HP / hp house call service warranty

We purchased an extended service warranty called HP House Call which was supposed to provide in home repair if the problem was unable to be resolved remotely. However, over a 3 or 4 day period of jumping through hoops which included 3 different kinds of system restore, system hardware scans, etc. I was repeated ly refused connection with in-home tech and was told that there is no warranty for in home support. Even after I read them what it said on the internet, they denied me service. I ended up having to sent the computer in because I had no other choice. I filed a formal complaint but even tho' I supposedly got the right person, he was unable to tell me whether or not I was entitled to in-home support. I also read to him the promise made on the HP website, but he said he'd have to look into it. He said to make me happy he would credit my bank card the amount and continue the coverage but I'm not holding my breath. This should be illegal to promise something yet withhold it when it's needed.


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