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We spent over $5000 on a complete HP desktop system, including the "best warranty money could by" for my wife. I am a computer geek, but I would rather not work on her system...this was my way of letting the pro's handle things.

First service problem on the system requiring a call--system cutting out for no reason--and we are told by some far-away disembodied voice (took over 30 minutes and 2 calls to get a human being) that we need to "go to the local consumer electronics store, purchase a cable, a batter, if you can get another monitor, those would be really great so that you can swap these things out and we can continue to troubleshoot it." (and I'm sure that Best Buy would let us take all this stuff back when we were done with it, too!).

Absolutely stunning.

Sort of like "bring your own automotive engine analyzer to the repair shop" if you have a car problem. The absolute incapacity of these companies to live up to their word is astounding. I am thinking of filing a fraud lawsuit against HP right now, and since we are dealing with a matter over $5000, I want to be a major case of fraud--they are not even planning to ever send a service person out here to fix this, despite the fact that this service was precisely what I paid for.

I work in technology, but I am embarrassed for our industry--that this kind of service is being foisted upon people. The only reason I can't write my name is that my company does business with HP, and I would get fired for having the temerity to call them on this fraud.

This company is a long way from by Bill and Dave soul, no integrity, no honesty, leadership replaced by one willing to put their name or integrity behind what they sell...give me your money and run away...cowards and crooks...

I am mixed between being stunned and embarrassed.

Name withheld

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  •   Nov 07, 2008
    Hp Computers - Terrible support
    HP Computers
    United States

    Printer is 6 mos old. It developed an obvious problem with the electronic controls.It took 3 phone calls and 3.75 hours on the telephone to convince tech support to provide a replacement under under warranty. I was then told it would take two weeks to get the replacement unless I paid a fee for faster shipment.The tech support people (who spoke with a heavy accent) had no concern about my problems. They informed me that I should have purchased an extended warranty (at about the cost of the printer) if I wanted better warranty service. Horrible customer support like this will drive customers away.

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  • Sa
      Dec 01, 2008
    Hp Computers - Customer service
    United States

    i was told order declined on online order, luckily i checked order status and sure enough $1500 was under reveiw for approvement.called 3 days straight to cancel order, each time waiting 20-30 minutes for rep, told to call hsbc, i did they said hp has to do this, now on fourth day rep says i have to wait for email approval to cancel.what a joke you mean in their pc they have no way of cancelling or noting customer does not want, i know this is a trick to try to ship it before i can cancel,

    very upset i knew i should have went dell, and also hp is selling model at staples with more what i ordered for 1/2 the price. i'll never be using this credit card

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  • Bo
      Jun 13, 2010
    HP Computers - Terrible support
    United States

    Technical support dept. does not know what they are doing. They lost photos on my computer, that i am unable to recuperate. When wanting to speak to a supervisor, they refused to provide one, and supposedly would take my info in order to have one call me back. O course, no one did. Now I have to pay $300.00 in order to recuperate my photos. please hire ;people who number 1, know what they are doing and 2, who work in the us, not India!

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  • Aq
      Feb 03, 2011
    Hp Computers - Ridiculous wreck
    Hewlett Packard

    Back in 2017 i purchased a HP Pavilion desktop computer from a Harvey Norman Store in Klang. Everything was fine and i have to admit that this computer is fast and really convenience. However, things started to get ugly (very ugly) after one year. It started to broke down, not responding and the windows failed to start (stuck at HP logo only). The worst part is, this problem occur exactly after one year of purchase! nearly the same date where the warranty expired. so i headed to the HP service centre in Damansara and later we were told that the Motherboard is damaged and we have to pay RM300 to replace it.

    As i thought everything will be back
    as normal, i was wrong! big time! so we sent back to the service centre and they replace it again but this time its free because that Motherboard got 3 months warranty. As you can guess, after 3 months the computer is dead again and we sent to one more time to the service centre. and guess what, the problem is still the same! its the stupid motherboard again! so another RM300 flew away just like that.

    Can u imagine, the same problem got repeated over and over and it was the Motherboard, one of the most expensive component in a computer CPU! Its been years now and i still have this HP Pavilion computer in my room but seldomly use it as i got a laptop an Ipad. I feel like being cheated by a computer giant named HP, they're selling a wreck product that has no quality at all. Why is this happening to me? Thing going very well for the first 1 year but after that, the motherboard gets crazy and we keep changing it with the new one. Do they really change it with a new motherboard? I dont know because they dont show me any proof of it, what i know is, ive spend almost RM1000 for replacing that component.

    Now at 2017, this computer still got problem where it keep hanging and stop responding whenever i browse the net or even just listening to music. I've learnt my lesson and i will never buy a HP computer ever again! Its a torture to me to going back and forth at the service centre. STUPID BRAND!

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  • Ka
      Sep 25, 2013
    Hp Computers - Techsmart systems pvt ltd - hp computers big time liar and cheaters
    Techsmart Systems Pvt Ltd

    Who ever is reading this post i request you to don't buy any HP products.They are big time cheaters giving false information about their product and selling their products.Their dealers are also big time cheaters.Hhers is my story.


    I would like to inform everyone that i was told by their sales person that the HP SLATEBOOK 10-H005RU X2 PC will give me around 6to8 hours of battery backup without the keyboard and with the the keyboard around 12 to 14 hours of battery backup but i am only getting around 2to3 hours of backup without the keyboard
    and 6to8 hours of backup with the keyboard. I am very much disappointed from the battery backup of the HP SLATEBOOK 10-H005RU X2.I am everywhere carring the charger of the HP SLATEBOOK 10-H005RU X2 and charging it after 2to3 hrs of my use age as a tablet. Either i was mislead by the sales men or i was
    cheated by the (HP) FALSE PROMISE which claimed that the HP SLATEBOOK 10-H005RU X2 would give me around 6to8 hours of battery backup without the keyboard and with the the keyboard around 12 to 14 hours of battery backup. I think i have been cheated.

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  • Ro
      Oct 03, 2013

    Valerie, I can only agree with your complaint and offer you sympathy: HP customer support/warranty service is beyond terrible, it is disgusting and an affront to the buying public. I have had unbelievably bad service for both my HP computer and printer(s). I gave up on their products altogether. And, by the way: THE SECOND YOUR WARRANTY IS OVER...they will not even give you the time of day. THEY WILL ANSWER NO QUESTIONS about your out of warranty product unless you buy THEIR EXETENDED WARRANTY package, which costs more than the entire unit when new. You have learned your lesson about HP, now please SPREAD THE WORD!

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