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Although I agree to hughes net 24th month contract, I never knew hughes net is charging for equipment fee and service fee to a total of 800 dollars. Before they told me it was a $500 fee only. I am deeply hurt and violated. I will pay because I don't know how to avoid this and hope no one will regret getting hughes net. Hughes net is the biggest rip off and I am not happy. I am Hughes net biggest enemy... just remember..
do not believe what you see, or what you hear.
I have so much problems with hughes net over the pass months. The equipment they gave me werent even knew... why am i paying so much for used equitment. I had bad connections during the first week, i called for technical support more than 10 times. Yet they do the same procedure everytime and failed. I realized that they weren't smart technical supporters because common sense I knew they had missed errors on fixing my connection problems. I am paying full price on a empty month of no internet service. Technical support came to my house and said my reciever is no longer good and I needed a new one. I know i did not just hear that. I had realized it was a used one good... And this one time I had call for technical support again and more likely trying to get some help... the technical guy was yelling at me that i'm doing his check up procedures wrong. I am done with Hughes net... please someone do something about this and in the future... I work average only 2 days in a week because of job is slow. I might filed for unemployment soon... i'm at full stress. especially after realizing hughes net rip off agreement fee. well thanks for listening

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      Sep 17, 2009

    We are experiencing the same problem. Tech support is non-existant and the service is bad. We had no problems for a year, now we get 50kb, when we are paying for 1.5MB. I work from home and is dependant on the internet. I have lost 7 days worth of work and might loose my job, because I cannot get onto the internet. I spend hours in the day with the useless tech support.

    HOW CAN THIS COMPANY STAY IN BUSINESS. and we will get slammed with a fine if the czncel before the 24 months, which, by the way, must have been in the small print.

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