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Hp Pavillion Dv6000 / motherboard

1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 07976960705

I purchased a HP Pavillion laptop, mid July 2007 and needed it for work at home.

Luckily I also have a MAC so the strain on my laptop was halved.

2 weeks ago my Laptop developed a fault so I logged onto the US Hewlett Packard website, trying to see if this fault was a known fault.

The one beep, followed by 2 beeps with the computer failing to start is a known manufacturing fault!

The website also said that the Warranty for my model (which is out of contract by 3 months would be extended). The website also clearly states that the fault is a known fault so I contact Hewlett Packard in the UK.

After giving all my personal details, the computer details and the nature of the problem my laptop it was collected the following day!

Before it was returned I first received a letter stating that there was a mix up and that the incorrect laptop was returned to me and that I needed to contact HP to arrange another collection.

The laptop, which was returned, was my laptop but I couldn't test to see if it was repaired because my power supply was at home.

After testing it my laptop still had the same fault so wasn't repaired.

I contact HP again and this time they told me that the extended warranty did not apply to my laptop in the UK!!! It was only extended in the US with my model laptop!

I couldn't believe it when I was asked to pay a repair fee of £265 for a laptop with a known problem. They told me that this model was not under the same extended warranty criteria as other laptops in the series although the problem with my one is exactly the same as the others that are!

I paid in excess of £800.00 for my Laptop and now they expect me to pay another £265 for a manufacturing fault which I'm reluctant to do...but I need this laptop to work from home as my PC and Mac are not compatible!

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  • Du
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    You know, in the UK you are heavily protected by the Consumer Goods Act:

    If you buy a product that's quite expensive, you can reasonably expect it to last for a certain length of time without failing. So, for £800 I would reasonably expect a laptop to remain in working condition for at lease 5 years. If a product doesn't last a 'reasonable' time, you are entitled to:

    a) a free repair
    b) a a partial refund
    c) a replacment of equivalent quality

    The example Trading Standards in North Yorkshire always quote is a washing machine, as this is a case they have tried in County Court and which had reached a legal resolution.

    They say that a washing machine costing £300 should reasonably be expected to work for 6 years! The case they tried was a guy who had a washing machine that, after 5 years stopped working. He successfully took the manufacturer to court and got the repair for free, even though the Warranty was only one year.

    The fact is, in the UK we are protected way more than anywhere else, especially America, but unfortunately, no one seems to know this...

    I have an old IBM laptop that's 10 years old and still working - I consider that good value: if it died now, I couldn't really complain. However, £800 for something that last one year is appaling and should be taken up with your local Trading Standards.


  • Cu
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    This is my experience that Iam sharing with you and I dont want this to happen to any of you.
    When we invest money on a new laptop we expect it to function problem free atleast for two years. But mine didnt even for one year.
    I got an HP laptop dv 6253 series in 2007 april. Six months later it started creating problems. I got it for my studies. During my exams it just wouldnt start and it made beep sounds. Since it was under warranty I send it to HP repair centre and they said they had to replace my motherboard. I was shocked, since it was a new laptop. I should have asked HP to provide me with a new laptop. Any way I had my exams and I just send it to them. I got it back after one week.When I got it back my wireless which was working perfectly stopped and I had to send it back again to fix the wireless. They said they are sorry and that they fixed everything. I thought it was just a one time issue and went on.It worked fine again for 6 months.Then the same problem reoccurs and by then the warranty expired.

    I call HP, I get transferred to different people in different countries and each time I had to tell my story to a different person. I loose a lot of money on my phone. I was frustrated and I tell them my problem and they say your warranty has expired therefore you will have to pay 275 pounds and only then we will repair your laptop. I told them that a new laptop should function problem free atleast for two years but mine didnt even for six months. She told me its just unfortunate and the only thing for me to do is pay them 275 pounds again!!!

    I told them to check my file and that HP had sold me a defective machine which gave me problems from the start.If it was a machine which made the problem for the first time paying the money would be fine but this machine was sent twice to the repair centre during the warranty period of one year!! HP sold me a defective machine which didnt work well even for one year and took money from me and wanted to extract more money by means of repairs for the machine.
    I said I want to speak to a manager and they said there is no use and told me that I could give my laptop to an independant agency. I dont need them to tell me that. I finally gave my laptop to an independant repair centre. And they found out that the motherboard was never replaced by HP in the first place, they just replaced a particular part!!! This series of HP created a problem for two of my other friends too.
    Iam just sharing this experience of mine so that this doesnt happen to any one of you. And please think well before you invest money in a laptop. Ensure that the company gives good after sale services and atleast a two year warranty.

  • Li
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    Hp Pavillion Dv6000 - mother board and overall poor quality
    Hewlett Packard
    United States

    When I received the computer I realized that the AC adaptor was not compatible. Then, the batteries never lasted more than 15 minutes, but I was so busy working long hours that I didn't took the time to complain about these issues. Later, a blue screen started to come up everytime the computer was turned on. This time, I called costumer service and after wrestling with technical support, they finally agreed to replace the piece. Now, the computer is not starting at all and I found out that the mother board is again defective. After talking to a manager on the telephone, I was informed that because I was out of warranty, they could not replace the piece. So, I bought a computer that never worked properly, and HP cannot do anything to backup its "well known" brand. Should I assume that the fact that the SAME problem is happening the second time with me (and more often with other people that I know) is my fault?? When asked that, the manager told me that I should know that "eletronics have a limited lifetime"... therefore, they would not replace my motherboard without charges!! It is pretty clear that HP has very poor quality products and even worst costumer service agents. What a huge disappointment!!

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