Hughes Network Systemsinternet and phone service

W Nov 20, 2017

I'm new customer, (less then 1 month). Just moved to Maryland. When I called about electrical service, (power) I was transferred to agents from companies trying to get me to buy their services. One of these services was Hughes-net communications. I didn't know any better so I agreed to use their service. They promised service was best in area and would guarantee product/service. A technician came out around October 20. I told him where I wanted the wire to come thru the house. This didn't happen. He drilled in thru the molding. I again told him I didn't want it there. His excuse was that only place he could enter home and would cover access hold with caulk. I wasn't happy but did agree to it. Technician installed internet and phone line. I advised him I was going to purchase a phone. He said I could use any of the inside phone jacks. I purchased phone and tried to use jacks. None of them worked. I called company and was told I had to use their phone box. Agin no not what I was told. I started to have dropped phone calls as well as internet issues. An agent told me that I couldn't use any of my other phone extensions because I was to far away from phone base. That's crazy. As far as internet issues, the system seemed to be working fine. I would have to address internet issue when it goes down. I was told to document when service goes down. System kept going down, coming up, and going down again. I called company and was told system was working fine. I spoke to an agent, (Carlos) and stated since haven't been with company (less than 45days), I could cancel my account without any penalty. Again he assured me they would fix problems. Over weekend internet crashed for over 1 hour. I called company on Monday to cancel and was told I couldn't without paying a cancellation fee of $400.00. A supervisor, (Alex) said no way out of contract with paying fee. I asked about my problems with internet and was told they were working on the issues. Again, I'm unhappy with Hughes-net communications service. I've been promised service but have received nothing but headache and trouble. I have no other recourse but to register a formal complaint.

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