Huggiesleaking huggies pants unisex size 5

Hi, I need to please speak to someone about the quality of the new Unisex range that I am using. It is the 3rd month that I am using the new range as you discontinued the girls pants and i am unhappy. I use the Huggies pants unisex jumbo 44 size 5 pack for my two year old, and they are forever leaking. This was a bigger problem for me this passed weekend as my daughter caught a tummy bug and has had a runny tummy all weekend. I had to keep cleaning poo from the floor as it kept leaking from the huggies nappy down the inside of her legs. I honestly was happier with the girls pants befor. and I by 3 Packets every month of your nappies. this is not on

Nov 21, 2018

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