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Hp support - reference: [protected]
This has been going on now just under 18months, I have the first oringinal email conserning hp issue regarding hp touchsmart 25inch pc... This email is 1 of about 200 regarding this item, , first of all my hp messed up hp agreed to fix, , , they did fix but damaged the screen scratches ect, so they said they would repair it, it took a totally of 3months for them to get back in touch with me, , stating my pc was ready for return repaird, , , , I waited, , waited... Waited.. Waited... Then next thing im told they have misplace my machine, , , , so after connstantly phoning them, , , I wasnt not getting any were with there email help... Exuses exuses, , then a mr sebastiaan brussaard
Hp premium support, , , got in touch with me, , asking about the issue, he stated he would see in to it, , , haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, , , , next thing he phones me tells me he has a & pound;25 hp printer he would like to send me for my inconvienance, ,
No mention of the 25inch hp touch screen pc, , he stated this was for the waitting time, , , I said I didnt need a printer it was the last thing I wanted, , but it turned up on my door step, , , then he phones me again and tells me to look around for a 25inch touchscreen pc because hp stopped doing that model, and if I find one get back in touch haaaaaaaaaaaaaa hp premium customer care, , were would we be be with out it, , haaaaaaaaaaa. Again another phone call from sir bastiard, , sebastiaan, , sorry.. Say he would like to offer me a new computer, , , now this has been going on nearly seven months, the computer on offer was a 23 inch hp touchsmart pc, , , , I told him I wasnt happy and I wanted a 25inch touchscreen pc not a 23inch, , , he said it was more up to date than my last one, , I told him I was with in my rights as a consumer to ask his company for an exact replacment, , , hp lost it, , he saying no as usuall I aked if there was any other compinsation u no waitting time a & pound;140 phone bill ect ect he said thats all they were willing to do... So in the end I thought I was going to end up with no pc so I took the touchsmart 23inch evebn though I didnt want it, and I still kept on complaining, , , but got no were quick, this is nearly 12months now eventualy another out of the blue phone call, , sir bastiard agian now he s telling me he can refund me for my original pc, , , wow all this messing about and this what he turns up with, , , we can refund you for ur last pc that they lost, so I agreed, since that agreement, , , last year haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, , , they still havent picked there old machine up the hp 600 23inch
Ive sighned 2, , , , , I agree to to full refund forms I have both emails, , , , , and im still waitting now this email turns up 4months later subject: re: hp support - reference: [protected]

dear mr. Cross,

I have been trying to reach you. Unfortunately I was not able to reach you. Therefore I am sending you this email.

I would like to follow up on this case. Do you want to keep your hp touchsmart 600?

Please provide me with your phone number if it is changed.

If you have any other issues, please give us a call on [protected].

I hope I have informed you well.

Kind regards,

Sebastiaan brussaard
Hp premium support

here we go again, , , , , , I play along and agree via email I wouldnt want to keep hp 600, then it was back to silence, , , , , then 6 weeks later this turned up
Subject: re: hp support - reference: [protected]

dear mr. Cross,

You also need to fill in the buyback form (Which is attached to this email) again because the previous form is no longer valid.

Than I will check when it is possible to pickup the unit.

I hope I have informed you well.

Kind regards,

Tom de wijs
Hp premium support
I again agree I sighn the hp buy back agreement, , , , , , and what happends nothing hp premium support
How are these idiots aloud to get away with this attitude to wards uk customers
I bought the 25inch touch screen pc because of my poor eye sight
Benefits the screen was big
And this was the hassel I had to put up with from hp premium, id hate to think what was hp gold support was like... Oh and still no explanation about the missing 25inch pc.. Every thing quiet for now

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