HUDforeclosed / emptied my home, won't return calls. i'm homeless and on disability

11/3/2017-I got a call from my daughter that my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Grierson Sr, called her to inform her they got a visit from a person inquiring of how to contact me regarding the items in my home at, 10017 Torino Dr. SE Huntsville, AL 35803. The house was to bid on due to foreclosure in early September 2017. This man stated the house was to be vacated of my things or the house would be opened. Mrs. Grierson falsely stated she had no idea if I lived there or how to contact me. I was at the house & was unsure of what was taking place. I called [protected] FHA & explained to Kim what the situation was & it was my residence. She was at a loss of what to do other than speak with a supervisor. After a lengthy wait she told me to wait for a return call, that I would be redirected to speak with someone at "an origination center". I was needed out of the county for the weekend. I returned home on 11/6/2017 and my house was unlocked and emptied. The yellow PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING notices were still where I had them and a small sticky was on the front door stating not to touch electrical boxes or something of the sort. Well I hadn't done that due to having no utilities for a year. FRANTIC & now homeless, no shoes, few clothes, no medication etc... I've been trying to get someone to help me find my belongings that were taken over a two day period with NO notification, eviction notice. I've been residing in the house w/out amenities (NO electric, sewer, plumbing, heat, A/C, water) 8/2016 to present. In August of 2017, I received a letter from an attorneys office (I haven't changed my mailing address or contact information). The letter stated the house would be up for bid in September. I received NO other information after that letter. I inquired of Regions Mortgage what occurs when foreclosure happens. I was told if the home was purchased at bid that I would be notified & a formal eviction notice would served. I could then request a bit of time to find another residence and/or vacate the house by a specific time. I never got any type of notification. I never received a certified letter. I had clear, bright notice of Private Property No Trespassing signs on the house with a battery operated light in the front window. If a sheriff came to serve me & attempted to ring the door bell...I had no electricity so I wouldn't have heard it. I have health issues associated with my thyroid, thus I easily sleep for days without getting up. If I'm able to go to get a shower somewhere or a decent meal I may have not been home. My small compact car is in the garage in case I need to run out to charge my cell phone. The two signatures on the mortgage with me would go into Regions & change any/all contact information to theirs at 213 Southern Wind Drive New Market, Al 35867. I repeatedly made it clear I was the owner occupier on the mortgage & I was unaware of very important things that were happening with the mortgage payments etc... I was trying my hardest to get things out of the house even having to borrow money in exchange for the title of my car, so I could get a storage unit and begin attempting to move things from the house ALONE. I lost many sentimental & needed things due to having to sell them in order to vacate & live. Mind you I was doing the best I could with my compact car, my health, lack of finances & lack of any help.
I had a huge emotional & physical breakdown by the invasion of my home, my belongings & unsure of what to do. I contacted Mr. & Mrs. Grier's attorney over the span of 3 days regarding his clients lack of informing the visitor on the 3rd, of how to get in touch with me. His response time was surely not rushed, rude, vague & ended in recommending I retain an attorney. I can't afford an attorney as he well knows.
11/9/2017 (10:52 a..) I called [protected] resulting in Bergetta of the FHA origination office. She was rude, not allowing me to finish explaining the situation & answering questions on her own that weren't correct. She was repeating & talking to herself. Panic like & making me quite nervous by her demeanor. The call ended with no resolutions. She passed me onto ANOTHER contact department & number to call on 11/13/2017, since Veterans Day offices were closed. I was to call was [protected] and give the "specialist" a ticket #688828, also convey that I was "misplaced".
I called [protected]:32 a.m.) on 11/13/2017 as instructed. I was dumped into a voicemail box by an automated system to leave a detailed message. To this day I haven't received a call back. I then called the [protected] again & spoke with another person by the name of Sarah. She couldn't assist me with the issue, I needed a supervisor. After putting me on hold for numerous times a supervisor Carol Barker got on the phone. She was unprofessional by cutting me off and I began crying because I knew that her demeaning manner was heading towards another non resolution of who could help me find my belongings. I was homeless & feeling hopeless as to ever seeing the ashes of my loved ones, my clothes, medicine, family heirlooms, pictures, grandchildren's wagon that I used to move items from one area to another, etc... Carol insisted that I call Regions. I was losing my voice & felt a seizure coming on due to being irate by passed over AGAIN with NO RESOLUTION. More time is passing. No one cares. They have a home to go home to, a bed to sleep on and familiar things around them. I don't. She said "I will have to contact Regions to find out what has happened. I will try to get back to you today however by looking at the time I'll contact you on 11/14/2017.
11/14/2017 I waited until the last hour of the day and to NO EVAIL she never called me. I had to find another place to stay & my daughter was in a terrible car accident. 11/15/2017 passed with NO CONTACT from Carol Barker or anyone from the [protected] # I left a detailed message at on 11/13/2017. Now it's 11/16/2017 12:10 pm I got a voicemail from a person (inaudible) to call her specific line of [protected]. I did just that and today is 11/18/2017 7:48 a.m. I've been typing this complaint for hours. Two nights ago I had a vivid nightmare of a feeling of violation and being discarded. I'm so scared I won't see my things again and if I'm able to get them somehow. I won't have a title to my only way of transportation. I had to give that up so I could get a storage space as to get what I could by myself from the house.
LASTLY on 11/17/2017 (12:50 p.m) I went to my local Regions branch & spoke with Pam. She knows of the entire situation with what & why the situation is what it presently is regarding my home. However she isn't familiar with mortgage, foreclosure or HUD procedures.

Nov 18, 2017

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