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Hughesnet / downloading and surfing problems

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I started with Direcway and they sold to Since that time the service has been horrible. I was downloading Microsoft Office and a window came up saying it would take 53HOURS to download it. I called and they told me to download part of it today and the rest tomorrow. I am paying for 24/7 internet and this is much slower than dialup. They told me if i canceled i would have to pay them $300.00 because i upgraded to the 7000 i thought it would help it only got worse. If they want me to pay them $300. they can take it out of what i have overpaid them for this service. How can the possibly get away with this!!!

Is there anything that can be done about this problem??? Advise smb!

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  19th of Jun, 2007
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Performance sucks.

If you exceed their transfer limit, they cut your bandwidth way back without sending any notification that it's happened. Then they don't turn it back on, regardless of your low usage. According to tech support, you have to "turn off your computer for 24 hours to reset your bandwidth". That's outrageous.

  28th of Jun, 2007
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This is exactly what we are currently going through! I was told that I would have to wait for 24 hours and then it will reset our bandwidth. I explained to him that this is a business and "waiting" for 24 hours to conduct business is not an option. When I asked what other options we have, he told me that I could download as much as I want from 3am to 6am, est. I laughed and said "you actually tell people that's an option?" And yes, I could barely understand him and had to keep telling him to speak slowly because I couldn't understand a word he was saying. This is a ridiculous way to do business - I wish I would have been here when they decided to choose these jokers!

  10th of Aug, 2007
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You can sign a F.A.P. PETITION by going to and typing your name and filling in the blanks. If we don't fight back there will be nothing done about it.

  11th of Aug, 2007
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After downloading 10 songs my service dropped down below dialup download speeds. For as much as this service charges a month this is unacceptable.

  14th of Aug, 2007
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I have had the same problems with this company and I am looking for legal ways out. You are correct about the slower-than-dial-up. This is the worst service that I have ever had the misfortune of getting into. I am trying to get out of the contract, however than seems to be a pointless fight. I am looking for the Government to step in and help. I will go to The Consumer Protection Agency about Hughes Net and their lack of service paid for assistance.

It is almost worth the effort to pay the fee than pay nearly $1200.00 for a year for two years.

Has anyone had any success with a legal way out without paying the $800.00? If so let us know. I will let all know what I find out.

Something has to be done about this poor service and iron- clad early out fee as well as putting up with foreigners we cannot understand.

  23rd of Aug, 2007
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Hughes has always been very consistent with the services they offer, we have to understand that is FAP was removed, internet will be worst! This company shields us from people who eats a lot of internet bandwidth! C'mon! Lets face it, stop wining and enjoy the service! I do!

  23rd of Aug, 2007
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The FAP is the biggest piece of crap ever. Hughes net is so slow after you overload it. It is true that you have to wait a full 24 hours before doing anything else. I like to watch anime, and once I watch about 1 hour worth, it overloads. They have a site where you can check your ussage as to how many mb of data you have downloaded, but for me, the site takes about 2 hours to get the previous hour up. It could be 5 pm, and I still wouldnt know how much I downloaded at 3! There isn't a way to bypass it that I have found. Good luck to everyone else.

  26th of Aug, 2007
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Hughesnet service sucks!! NOT worth paying that much for a snail moving internet...

whats the link of the site to check the usage please?

  18th of Jan, 2008
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hughesnet's FAP is bullcrap. Yes i signed the petition.

  23rd of Jan, 2008
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It just took me 4min 37seconds to download a 3.70mb file... this is stupid! Just signed the petition! btw internet has not been used today...

  31st of Jan, 2008
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Im having the same problems as you guys and can explane how Hughes is getting away with this limit on internet banwith. The company guarantees unlimited internet access but they do not guarantee unlimited high speed internet. As for a legal way out the petition is all i can think of.

  4th of Mar, 2008
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I HATE HUGHES NET. Every other internet provider doesnt have the retarted FAP and they go faster than hughes. I want to go to hughes net and hit the ### whos great idea it was to make the fair access policy. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO WATCH AS MANY NARUTO EPISODES AS I WANT ONLINE!!! I have written Hughes Net in my Death Note. and they didnt die. Of coarse b/c its just a joke. But if i had a real Death Note they would be on the first line. I HATE HUGHES NET.

  23rd of Mar, 2008
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If they would just give an average monthly download threshold taking what they allow per 24 hour period and mulitplying it by 30, and then apply the FAP if it that was exceeded it would help a lot.

The other thing is that I don't see how they can get away without letting you know that you are exceeding your download threshold since you can't find out about it until at least 2hours after it's too late.

It was also a lot better when they didn't have the FAP on for 24 hours but replenished the speed in conformity to your service plan as opposed to during any 24 hour period not knowing when you might go over by a few megabytes and be shut down.
Hughes is for sure a horrible, lousy service and they should listen to their customers. As other options become available, and they are getting close to where I live, Hughes will be out any customers that have a way out.

  19th of Apr, 2008
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First, I really have a great distaste for the Customer Support people of the great state of India. They start off by giving me a false American name and then proceed to take my time and lie to me over the phone regarding every excuse they can give about why their service is so slow. Lying to your Customer base off the get is a bad business practice for anyone... I was not subject to FAP, but aparrently if you reach a unspecified download limit during the month for your plan, you will be subject to a SECRET FAIR ACCESS POLICY (Secret FAP). They will not tell you that it exist or even own up to the fact it is happening. What you will be told is that you are experiencing "peak hour" bandwidth issues because too many Customers are using their bandwidth at the same time. So if you are getting 60 kbps download speeds... tough luck for you.

The unfortunate part of this is that HughesNet India Customer Support enjoys lying to you, their Customer. You are an American, they are Indian. They have been employed by the Company that deduct funds straight out of your bank account in Oregon and given complete permission to make up whatever stories they want. At one point I was even told that the bandwidth issues would clear up as soon as they launched more satellites up in the sky to handle the large Cusomer base that they could not support with their existing equipment. AMAZING STORIES!

HughesNet has yet to figure out that their Indian friends will drive their Company into the ground. Truley Mr. Rajid or Mr. BinLadin is no where interested in actually helping fix issues, but rather answer calls and play with you like the American dog you are. Its the 3rd world finally getting a shot to face off with an Amewrican consumer and stick it to the man and my friend if you are an American Customer, you are the man!!!

I would definately advise any one who is paying for this kind of crap to simply stop and rather send your money to a company who would like to help the struggling American economy and pay American workers a fair wage who were actually interested in providing quality help to American Customers...

  9th of May, 2008
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This company is a horrible rip-off!
I pay for speeds of 800/down and 100/up, but what I actually receive is about 250/down and 50/up!
You ought to try testing your own speeds ( test).
I made a call to their customer service about slow speeds I've been experiencing and they tell me that I pay for services UP TO (jkey words here) 800/down and 100/up - which is extremely rare that I actually receive this much - because the network is busy. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY THE NETWORK IS BUSY! ABSURD!!!
Not to mention you can't understand a damn thing their customer service reps are saying (heavy accent).
I'm finding a new provider TODAY. I think we should organize a class action lawsuit!!!
Samples of my tested speeds:
May 8th, 11:26PM - 249/25 kbps
May 8th, 11:22PM - 388/24 kbps
May 8th, 11:20PM - 368/37 kbps
May 8th, 01:06PM - 655/24 kbps
May 8th, 01:04PM - 362/28 kbps
May 8th, 01:02PM - 442/36 kbps
May 7th, 08:19PM - 172/19 kbps
May 7th, 08:13PM - 194/11 kbps
May 7th, 08:05PM - 144/26 kbps
May 7th, 08:01PM - 171/30 kbps
May 7th, 07:56PM - 55/15 kbps
May 7th, 01:04PM - 846/152 kbps
May 7th, 01:01PM - 713/53 kbps
May 7th, 12:44PM - 811/35 kbps
May 7th, 12:41PM - 498/31 kbps
May 6th, 11:20PM - 224/33 kbps
May 6th, 06:48PM - 319/10 kbps
May 6th, 06:45PM - 263/10 kbps

  21st of May, 2008
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I hope the middle eastern ppl that work for hughes net burn in hell and take their ### service with them. :] nuff said

  23rd of May, 2008
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I see I am not the only one that is upset with hughesnet service. I have experienced the FAP for the last 2 weeks I thought if I would upgrade to Pro this would take care of the problem, but it was just a waste of money. For some reason I get downloads when I am not even home. I have downloaded a program to monitor my downloads but I am not smart enough to use it. I sure am pissed off with the service, I to will sign the petition...two-dogs

  3rd of Dec, 2008
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I use Hughes net only as a backup when I go over my FAP with Wild Blue. Even at this, Hughes Net sucks. I have gone without using Hughes at all for two weeks at a time then when I switch over to it I still have lots of problems with loading pages. It's very common to have to try loading a page ten times before it will finally load. The customer service guys in India are worthless. They don't know their a%# from a hole in the ground!

  12th of Dec, 2008
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I just installed hughes net Monday and I have been on the phone with customer service since tues. Customer service is the wrong term to use more like disservice you cant understand a word these people say and they are not helpful at all. I downloaded about 10 songs monday night and the next day i called them because service was SLOW thats when they threw in this FAP crap. Funny I never heard that word mentioned before as the sales guy was taking my order and running my credit card to collect their installation fee!! Hughes net is crap i have had dial up that works faster than this and cost is a lot lower. Since I havent had it not even a week Im going to try and cancel this s@#& and tell them to get their big a#$ satellite and shove it you know where!

  25th of Feb, 2009
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I have has hughes net for several months now. I thought as long as I could see the southern sky hughes net would provide me witht he fastest service. Upon my initial phone call and establishing the service. I was not advised of the follwoing.

1. ACH auto debit from my bank each month. (ok I can deal with this)
2. I was told that I could purchase the equipment up front and receive and $100.00 mail in rebate. I didnt have the money upfront, so a promotion was offerred I could still own the reciever, and the purchase proice would be added onto my monthly service for 5 months, until paid. that would 299.98-100.00=199.98/5-39.99 additional for 5 months. When I called and noticed the same billings occured each month I was then told they didnt know what I was talking about and there very sorry.
3. Threshold limit (downloads excede limit) After the sub contracted instaler left with 72 hours I had problems, it seemed to get slower and slower and the days went by. Until it took 45 min to an hour to actually log into the internet. I would restart my computer, clean the C: drive, defragement and nothing worked because it as there service. There were days when I could not log on at all. When calling I would get the tutorial advising me on bad weather conditions and techical issues they were having ang the issue would be resolved in 24 hours to be 72 hours if not more. When I looked outside the weather would fine.
The customer service rep, s would then advise me to upgrade. Are they serious, 1st I was never told about the threshold limit now if I upgrade I will get a larger threshold limit and when that excede then what.
Prior to my moving I have verzion DSL for 5 years and never had this problem, I was also netwroked with 2 computers in my home and 1 lap top. I am willing to jump on the class action lawsuit package like yesterday.

Happy Days

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