HSN / unauthorized credit charges

Quincy, MA, United States

I had the worst experience ever with getting my order, it was about three weeks after I ordered I called to find out why it was taking so long and it's almost time for my second payment and I haven't gotten the item yet, even though I paid for shipping and handling of the item, it went to the access center for customer pickup claiming I missed the delivery, I called and told them to bring it back I was here waiting, this went on for several weeks, and still no item, I called HSN again and they sent a replacement out to me. Finally, I confronted the UPS driver and demanded he takes a better look because I got a notice that it was out for delivery today and showed him the information on the phone which was now saying the delivery attempt was made again, So I asked him how did the info change your right here, he said it must be on another truck. However, he returned moments later with the item and mumbled something about the shipping label, Thought I all was done and I could go back to some normalcy ... UPS lost the second item and changed that it was delivered, I protested because I didn't get it... it's been five months and I've made all the flex-pays, then I check my bank and I noticed an extra payment was deducted without my consent, I called HSN about the matter and being told nothing in regards why they took the payment without any authorization or consent, I can only say with 100% certainty I did not receive two items, I signed for what I got and paid for it in full. I want my payment back! This has been condensed.

Jul 10, 2018

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