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Hughesnet / dealing with hughesnet was a huge mistake!

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We had decided to go with this company boy was this a mistake! We have had the service for about 8 or 9 months and it has been nothing but a hassle. First off they contract a company to set up the equipment and I guess the company had a couple jobs to do that day and screwed up when they put in the equipment it was under another persons name. We have tried to the rectify the problem and thought we did... 5 months down the line we have problems getting online it seems as though this account is under this other persons name... we will just call him "Arthur" but we are getting billed. The same contractors were called out to fix the problem (it took 2 months to get back online!) We had service again and everything seemed to be fine. April 9th we received an invoice stating that we owed 591.91 by 5/2... I WAS PISSED! So I called and inquired about the invoice, they said that in Feb. I had canceled my account that was the charges... commitment termination and hardware fee WHATEVER! so anyways, when you call they ask for you acct# and I gave them the one on the invoice in front of my face and needless to say I was on the phone for over 2 hours talked to 4 different people and what I yes I figured out was that this acct# belonged to "Arthur" but got sent to my address and was in my name don't know why and that on the service page of the Hughesnet site thing my serial # to the modem and my account # were different from the account # on the statement they have this all cluster[censored]ed! I told them that since opening an account with them it has been nothing but an inconvenience... they don't care and it's still not resolved the last 2 times I was on hold forever it seemed and then afterwards they say you'll be contact within 24 to 48 hrs... I have 3 case #'s and a wasted day. NO PROBLEM RESOLVED and still very unhappy, thanks Hughesnet!

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  • Su
      20th of Apr, 2007
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    Sorry to see another person having problems with Hughesnet. I originally had Direcway (which I had to get because I live so far out in the sticks that my phonelines are spliced all to hell by the phone company and could not even connect to the internet at all because bandwidth is so low). If I recall correctly, the original serviceplan said that the FAP would be applied if I exceeded 20mb per hour for about 2 to 4 hours and that it would only be capped for about two to four hours. I actually did have issues with the installation. The guy who was supposed to do it did not come on the day arranged and he ended up bringing over a relative from the area who was not part of the install. Rather than work on the installation he sat around for 3 hours chatting with his relative. He didn't bring a pole with him to install in the ground and ended up needlessly drilling a hole in my roof, only to find that the powerlines were too close to where he tried to put the dish and it prevented the satellite from working (at least that is what he claimed). So he had his cousin install the pole without supervision and came back at a later day to install the satellite. Charged an extra $100 for it too. The pole was not tall enough so the dish doesn't sit as high as it is supposed to. It was also placed behind some trees so I had to trim the branches back to get a clear signal. I was using the DW4000 at the time and it lasted for awhile. It had 800kb down but upload was slow. Still it worked ok. Then that modem died (due to an incident involving a cat and a glass of milk) and I upgraded to the DW6000. It was only 500kb down though. I'll skip over the problems I had with delivery. The DW7000 came out and the DW6000 we had suffered some damage from a power surge despite the fact that it was hooked through a surge suppressor. It stopped working so we upgraded. The DW7000 has 700kb down but a better upload rate than the old one. I did have some problems and had to call tech support a lot. They never did anything about the dish being installed improperly. I wasn't the happiest customer but in retrospect I wish I could go back to it. One day the connection just started to suck very badly. I couldn't even get the mydirecway page to load anymore. I finally saw that they had changed over to Hughesnet. My direcway email stopped working. I setup my email as hughesnet but after awhile it stopped working completely. There was nothing on the webpage to indicate there were problems but when I called in Hughesnet I got an automated message that said they were having issues with the email system. I now only use yahoo email because I never got my hughesnet email working again. I don't know what they did differently, but the download speed really seemed to decrease, disconnections happen more frequently, and their tech support is very difficult to contact. I normally try to get ahold of them when I'm having problems, which means I can't load their webpage or email them. I tried using their online tech chat several times but the latency is too high for me to be able to get the chat to work. I find it ironic that their own tech chat is inaccessible to customers because their service is too slow to allow it to work. They have a really long automated message. Anyways, I made several calls to tech support to talk to them. On the webpage it said that the FAP would kick in if I exceeded 20mb per hour. I had not exceeded that time but my bandwidth was capped. The tech support guy told me that the cap really took effect if I exceeded 16mb in 4 hours. There was no place on the webpage that it gave this information so I don't know if he was exaggerating or if they were falsely advertising. He told me that I would have to completely stop using the internet for 8 to 12 hours before my bandwidth would be uncapped. This struck me as rather crappy since the agreement I'd signed up for had a higher allowance and less severe cap. Anyways, my brother loaded a couple videos on Youtube on Wednesday evening and then the internet just stopped working around 2AM. Sixteen hours later I was able to get the Hughesnet page to load (it took 5 minutes just to get anything to show up). Another 15 minutes and I was able to get the speed test which told me I was only getting 5kbps download speed. Another 10 to 15 minutes later I got the usage page loaded to see if I was capped. I had been capped since 2AM. I tried to call tech support to ask why I was still capped after such an extended period (especially since I take online classes and I needed to upload my homework-- I'm going to actually have to go in to the class now to turn it in and that isn't fun considering I dislocated my ankle this weekend). I got an extremely long voice message with a bunch of options to push and nothing repeated and some of the things I couldn't hear because of static. After about 10 minutes of that I got a message saying that I had to hold for the next available representative and that my expected wait time was 30 minutes. I understand it is a business and all, but 30 minutes? Ok, its not as bad as when I called and had to wait over an hour... but its still annoying. About 20 minutes into the call I was able to navigate to a page that claimed they were updating the FAP and that they allegedly improved it by "increasing" the bandwidth limit to 200MB per DAY. It said that if the users exceeded the cap in the day the bandwidth could be capped for 24 hours or more!!

    What the hell? I wasn't loading stuff at peak hours. I tend to wait until the wee hours when most sensible people are sleeping. Every once in awhile I have to download large files, but I'm not a constant large file downloader. The 24 hour thing is utter crap. Only 200mb per day is garbage! Furthermore, they didn't even contact me ahead of time to inform me that they were changing the FAP. I would've thought they would have an email notice. I really wish that I could get some money back or have them waive the cancellation fee if I chose to leave because I don't know if I can deal with the 24 hour caps. If they stuck to the original 20mb per hour thing I would have 420mb per day. Even their current pro plan doesn't offer that. If I had another option I would switch in a heartbeat. I really don't know how they can get away with making such a change and I am seriously considering asking for some sort of monetary reimbursement or even a lowered monthly rate.

    I can understand them capping for a few hours if I consistently have over 20mb over a several hours, but the twenty four hour thing is just unacceptable. They even continued the cap after my download was zero for 3 hours.

    Its bad enough I can't use the internet whenever it rains, or is cloudy, or has sunspots, or the satellite has a problem... But this cap is just the last straw.

    I am very angry right now and am trying to look into my options.

  • Da
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    Wow... and here I thought I was the only one having problems with HughesNet. I can't download anything most of the time... it is like having the Un-Internet. Anyway... I laughed when someone said something about not being able to download when it is rainy, or cloudy... but for us it is worse... we can't download when it is rainy, snowy, cloudy, foggy, when temperatures are changing, when the sun is anywhere near vertical (noon). My kids don't even try to play games on internet sites anymore because the connection is just too slow... and they end up sitting at the computter clicking and clicking trying to get the computer to do something... it is pathetic. I really have to agree... their television advertising campaign is really... extraordinarily different from our experience. Although we are incredibly dissatisfied with the service, we have not suffered the types of billing nightmares it sounds like others have encountered.

  • Jo
      19th of Jul, 2007
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    Yes i agree with yall. Hughes net sucks bad when i was living in mobile, alabama i used to think satellite was fast... no no no... when i Got Comcast Cable it was omg so fast i got to play all my Multiplayer Games like everyday without no FAP policy... Comcast is GOD when it comes to INTERNET... SOMEONE NEEDS TO SUE HUGHES NET SERVICE... THANK GOD we are moving from Kansas to Georgia... BECAUSE THE Comcast Station is their thank you GOD I LOVE YOU!!!

  • Ca
      7th of Sep, 2007
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    Hughesnet is awful... I work at Best Buy and it is all we offer for internet sign up... i direct as many people as i can away from it... the only product i talk down... this is just 1 of my many many bad experiences with them: We originally had directway because insight cable stops 1 mile from my house and they refuse to run it that extra mile. Anyways the first months were good but then we lost internet everytime a cloud, bird, wind, kite what ever happened. I called them they sent a tech, and said theres nothing wrong with our service... but still same problem... we've had them for about 2 years now... just recently when they enacted the FAP we were being slowed down to dial up almost daily... 3 people 3 computers me being a gamer... it was just hell... they sent us a promo offering us a free TRIAL upgrade to the Business plan from the pro plan... it clearly stated if we didn't like our service we could return to our old plan no problemo. Awesome, this is going to be great i thought. wrong. So i hooked up the new 7000 modem, and called them had my 6000 decommissioned (temporarly) and my 7000 commissioned... long behold it was slower than the 6000 pro plan i call tech support they have no reflection of me ever calling them... I've called them so many times i know their script read tech. support by heart. anyways techies say its working fine, i am pissed at this point...1/2 hour in.... so i ask to be downgraded to my other plan... they laugh at me... i ask for a sup. he says once second puts me on hold for 5 minutes comes back and asks me why i want to talk to a sup. I tell him why and he said ok puts me on hold for another 5 min. finally i get the sup. the sup tells me i cannot downgrade my service... and we went around and around and around... 4 hours pass finally i get someone claiming to be the building manager she tells me to call this number and everything will work out just right... i call the number... WTF.... this department is closed... evidently they 'upgraded' us to 'executive customer service' the one where i call complain and they get back to me in 24hrs and is only open from 8 am to 5 pm ... i was so pissed... 6 hours in... i get some dum**ss in Colorado... he tells me that the department i need is in maryland he says he doesn't have the number though... blink blink... i explained to him i work for best buy, a company with over 1000 stores world wide and i can get the number for our china store in about 30 seconds... He claims to not have the number still... SO then i ask him " Well if your store, god forbid, should happen to burn down, theres no way for you to call your bosses in maryland and let them know" and he studderd and blabberd " thats what i thought" i told him... finally i just said fk it cancel my service... the first person got on the phone... sorry sir we cant do that.... i informed him the BBB had already been contacted and i will be speaking to my AG about a lawsuit against them... Lone behold my account was dropped right then and there... unfortunately since my only alternative is dial up i did sign back up the same day... it was the only way i could recommission my 6000... i still have that 7000 PoS sitting in my closet i never payed for it, they sent me a bill i sent them a letter from the AG... that was the end of it... WARNING if your reading this DO NOT sign up for them it will be the worst experience of your life... if you have access to broadband *REAL* take it! ... after 8 hours on the phone i finally got it resolved... by myself.... My neighbor was in the same situation ... he actually took them to court w/ about 30 other people thanks to our AG and won 20,000 to each person after they enacted the FAP ###.... once again if you have the chance DO NOT i repeat DO NOT sign up for them... only HELLSNET awaits you...

  • Dr
      22nd of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hughes SUCKS!!! I barely had the internet connection to type this f"""ing complaint. Our service is so poor ,and is not worth the money or time we waste trying to use their system. As soon as DSL is available in all areas, Hughes will be out of business. "HOW COOL IS THAT'

  • Mi
      10th of Oct, 2007
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    Amazing. It's Amazing that Hughenet just doesn't get it. Like most of you, I also live in the sticks so my options are Hughes or dial-up. I find it suspicious that all our problems started after Hughes took over from Directway. I also find it suspicious that these problems also started after they began offering higher priced plans. So those of us on the cheapest plan (and way over-priced for what we get) suddenly found ourselves unable to connect to the Internet for most of the day. My problems with them started when I called lo-tech and was told the reason for my connectivity problems were from a high use issue almost 16 hours ago! They informed me that most of problems were from using my 6000 modem and a simple hardware upgrade would solve most of the problems. Not of my high use but so I could get on after the FAP went into effect with seriously degraded service. ok, we used the megs. I could accept the degradation, but felt that I should at least be able to get on. Luckily (well, thats what he said) they had a promotion going on where I could get a new 7000 modem for shipping costs (oh and a 2 year commitment). To my eternal shame and I guess a streak of sadism, I agreed. This did absolutely nothing. So I then broke down and upgraded my service plan to the next higher. Pro plus or something, 69.99. I re registered everything, tried to finish the registration and then noticed my signal strength was only 48. I was getting 60 before and during the numerous tech calls had seen signals as high as 78. These signals, I was informed, were for the lesser plans or in the case of the 78, for the even higher priced plans. It seems that my dish was pointed the wrong way and there were only two frequencies available for that plan with the way the dish was pointed. They could, however, fix the problem with a $125 dollar truck roll. Now after recommitting for two years, trying to upgrade and pay them 10 more bucks a month and at least 12 hours spent on hold in the last month. They were unable to grant a waiver on the truck roll. I was shuffled back and forth between Billing and Advanced Tech for over an hour till we finally got to the crux of that matter and the only way I was going to get a waiver was to write (as in slow-mail) the corporate headquarters and request one from them. This is total nonsense so I did the next best thing I could do and called Michigan Microtech (talk to Heather). These were the original installers of my system and THEY'LL do a truck roll for $75. I also got a appointment sooner than Hughes could have. I agree with everyone of you that will drop Hughes the very second that another option becomes available. Their customer service is a total joke! Even their service plans make no sense. The only thing you're paying for with their plans are the right to get a truck roll in a shorter period of time. Thats it!!!? Are they kidding?

  • Ni
      16th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hughes net is by far the worst company for internet out there, they were my only choice for high speed internet as I live just out of the city's and needed high speed internet for my job, There pricing is outrages and I had nothing but problem with the connection and internet speed, When high speed finally came thru to my area I canceled my service thru them, I had to pay the early termination fee, but I was on one of there promotional plans were I got $200.00 back. but in order to get that back I had to prove my service with them by sending in my statements which you can only get off their web page with your acct #. Well I could not do that as I had cancelled my service and they were unable to mail me the statements because they do not have a mail center or a address operantly. So I contacted the attorney general who got in contact with them and I was sent my refund and statements within 2 weeks. Screw hughes net, somebody with money need to file a class action lawsuit against them for false advertising.

  • Ma
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    I agree with the class action lawsuit. That is a great idea. I have been having trouble for the past few months with a slow internet service from Hughes Net. In this past week, they have "punished me" every day. I am not even home half the day. When I am home, I am not downloading a lot of files. I am just browsing and getting email. Hughes Net told me about this threshold just yesterday when i finally called them. I avoid calling them because they can never understand me and try to solve a problem that is totally different from what I described. In fact, I have had so many problems with this service over the 18 months that I have had it than I ever had with cable. I am in rural area and as soon as DSL or cable comes here I am ditching Hughes Net. They're horrible!!!

  • Au
      22nd of Dec, 2007
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    Good lord people, if you haven't already, DO NOT sign up for this pathetic excuse for internet service! Most of the time, dial up is faster than my HughesNet. I do not do any large amount of uploading or downloading, and I still am capped almost all the time. If it is anything but sunny blue skies, it is even worse. I actually drive to my sister's house, 10 miles away, to use her computer when I have anything important to work on (such as updating my website) because with HughesNet, half the time I lose my connection in the middle of my work. Even online bill pay is a nightmare. We are actually going back to dial up when our contract with HughesNet expires.

  • An
      26th of Jan, 2008
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    i know the dl cap i horrible. if you're a you tube junkie, yep video feeds are downloading. i was wondering is there was an uploading cap, like do they set you to 56k if you up load too much>?

  • Ji
      11th of Feb, 2008
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    Hughes Net customer service is a joke. These people are not trained to even spell their names. I was disconnected five times in a row. I have never dealt with a company who's customer service was this bad. Their internet service is a ripoof and they back it up with five people in India connected by two cups with a string atatched.

  • Ma
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    DO NOT BUY HUGHESNET! It is total crap. The evening speeds are pathetic. They simply told me that I need to do my online work between 2 am and 5 am when the speeds are the fastest. At night it is unusable! Every tech support person in India would tell me something different. What a joke!!

  • Na
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    I agree DO NOT DEAL WITH HUGHESNET!!!I have had NOTHING but trouble since last November, my modem went out it took me several calls being transfered around put on hold transfered again and NOBODY speaks English. Sheeesh my problems really got bad when the second modem went bad and I said, never mind we are moving I would call them when we got settled for a new install. BOY was that a joke not to mention DANGEROUS. My husband is elderly and frail and they sent some druggy freaks out to install when I was not there. It worked for about a day, then a storm came through. They sent a technician out who was very nice and he narrowed my problem down to the installers, they had not cemented in the bloomin pole! Well, we (the technician and myself) called him back and we both asked that the same installer did not come out and told them WHY! I got a call from him the SAME installer a couple of days later saying he was coming back out I said NO I don't think so I am terminating with Hughesnet no need to come back. In the mean time I am out $450 I paid to the installer (the druggies) and I sent a certified letter to Hughesnet do you think I have gotten any response. You can bet your sweet __ I have not Sheesh Hughes net has certainly left a nasty taste in my mouth not to mention they took total advantage of me.

  • De
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    for the most part, my service works good, if it crashes like most electronic crap made today, there is quik fixes, seing how i have had to call customur service so many times to get back on line, i have figured out that most of the time you just need to reboot everything. dissconect cables from modem, cut power and start over. this useally takes about 5 minnuts and all is well, its kindof like owning a old car with a short in the battery cable, you just gotta talarate it and keep twisting the battery cable.

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