HP Website Phone Number / hp printer installation

United States

In December of 2016, I purchased a HP Laptop. This is for home use and has very little information in the hard drive. Today, January 16, I purchased an HP Printer. I was having difficulty with the install so I called the 800 number on the screen.
A gentlemen tried to assist me but said that I needed to have the laptop cleaned and that he could perform that for me and would then install the wireless printer. Since I have been out of the business of using laptops for sometime, I assumed I was talking to HP people. He then informed me that there would be a $99.99 charge for assisting me with the problem.
Understand that this was a foreigner and I could barely understand him. He then told me that they would do the repair and call me back once the work was done. I was then passed on to another gentleman who told me the charge was $199.99. So, I would suggest not using the 800 number on the screen. I felt like a stupid old woman when I realized that I could probably have had one of my grandkids set the printer up without paying $199.99. He would not give me a straight answer when I asked if they would be charging my account again in 6 months. I was told it was a one time charge; but I don't trust it. I would suggest NOT using their website for any installation of HP Products. I am very disappointed and I am out $199.99.

Jan 16, 2017

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