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Hp Officejet Pro K850 / failure to provide service, repair or provide spare-part to hp

1 Malaysia
Contact information:

Dear Sir,

I wish to report a complaint against Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn Bhd (42624-T) for NOT providing service/repair and spare-part to HP printer. Append below is the details of the problem I had with one of the most, if not the most expensive HP single function printer :-

Product : HP Officejet Pro K850 Printer purchased on November 2006 @ RM1, 100.00
Problem area: paper jams and paper feed problems
Serial number (SN): TH6843806N
Operating system?: Microsoft Windows XP Home
Problem Description:
Paper sensor does not seem to be working. paper feeded in and not detected and rolled out immediately. Paper jam button light up and blinking. It printed well in test print mode. Sent to HP Penang, Malaysia for service/repair BUT request refused. HP Penang Malaysia refused to repair or provide spare-part this model BUT requested for trade-in or trade up.
This is ridiculous as HP Malaysia is still selling this model since it is still listed in the web site. How can HP refuse to repair or provide spare-part to an otherwise good printer? How can HP not produce spare part for their printer? The worse is 4 new printhead and 4 new ink cartridge costing about RM900.00 have just been replaced for this printer. It is not fair for me to discard this printer at this stage?

Contacted HP and emailed several times to HP seeking further clarification BUT to no avail. Attached herewith copy of email written to HP which received no reply...

Please help

Thank you
Yours faithfully,
Ir. Ng Sin Chie
4593, 1st Floor, Jalan Chain Ferry,
12100, Butterworth,
Seberang Perai.

Miss Erica Lau
PSG, IPG Delivery
TS Delivery Operations
Technology Services
Technology Solutions Group
Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn Bhd (42624-T)
No. 12 Jalan Gelenggang
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Miss Erica Lau,

Thank you so much for rushing through the nite to send me this email so to complete your tele-promise that you will do it by "Today". Honestly, I really appreciate your kind efford to assist me in this matter.

Refering to your email and the last tele-conversation we had, I wish to seek further clarification from you before making any decision on your so called "good will gesture options" which your management offered.

1. You have in your last tele-conversation [recorded], claimed that this is a low end consumer printer. I asked for defination of low end consumer printer and it was not answered. I asked if there was cost limit to a so called low end consumer printer and you said it was not more that RM1000, but subsequently you said it was about RM1000. Having read your email reply, and having seaching your web site, I still could NOT find the defination of "LOW END CONSUMER PRINTER" specifically attached to this printer. Somehow, I still take it from you in good faith, I do not believe you simply uttered these to condemn, insult or look down upon...

2. I have read through Emailed user guide, Chapter 7, Support and Warranty. This chapter decribed in full detailed the requirements terms and conditions with regard to service and maintenance during the warranty period. Nothing was mentioned on the support to be provided after warranty period. It was NOT stated in any documents that HP shall NOT service, repair or provide spare-parts for this printer after warranty period.

3. This printer was purchased through M/s ECS Computer Sotre Asia [Pg] Sdn Bhd, of No : 115, Medan Kikik 1, Taman Inderahwasih, 13600, Prai, Seberang Perai on the 27/11/2006.

4. This printer was used in a small/medium enviroment office by single user only. I was the only user to it. I may say, it is lightly used thorugh out.

5. I have asked for the defination of "as-new" printer as was told that these are printers which have been re-conditioned or re-manufactured by the factory. In facts and in short, there are used printers too.

6. I suspected this printer of mine only encountered minor problems with the paper sensor. My last experience with the service and replacement of paper sensor for another brand of printer costed about RM150.00. If this amount is being used as a guide, and based on your good will gesture options of RM390.00 to trade-in for a "as-new" replacement unit, please tell me if this fair and just for a faithful HP consumer like me?? Probably my traded-in unit will then be sent for the so called "re-condition or re-manufacture", and then be sold as "as-new" at normal price of RM780.00!!! Oh ya, I do not know why I was offered without even asking or requesting, a so called goodwill gesture of 50% discount?

7. This printer is still listed in your web site and it definitely a current model. No provision of spare-parts for a current model?

8. Please confirm if the following statement is correct :
" Support and warranty of HP printer is GOOD within the specified warranty period of 12 Months. No repair, no service and no spare-part shall be provided by HP after warranty period"

9. Without an A3 printer, it is causing me much inconveniences. I do not know what to do as yet, as besides the newly installed printhead and ink cartridges, I still have spare printheads and cartridges. Look like, I have no other alternative but to be cornered by HP to accept the so called goodwill gesture. Miserable!

Requested solution :
Have the printer repaired. Have the paper sensor replaced! Provide spare-parts to current model of all printers.

Shall consider submiting claim to tribunal court.
Will continue to circulate this matter through email to warn all potential user that HP printer is good for 12 Months only, i.e. during the warranty period. Be prepare to discard HP printer after warranty period. NO service, No repair and NO spare-part will be provided by HP after warranty period.


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