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I've prided myself in purchasing what i thought was a supperior diaper ie. huggies gold brand regardless of the price tag i would pay so my baby would have the best. Lately the diaper straps break and it is clear that the diaper is of a poorer standard.
I've had 4 diaper straps come off as i was changing my baby, have pics as well after the 3 time i decided to take the pics as proof. I pay for these diapers with my hard earned money and i choose this brand cause i believe that it is the best brand however i'm fast beginging to change my mind and feel i need to switch to another brand. I am unable to load the pics i've taken but will be happy to forward it via cellphone if required

May 22, 2013
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  • Ta
      Jun 03, 2013

    I agree that Huggies has poor quality diapers! I have tried them as well as several other brands. I only buy Pampers for my daughter. She is 2 & a half, and I love them! Not one complaint about the quality! I started using the Swaddlers a few days after she was born, but now use Cruisers and love them! Totally worth it!

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  • Li
      Jul 09, 2013

    I was using the huggies the red pack and decided to switch over the huggies gold and I'm very dissappointed because of the quality the straps keep on coming loose and leaks how can the cheaper one be much better than the one that's more expensive

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  • Yl
      Nov 11, 2013

    I also want to complain about the quality of the Huggies boy and girl gold nappies. The side bands/straps (sticky bit) that attach to the main body of the nappy during application detaches itself when I pull the strap to put a new nappy on my child’s bottom.
    This is also not the first time this has happened but the 3rd time and considering the price you pay for a pack, I am not satisified at all. It is costly for me to keep buying Huggies and the straps/side attachments are faulty. Besides this problem, there are other minor problematic issues with nappies that leak or burst after an hour of wearing them and all the jelly comes out. This weekend alone, I had to throw away 15 unused nappies as the straps had broken upon application. Sometimes I am able to apply a nappy but after 30 mins the sticky side strap comes undone and the nappy is rendered useless again. And it is not even properly wet/soaked yet. I would like to send you one of the nappies I kept to show you the quality of the side strap.

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  • El
      Sep 04, 2015

    To whom it may concern

    I am writing to you as an incredibly frustrated mother.

    I have a 4mo son and have been buying your nappies for 2 months now.

    I am absolutely appalled at the poor quality of your nappies.

    Almost every time I wake my baby from his nap, he is wet through!

    At first I thought it may have something to do with the way I was putting on the nappies. To test this theory, I tried putting them on tighter, looser, pulled the flaps this way and that, had other people put them on and checked and double checked every flap and seam to ensure they were correctly "closed".

    I have had to go through countless pieces of clothing and sheets as many have been ruined by the urine stains.

    Most importantly, this has been incredibly disruptive to my baby in terms of his sleep and his skin - which has been soaked in urine numerous times.

    I have bought sizes to fit his weight plus smaller and larger sizes plus the "boy" gold nappies - NOTHING WORKS! Your nappies are way too thin, with clearly not enough coverage and absorbency.

    I have spent a great deal of time and effort and feel utterly cheated and frustrated.

    You state on your website:
    Our aim is to make your important job as a parent or parent-to-be that little bit easier


    At Huggies® we always welcome your comments. Your feedback is integral to how we can continue to provide you with the products and the services that you deserve.

    In light of these statement, and my utter lack of customer satisfaction, I look forward to your suggestions as to how you propose to rectify this sorry situation.

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  • Na
      Oct 31, 2016

    Good day
    im mrs Hendricks from cape town south Africa I have been using huggies since I can remember I have 3 kids and im realy in happy now with my 3th son who is 1 year and 10 months I dry him in the morning @ 5 and not even 3 hours past then he is so wet tith his clothing also and have to clean him again before he go to school and it time waisting I love huggies don't get me wrong but this past few months im so sad and heart broken for money I have to spent twice and just to keep my baby dry and clean just for his health I realy want huggies to sort me out please and with the quality of there huggies jumbo bags I buy the 66 jumbo bag and I waste more in the month please help me mrs Hendricks cape town

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  • Fr
      Jun 22, 2017

    Huggies wonder pants are the poorest in quality, my kid suffer with itching .. so disappointed to buy such a poor product.
    Not sure if More megastore Bangalore stores are selling some duplicate Huggies diapers but I never expected to see such a cheap quality item.

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