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Dear Huggis,

My name is Hadar Abramovich and I am living in Seoul, South Korea.
In the beginning of January 2017, Huggis Korea represented by Yuhan-Kimberly announced a recall for Huggis baby wipes.

I am considering myself as your loyal customer and I am using your products on daily basis. I am aware that I am paying a premium price for your products, and that is only because I am expecting a high quality products and service.

Unfortunately, this time I received a defected products and very disappointing customer service which led me to write this letter!

First, regarding the products, I am truly scared and highly concerned since I used your wet wipes with my Newborn baby for the last few months and I received the message very late since I am a foreigner living in Korea and most of the announcements were in Korean.
I noticed a rush on my baby body and other symptoms that probably occur due to your defected products.

Second, I spent time, effort and money and I received an unreasonable and shaming redound! 11, 000 won =$9.4 for 11 packages of Huggis premier (64 pic each). This is the way you compensate your loyal customers??

I spent time going to the store and buying your products that were defected, and unknowingly used some of them on my baby!! Than I followed your company's process as a disciplined customer, packed it and send it to Yuhan-Kimberly, and of course had to buy new packages - All this only to find out later that Yuhan-Kimberly had the nerve, the audacity and the disrespect to send a ridiculous refund of $9.4 for all this hassle and risk, which didn't even match the actual cost price!?!!!
This amount is less than what I spent to buy your products (even the cheapest Korean brand cost more than 1, 000 won per pic).

I am very angry on this procedure and the damage it caused to me and my family, And I am seriously considering a lawsuit against Huggis and Yuhan-Kimberly.

I am expecting your prompt replay and decent compensation.

Jan 26, 2017

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