Hp Pavalian / warranty

HP Product: Laptop
Product Code : RM668AV
Serial No: dv 2100

Purchase date: 20/10/2007
Invoice no:RT/ 0205

Purchase warranty start date from HP : 20/10/07
Extended warranty date from HP at additional cost. : Till 19/10/2009

Dear Sir / Madam,

This has reference to the above mentioned HP product.

Attached please find the scanned copy of the invoice for your ready reference and necessary actions.

This product has been purchased from India from HP dealer (Name appears in invoice).

At the time of purchase the dealer has informed purchaser (my self) that he has taken two years warranty at additional cost and product will have two
years warranty for which he has shown us from the HP website that the product is having 2 year's warranty on my name.

Now the laptop is having some problems and when enquired, we have found below things.

1) The dealer from which we have purchased the laptop is no more in business.

2) Laptop went to HP service center where the following was out come
A) Though laptop has been purchased form India, HP India service center has raised hands and confirms that they can not repair.
B) Laptop is US make & purchaser needs to send the laptop to USA at his cost (approx 8000 INR) and risk.
C) Since lap top is under extended warranty there will be no cost of repair.

3) With the above findings laptop went to USA where below findings undersigned came across.
a ) HP USA finds that the make is USA.
b ) They can see the one year warranty but are not able to see the extended warranty.
c ) they are ready to repair / replace the product if they can have on-line warranty document which HP India service center has to confirm.

4) Now that, with the same finding undersigned has been to HP India service center and found the below things.
I ) HP India can show the same (2 years) warranty in their system to me but they can not either forward it to undersigned or HP USA.
II ) This warranty can be taken from toll free no [protected])

5) Undersigned has then called up to Toll free no mentioned above and got the below findings which was informed.
_1_) Complain taken for getting warranty card
_2_) Warranty card snap shot or print out can be obtained from HP service center (which HP service center is denying now to give.)
_3_) Customer care executive (Aparna and Chetan) have issued me the ticket no [protected].
_4_) They were to come back within 2 days but never come back to undersigned.

6) When the case is been registered on one of the online website and forum now since last four days they are calling and telling us to extend the waranty for one more year at the cost of 5500 INR without assuring that they will take care of this laptop repair.

7) Additionally they are now informing me that, this is may be the resale laptop which is never been told by any body from HP or never mentioned in Invoice, when I purchased this laptop.

This is now high time for me to take up the things since Warranty will get expired in moth of October 2009 and HP India service center, HP USA and Toll free Customer care all throws stones to each other and customer is suffering for getting the things done in time.

I am HP customer uses HP products as well recommends family & Friends for the same since a decade but I have not faced any problems like this any time with HP (Not with HP India either or with HP International)

Your prompt action in this regard shall be highly appreciated and customer will save me loosing about 60000 INR as mentioned below

38000 INR Purchase cost
8000 INR (Approx) for sending the laptop to USA
8000 INR (Approx) for bringing back to INDIA
6000 INR (Approx) paid for this one year additional warranty.

Your small help will help undersigned since, I am is presently passing through the really a bad face of my personal life and I have no time to run where ever you all people want me to run and we don't want to go to consumer forum for such a small issue.

Samir Vyas.
Procurement Department.

Fired Heaters.

External DDI: +[protected]
E-mail: [protected]

Hp Pavalian

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