furthermore going to tell 15 others in my community what my experience has been so they don't fall victim to this trap. And it IS a trap. The people on the phone are reading off of prompters and have absolutely no idea how to fix common, everyday problems of their making. The company needs to be reorganized or shut down and the sooner the better.

  • Tr
      25th of Aug, 2007
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    Maybe hughes net should go out of business??

    I am a new Lightyear Representative and I signed a customer up for hughesnet service, because it was a service we offered. On the lightyear website it shows that hughes net offered a package with no up front fees~~~~obviously that was the package my customer wanted. I signed her up only to find out hughesnet lied about the no up front fees promotion! My customer was being charged over $400 just to get hooked up!!! I tried calling hughesnet and was on hold for an hour and still never spoke with a person!! I will be calling Lightyear Alliance to let them know what a bogus company hughesnet is, so that we can stop offering their services!! I am sure i will also be contacting the better business bureau!!

  • Ca
      1st of Oct, 2007
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    I'm on day four with Hughes net. I was told by the installer that the cost would be $250. After installation I was told that the cost was $399. I told him that I was quoted the former, and he acted like I was from another planet. I then asked if there is a promotion, and he said ahhh, yeah, but if you get one of those people, you'll not get someone to your house for weeks. THEY WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE I TALKED TO. I let it go, and enjoyed several days of fast service. Last night I spent 45 minutes on you tube, enjoying extreme sports. I went back online a little later and the speed was slower than dial up. It was useless. I called 'support', to find out after going through menu hell, and trying to understand the poor guy in India, that i had used up all my speed, and that I'd be cut off for 24 hours of almost no service. I find this hard to believe, or at least did until I've read some of the reports here....

    I'd like the equipment taken out but I think I'm stuck with this system. It's a joke.

    Thus if you're thinking about this system, don't go for it. I wish I'd looked into it before now.

  • Da
      7th of Oct, 2007
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    What I say about HughesNET, pull a Nancy Regan and Just Say NO!!!

    Worse thing I ever done and most expensive. I have only had this system since April which I don't like but have been living with. I called in on 9-28-2007 because I wanted to pay off the equipment financing. I took a forever for the agent to understand what I wanted to do. The agent was like you have to take care of the balance due first. Well heck I had just paid it a couple weeks ago and next payment was not due till 10-18-2007. So I just paid it the $106.00 which is my normal bill with there $5 paper statement fee. Then she was like ok you owe $400.00 on your system. I was like ok that's fine. She took my $400.00 payment. Two-three days later I get a bill for $800.00. I with two $400.00 equipment payment line items. So I go online and look and see, shows my credit card payment posted and a remainder balance of $400.00. So I didn't thank much of it and emailed and requested someone e-mail me back with a resolution. Only reply I got was the auto-generated one. After a week I went back to my account online. same deal. So I decided to call. The young philipino was like no sir those charges are valid. We don't reverse valid charges. Could not make her understand what i was saying. Last time I checked there was only wane pimp size dish on my house. She is like no sir you have two systems. I just hung up and thought I would tried it again the next day. Lord same deal, it would be nice if they would stop reading scripts and listen. After the "No Sir I can't help you" I asked for a manager. Well got a manager and all of a sudden the system went down for maintenance. I explained the entire thing to her and she was like sir I cant help you. Then I asked is the scheduled maintenance you have an estimated time frame it will be done. No sir we don't know. So I just hung up went online I could look at my account, not sure why she couldn't. So I tried another e-mail. I am being to wonder if I am ever going to get this fixed. I get a letter that DSL is going to be in my area soon from AT&T. You better bet I'll be paying that $300.00 early contract fee. Same speed not bandwidth limit and $19.95 no contract. I am going to post this on as many boards as I can find, and I hope I hit my bandwidth limit. My tech support experience has just been long and drawn out. One tech told me to unplug my modem for 10 days. I just don't call anymore. I hate it when you hit the wrong button or 0 there IVR says EXCUSE ME?. Now that's rude.

  • Ro
      28th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Everyone who has satellite internet has this problem. Phone companies won't run DSL into remote areas, our Politicians could care less as long as BIG business in making money. Our jobs are send to some idiot foreign country so we can not understand them when we call for service.

    There is a way to STOP all this! Nether you are Democrat or Republican, STOP VOTING FOR THESE IDIOTS AND VOTE THIRD PARTY.

    If we in America do not send a strong message to these crooks who no longer represent us then all this ### will just keep going on...

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