Huggiesmy complaints are based on the huggies rewards sight

I forgot my password and every time i go on to sign in and select forgot password it sends me a link to create a new one on my email sight [protected]@gmail.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILcom i choose a new password and every time i pick one it says its been used or time expires but its only been a couple seconds so i pick a new password again it doesn't let me type in a new one i've been with huggies rewards for almost 26 months and i have 2 babies in Huggies pampers a 26 month old that will be soon moving on to pull ups and a 11 month old so i would appreciate if someone can contact me to fix this situation can be contacted at [protected] thank you yours truly crystal Quintero because his has been going on for 5months now and it is very un buissnnes like i don't appreciate BEING treated like this especially when im spending 100$one hundred dollars a month just on Huggies pampers&wipes. So i am a true Huggies customer and i would appreciate someone calling me. I still have the stikers codes from BEFORE they were taking recipes and a stack of recipes so i really hope i dont have to move to another brand because no one gets in contact with me to sort this out!!

Apr 29, 2017

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