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I have been lied to from day one! I was billed and money taken out of an account without my permission. This last week, rep lied to me when I called and stated the account they wanted to pay my bill had no money, I needed to give a new account number. He refused to take the account info. Told me to call back and I did. The company took money out of wrong account, which cost me more money! I want this resolved to be completely compensated for the extra money Hughes net has cost my husband and I. I know what is legal and what is not. Hughes net is a joke, rip off and I will keep contacting till I get compensated. I'm doing research on what I as a customer can get done to get compensated. The customer service is lacking. Every employee of yours has lied to me. I've been talking around no one has good reviews. Hughes net is a disgrace of a company ! I want to be able to get out without having to pay the penalty fee!

Jan 24, 2017

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