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herzeliya, Israel

I bought Huggies NB in Israel and 2 times they where leaking it took me few days to realize that the reason I have to change my few days old baby cloth is because of the nappies as when I used a NB nappy from a different box it didn't leak and I did not need to change all his close.
As I live in Israel I contacted the Huggies in Israel they gave me a coupon to get one new package disregarding the discomfort and trouble I went through with a few days old baby changing all his cloth all the time.
I like your product but very disappointed from your service and customer service in Israel.
I hope you can take better care of me as a customer of Huggies
I already sent you a message more than a week ago but didn't get any respond
Ester Cohen

Jun 18, 2017

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