Huggies / huggies nappies

Private bag x 6, Gardenview, South Africa

My child is 26 months using nappies pants no. 5. I used huggies nappies since birth of my child the nappies were perfect because they could last more than 8 hours at nights you don't have to worry about wetness, but recently after the new stock came to market it worse, I must always check if the child is not wet, day or night is same and this is stressing cause you can't focus on what you are doing less than five hours the nappy is already wet. Is fine to change but huggies you were supposed to use the quality material you used on old nappies. This nappies is like one is using fake nappies and is not easy for me to change to other brands as I used huggies from november 2016. One cannot even tec huggies to new mothers. This is not on huggies you must quickly or you will loose customers. Remember others they don't complain they just switch

Jan 14, 2019

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