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I have had Hughesnet for at least two years now and every month I "run out of data", and when I do I call to complain. when I call I am told that my system is running fine, they see no problems. I have no internet option except my week cellphone signal, which is also quite inconsistent. About 4 months ago when I called I was told I should upgrade to the Gen V and get to 30 GB of data, with that I would have plenty of speed and data. I fell for it and since the switch I run fast for bout a week just surfing, no video or streaming and I run out at least 10 or more days early every month. When this occurs I call them up and get the same line " your equipment and cellphones are using data up, even when they are not being ctively used". So since February, we have an ozone WiFi zone in the house, if the mobile device, laptop, or cellphone is not being used for internet use, then the WiFi settings are off. This past March I contacted them again because my data had disappeared again, I checked all my devices and none were set for WiFi, meaning whenever we use a device for internet we have to go into setting to turn the WiFi on. Which is a pain in the neck when we are elsewhere because it won't pick up WiFi at public hotspots, therefore it also ends up using more of my cellphone data. Well, this past call to them I was told to turn the modem in the house off when not in use, I was also given 3 GB of data. So I turned the modem off, and have not turned it back on since. My new month of data started on the 9th and the modem was never turned back on nd today on the 17 th, I am using public WiFi to check my data, and with 25 days left in my month, I have no more anytime data and my bonus data is at 75%. Now my question is how can I run out of data if the system has been off. Does just the mere existence of a contract with Hughesnet constitute data consumption? Do they even keep track of the data usage, or would we find a giant wheel in their corporate headquarters spun to decide how much data is being used and by who?
I called them again to find out how I could have consumed all the data if nothing is running, the guy who answered checked my system and told me he couldn't figure out why, unless I turned the system back on. I explained I wasn't home but I would contact him again when I went home. This company, was my single opportunity to bring internet to my home, internet access is as important for daily living as other utilities. Most occupations require a minimum for communication as well as payroll. I am so disgusted with Hughesnet right now I don't just want out of my contract, but I would like to see them out of business, because they are swindling most of their customers with promises they either can't provide or do not care to. My neighbors are experiencing the same issues, but I can only write about my experience.

May 18, 2018

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