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Accept some wisdom. This service is horrible. I live in a remote area where there is no other internet service. I have the pro service after I found out about limited daily downloads. Hughesnet is about half again as fast as dialup. I can't even watch a news video clip without the video buffering every ten seconds. Don't waste you time calling pakistan for tech support. I did, and could only comprehend about every third word "rick" was saying. I finally became so frustrated I hung up on him. When the bimbo on the tv ad says "all you need is a clear view of the southern sky" believe her. Cloudy=24kbs, rain=24kbs, fog=24kbs snow=no service. If you make the mistake of subscribing to hughesnet don't get the home version of service. If you're online a lot you'll run out of the alloted download ration in no time. I have to upgrade to receive a higher level of download ration.

In conclusion, one has to know without a shadow of a doubt that a company is providing a poor service when there is no place on their website to email them and register complaints. Nowhere!

If anybody reading this knows of a better internet provider for people living away from dsl or cable, please let me know at [protected] I would appreciate it. I'll just instruct my credit card company not to accept any more charges from hughesnet. Let them sue me!

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  • Do
      Aug 06, 2007

    If you get to this page of complaints before signing up for Hughesnet, do yourself a favor and take notice!

    HughesNet does not provide anywhere close to the level of service they advertise. On the best of days, the service level (download and upload speeds) is 2/3 of what you pay for . Most days it is 1/3 or less. That is based on the many speed tests I have done through HughesNet. I assume an independent testing service would record even lower numbers because sometimes when the page loads are really slow, it is hard to believe that I am supposed to be getting 4 times the speed of dial-up. No doubt you will be sold on paying for a service that advertises download speeds that are supposed to be 10 to 30 times faster than dial-up. After you experience slow page loads for awhile, you will call tech support and discover if you press them hard enough that they only guarantee about a 50% level of service. You will spend hours on the phone getting the control center to tweak your satellite reception only to have it regress a week later or so. Eventually, you will be thrilled to get just the 50% level of service.

    You are probably considering satellite service because it is the only alternative to dial-up. That is understandable - be forewarned though that the speed of HughesNet is almost as slow as dial-up most of the time. And of course, for this poor level of service you will pay 6 - 10 times more than dial-up.

    My main complaint is that I am not receiving the service advertised - not even close! Bottom line is that I cannot see how a satellite connection is a reasonable alternative as an internet connection. If you need a fast internet connection - then there is only one choice - broadband cable connection. If you don't have access to broadband then the only reasonable choice is dial-up. DSL is better than dial-up but chances are if you don't have broadband, then you probably don't have DSL - both services require high population densities.

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  • Er
      Aug 10, 2007

    You can sign a F.A.P. PETITION by going to and typing your name and filling in the blanks. If we don't fight back there will be nothing done about it.

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  • Da
      Aug 13, 2007

    Don, you said it best - "My main complaint is that I am not receiving the service advertised - not even close!" Agree one million percent and CAN'T wait until another option is available in our area.

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  • Da
      Aug 25, 2007

    Here's How we are Beating the HughesNet Internet Lockdown system:
    -we limit everyone in the household to 15 mins on the internet per day, with a 3 minute grace period
    -we have disabled images in the browser, although we do allow the children to download image placeholders while working on their homework (had to enable only 1 image on this page to read the confirmation code to post this message)
    -we have removed all media players from the computer, so no one is tempted to play any music, videos, or audio files
    -we limit everyone in the family to 2 contacts in their e-mail address book, and limit everyone to 2 e-mails per day... including sent and received e-mails
    -we click on the "X" to stop the downloading procedure on any page when enough of the page has loaded that we can see the text we think we need
    -we make everyone chart the number of webpages they visit on a paper spreadsheet and anyone using the computer is required to use our programmable hand-held calculator, at least once each 30 minutes, to run a 24 hour moving average process on the cumulative number of bits we have downloaded over the previous 24 hour period.
    -we keep a running list of webpages anyone in our family has visited and we capture text only screen shots of web pages we visit and ask everyone to please refer to the screen captures before making any unnecessary visits to websites we have been to before
    -our children have started saving text from web pages they think they might have to visit again in indexed pdf format
    -whenever possible, we call the neighbors who are not using HughesNet and ask them to visit web pages for us and tell us what those pages look like
    -be sure to disable java so no applets start running on the computer without your knowledge
    -during good weather (no direct sunlight, no clouds, no detectable air movement, and relative humidity below 10%) when HughesNet occasionally speeds up, we turn off the main electrical breaker to the house and tell the children there is a power outage
    -when weather conditions such as sunshine, wind, or clouds make it nearly impossible to surf the internet with HughesNet, we let the kids use it all they want

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  • Ro
      Aug 26, 2007

    Im so frustrated with service. We live in a place where theres no other choice except dial up which I cant use working at home. When we signed up for this nobody ever mention about download limit. And suddenly, when I called to complain why my internet is crawling slower than a snail...this guy who I dont understand what he saying told me that I used up my download limit and it will be 24 hrs for it to be reset!!! I said WHAT?? what download limit are u talking about?? and he said "Oh, no one told you about that??...what is download anyway?? its when u listen to music, view a video or just anything that loads....geez, what is it online that never loads...SO, now we are stuck with paying the HIGH costs of internet for a service that really sucks!!

    my 4 yr old whose only happiness is play on once in awhile cant do it anymore or else mommy cant do her work if the download reach its limit!

    Anyone knows a better satellite company who really true to their advertisement?

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  • Da
      Nov 02, 2007

    I agree Don said it best - "My main complaint is that I am not receiving the service advertised - not even close!" I agree one hundred percent and CAN'T wait until another option is available in our area.

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  • Ma
      Dec 06, 2007

    Ok I agree with most of what is said on here the FAP sucks I'm a computer tech so I deal with computers daily I work from home had hughes installed almost a year ago and managed to hit the "threshold" @least once a month.but if u have computer smarts hughes does allow you to see your daily usage so u can judge how close u are to ur limitmy signal is any where from 35(lowest to still maintain connection only hits this low in rain storms) to 55 i did however have the dish unit installed in ground not on my home unsightly but eazier to clean in winter.

    I manage watch youtube limit to 3 vids a night (unless others in house have taken portion of the limit)download from itunes every 3 months when i find huge files that will put me close/over my limit I ask friends in other towns that are lucky enough to have broadband to down files for me hughesnet wouldnt be bad if not for the following reasons:

    1 the FAP (lose the limits)
    2 the price (pay for speeds close to dsl so CHARGE for it not OVER)dsl bout $30/mo
    3 speed (less speed than pay for but ya dont get it and advertised speeds are bout same as dsl)

    I'm in the middle of the sticks so dialup is no point and no way cable/dsl is headed out this way so hughesnet was only choice but im 1 of bout 20 people in town to have it.

    but im managed to live with it by monitoring what people in home are doing and not using IE switch to a decent alt browser like firefox or opera using a download manager like getright and taking advantage of the non cap hrs (3a-6a)
    grantd im not usualy up that late but with sites that let me i use my download manager and set it to download during non cap hrs and when finished it shuts the computer down
    but if you go in to sat internet thinking you can watch tv online, game,switch to vonage,use vongo/netflix online think again
    and if your dish unit is not installed correctly then light rain/wind can knock it out of alignment had this prob first 3mos of having service after dealing with customer service got installer to come back out and fix it now only heavy rain shuts it down(you shouldnt be using your computer in rain storms).

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  • Ma
      Dec 09, 2007

    ok here's a rough break down between wildblue & hughesnet

    Max Upload Speeds Up to 128 kbps Up to 200 kbps Up to 200 kbps
    Max Download Speeds Up to 700 kbps Up to 1 Mbps Up to 1.5 Mbps
    Download Threshold 200 MB 375 MB 425 MB
    upfront $60->$80
    promo $80->$100
    Minimum service term is 24
    heres link to hughesnet FAP

    Max Download Speeds
    512kb -> 1.5mb
    Max Upload Speeds
    128kb ->256kb
    Download Threshold(GB)
    Minimum service term is 12 months

    heres link to wildblue FAP

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  • Ma
      Jan 15, 2008

    found out there are 3 sat internet companies hughesnet,wildblue,& starband
    both of which have bigger & better FAPs over hughesnet
    bottomline hughesnet customers are getting screwd royaly on the FAP (go figure the bigger of the sat net companies smallest FAP Threshold)

    (excerpt from starband FAP)
    Please note that the FAP thresholds are only monitored between the hours of 6:00am and 12:00am.

    Nova Pro [protected]/128)
    Download Threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 1600 Mbytes
    Download Recovery Rate - 150 Kbps
    Download Exit threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 1024 Mbytes
    Upload Threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 400 Mbytes
    Upload Recovery Rate - 56 Kbps
    Upload Exit threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 275 Mbytes

    Nova Pro 1500 (1.5/256)
    Download Threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 4000 Mbytes
    Download Recovery Rate - 400 Kbps
    Download Exit threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 2750 Mbytes
    Upload Threshold (rolling 7 day period) -1000 Mbytes
    Upload Recovery Rate - 96 Kbps
    Upload Exit threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 700 Mbytes

    Customers who are close to exceeding their assigned bandwidth usage for a rolling period of seven days will be sent a warning message via a web message and via their StarBand email account. Customers who exceed their assigned bandwidth usage for a rolling period of seven days will again be notified via a web message and via their StarBand email account. The web message will specify that the customers’ speeds will be temporarily reduced until the customers’ seven day rolling average drops below the ‘exit limit’. The customer's normal high-speed access (as specified in the customer’s contract) will be restored after that time period. Because there is a seven-day monitoring period, customers are not penalized for one-time or occasional bandwidth bumps unless the total for the entire seven days is very high. In addition, customers get one free pass to remove the restriction by calling StarBand customer service and requesting a restriction removal. Customers who repeatedly use excessive bandwidth and have received multiple warnings may be suspended from using StarBand services for a specified period of time.

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  • Ji
      Jan 22, 2008

    What a waste. Competition makes the world a better place. This company will hopefully fade into oblivion once a competitor is able to reach some of our more rural areas.

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  • Me
      Mar 07, 2008

    yea i hav hughesnet the basic plan it sucks if any1 knows how to bypass the fap thatd be great email me...

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  • De
      Apr 08, 2008

    My dish has not worked since the day it was installed
    its a pice of junk . Think twice befor giving your money
    to these crepes because after install all you have is
    another pice of junk in your yard and they will want you to pay every month or it will be on your credit. They will
    not fix it so save your money
    rip offs

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  • De
      Apr 08, 2008


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  • Da
      May 27, 2008

    We started with the home plan and had to upgrade to the pro plan in order to get anywhere close to acceptable service. Now, with the pro plan, we are CUT OFF ALL DAY LONG. We have service from about 7 pm until the next morning when it is cut off again.
    And this is the pro plan.

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  • Mh
      Mar 30, 2009

    i have had hughsnet for alomst 2 months now and the first day ig ot it i did not know of any threshold... when i signed papers it was not in it I had now idea i was on the internet for 3 hours and thougt my intertnet was screwed up.. I called tech support they explained it was not there faught then talked to someone in trch support which told me the same then if u r able to get them to transfer u there I got to talk to advanced tech support and after talking to someone In AMERICA!!! I was thinking finally!!! ENGLISH!!! they explained the whole deal to me told me they were located in florida any other support or tech i talked to was in the Philapens!!! The thing I dont get is they say they can not reset the threshold when u call them BUT I TALKED to someone in america adn was talking to them for 3 mins and they asked me if my speeds were actng right!!! adn asked me if it still sadi threshold was up adn when I responded NO!!! THEY TELL ME THAT MY THRESHOLD HAS BEEN RESTTED!!! WHAT?????? Now if I have a problem and I call they say its not possiable and they tell me I can not be transfered to advanced tech support!!! Hughsnet is a RIPOFF cant wiat for DSL or CABLE to come in my area and thell htem to ### OFF!!! CORYDON, IN

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  • Ih
      Dec 06, 2010

    I hate Hughes Net it is the biggest bunch of bull crap I have ever seen. It is very expensive and it sucks all the way around, I know I have had it for a long time and I should be getting close to my 24 month commitment, can't wait until that is up, I guess I will just live back in the sticks with no internet service. I am tired of being screwed by them. I have never seen the beat, it is 2010 almost 2011 and where in the heck are normal DSL providers!!!???? Jeez ppl this is crazy it's like we are discriminated against because we like living in remote private areas. I can tell you this, I closed down my bank account so they will not get another payment that way. I do not know what will come of that, but I will tell you one thing, like I have said before HUGHESNET SUCKS!!!

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  • Hu
      Mar 02, 2014

    I'm not getting the service of HughesNet they had promised. HughesNet sucks. Actually that's how I learned never to trust advertisements. I was encouraged to have their service... until I found out how terrible their internet was. It was incredibly slow. For the first sattelite internet provider, it's the worst internet provider ever. I'm glad there are many more internet providers to choose from other than HughesNet in my area. I can't put up with their awful service anymore. The internet would speed up at times but most of the time, I don't know what they do but my internet speeds are decreased like 1/3 of the speed I'm supposed to be getting with a NORMAL internet service. Yea! HughesNet is not a normal internet provider! In fact, I've never even HEARD of HughesNet until I saw that commercial. Not many people even have HughesNet anymore!
    I kinda even knew this would happen because HughesNet is not popular. I never even see the commercial anymore!

    HughesNet is a bad choice. If you are using HughesNet it's recommended to switch to another provider (if there is one). If you don't have problems with HughesNet, you are most likely to in the future as I've found millions of complaints about HughesNet on the internet.

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  • Is
      Feb 21, 2018

    Absolutely correct, worst service I ever had! Service restores on bill pay, then exceeds limit by end of day. Computer crashed and I had to use my free restore token and purchase 2 additional tokens @ $5 each just to reinstall my Microsoft office and this was just in a 10 minute period!!! Now I'm back to where my pages will not even load! Ridiculous, I wish I had service as fast as dial-up! Haven't had a land line in over 15 years but I have no choice, I just cannot take this crap anymore, tired of fighting with it...

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