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Hp Laptop / hp - sends back dangerous, overheating laptop, meant to have been repaired

1 England, Kent, United Kingdom Review updated:

I have received no customer service from HP whatsoever. In the first instance of contacting the customer service department I could not get through because I had the phone put down on me 6 times. I have sent letter after letter to Stephen Gilll and only received rude phone messages from customer service which have just said "Nothing we can do" and then the phone was put down.

My last letter, again to Stephen Gill, which was a preliminary letter to court action, I received a reply which stated that my product was no longer under the 12 month warranty and it beared no resemblance to the content of my letter. My product is actually under the 12 month warrantly otherwise HP wouldn't have taken it for repair in the first place and taken it back again when they sent it back to me in an unsafe, dangerous condition. Whether my product is even under warranty now is actually irrelevant, and has got nothing to with HP's actions in its poor attempt at trying to fix my laptop. I have obviously been sent a standard letter that gets sent to everyone who complains to HP and that's if they can be bothered because the usual tactic is to phone and either leave rude messages or just act completey indifferent, ie the behaviour of David Glass in customer service. I have spoken to David Glass on the phone and he couldn't even be bothered to listen to what I had to say and is quite happy for me to take court action against HP.

You only have to read online what people think of HP, ie "DO NOT BUY ANTHING FROM HP", "Customer Service terrrible" and "Scam artists and rip off merchants". That's all I can see on HP and I agree with them all, whole heartedly.

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      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    When the HDD failed in late October, I called hp customer center again, for the 7th time in the year I have owned this POS. The fedex box was sent to me and I shipped it to Houston. They replaced the HDD, Motherboard, heatsink (again) and something else.
    Within 13 days it had failed again. So I called AGAIN near the end of November. Fedexed in the shipping box as provided and sent it back to Houston. I expected a new computer to be sent this time to replace the lemon just as their warranty states. However about a week later, instead of the call to confirm repairs completed or new computer on its way, instead I got a call from HP case manager who informed me that I was basically pond ### and a thief who was trying to get away with something...she did this by saying that my Pavilion had a broken LCD screen, cracked casing, a brown keyboard (!??!) and missing screws and so, unless I was going to fork over $749 to repair the machine - with a generous $120 discount offered by HP - then they were shipping my ruined computer back to me unrepaired and with a voided warranty!
    For one thing, the Pavilion was in nearly perfect shape outside and the lcd was perfect as well. THe keyboard was never replaced by me or anyone I know. In my view, there is clear evidence that HP is committing fraud, larceny, theft, violation of all kinds of laws, and not to mention that their Case Managers are unbelievably ignorant of any kind of etiquite, devoid of logical skills, and insultingly rude. They don't care that I have 50 pages of history on the service issues with this machine. They don't give a rats tail if the items that were wrong with their POS pavilion had nothing to do with an LCD screen in any case.
    THey violated the trust of the consumer(S) and I definitely want to file something against them.
    IF anyone out there is an attorney with experience or desires experience in class action suits against a big company committing heinous fraud, please take a look at these postings and send a note in reply.
    I have all my records in pdf to send. I already sent it to them, but HP "doesn't have anyone above" the case managers for their betrayed, deceived, robbed customers to escalate these matters. THey clearly don't want to know or have to deal with it.
    I am going to forward letters to every office of HP that I have found and to their various corporate attorneys.
    I have attached below the names and addresses I have found so far.
    I hope all of the customers like me who have been ripped off by this disgusting company will follow suit and do the same. Write your letters and send them daily if you must.
    Good luck.

    Here it is:
    Hewlett-Packard USA

    Hewlett-Packard Company
    20555 SH 249
    Houston, TX 77070
    Phone: (281) 370-0670
    Fax: (281) 514-1740
    View other locations »Websites associated with this

    Office Information

    Barger, Peggy Chang

    Chavez, Maureen H. Fay

    Czarnecki, Michael

    Hoffman, Lauren S.

    Jones, Gaynelle Griffin

    Keene, Cindy A.


    Moore, William R.

    Ormrod, James A.

    Pham, My T.

    Smith, J. Richard

    Steinheiser, Sylvia Ellen

    Struthers, James F

    Weisberger, Steven
    Tax Director

    Office Information
    Address: 20555 SH 249, Houston, TX 77070
    Phones: (281) 370-0670 Faxes: (281) 514-1740 Websites:
    Main Office
    3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, California 94304-1185 PH (650)

    2101 Gaither Rd, Rockville, Maryland 20850-4018 PH (612) 603-
    16399 W. Bernardo Dr., San Diego, California 92127-1899 PH (619)

    11311 Chinden Blvd., Boise, Idaho 83714 PH (208) 396-3597
    420 Mountain Avenue, P.O. Box 6, Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974-
    0006 PH (908) 898-4000

    Waterford Building, 9th Floor, 5200 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami,
    Florida 33126
    PH (305) 267-4220

    11445 Compaq Center Drive, Room 4.6.391, Houston, Texas 77070
    PH (281) 370-0670

    1000 NE Circle Blvd., Mailstop: 1022B, Corvallis, Oregon 97330
    Esplanade Office Tower, 2001 Butterfield Road, Suite 816, Downers
    Grove, Illinois 60515-1084 PH (630) 724-5970

    810 Bull Lea Run, Lexington, Kentucky 40511 PH (859) 296-0600

    165 Dascomb Road, Andover, Massachusetts 01810 PH (978) 474-

    3404 East Harmony Road, Fort Collins, Colorado 80528

    Personal Printing Division, 18110 SE 34th Street, Vancouver,
    Washington 98683

    11000 N. Wolfe Rd., MS 4059 (IP), MS 4060 (GL), Cupertino,
    California 95014

    19483 Pruneridge Ave., Cupertino, California 95014-0609 PH (408)

    1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, California 94304 PH (650) 857-1501

    20 Perimeter Summit Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia 30319-1417 PH
    (404) 648-5000

    CSLA Department, Bldg. MR01-3/DI, 200 Forest Street, Marlborough,
    Massachusetts 01752
    (800) 277-8988

    8000 Foothills Blvd., MS RN, Roseville, California 95747

    300 Stevens Dr., 3rd Floor, Airport Business Center, Bldg. III, Lester,
    Pennsylvania 19113

    14475 NE 24th St., Bellevue, Washington 98007
    om hp technician saying that the computer was damage by water and they were not going to fix it under the hp warranty and if I want my laptop to be fix I have to pay $950.00 I was shock to hear that my 2 month old laptop has gotten water and they blamed it to me. my laptop is worth $1650.00 and I am not stupid to doze water in it which infact I am the only person who used this laptop and it just stay in my office and never went out my office in addition to that our office policy is not to bring any food or liquid into the work area, so, how can possibly that my laptop has water in it. its too obvious that hp technician lies in connection for refusing to fix my laptop. 10 days later, hp sent back to me my laptop and to my surprise my laptop is completely dead, even when I plug the ac adapter to the live ac outlet and pressing the turn on button the computer will not turn on and nothing is coming on. its dead. I called back hp to complaint again and they again arrange for fedex box to pack my laptop to sent to thier hp repair center in california. the empty fedex box supposed to arrive at my residence on march 26, 2009 at 10.a.m. I took off from work on march 26, 2009 and began to wait from 7 a.m through 7.p.m but there is no fedex box arrive to my residence. hp insist that I recieved the empty box even when fedex confirm that no delivery is made. hp people even give me a delivery confirmation number which do not match or exist according to fedex data base. now hp want me to send the laptop to thier repair center in california at my expense with no guarrante they will fix the laptop. if hp think I am one of the dumb consumer that they can cheat, they pick the wrong person. I sent a complaint through BBB and I got a respond from a hp case manager and stated that because the computer is under warranty and is fixable base on warranty they still not to be able to fix it becuase of the water damage and they have a picture to probe it. because I am so fed up with thier crap, lies and run around I file a suit through my attorney general, BBB and small claimed court. I also seek additional monetary damages from hp for work loss wages, expensive lawyer cost and thousands of dollars to penalize them with thier lies and giving me false documents. people if you experience thesame this kind of problem with hp dont waste your time dealing with hp customer service or thier case manager because they have no authority and only give you false information. the next best thing to deal with hp to get your problem heard by them is through BBB, your state attorney general or small claimed court. hp already cheat many many people and we need to put and end to this.

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