House Of Brides / dishonest business practices

Aurora, IL, United States

Today I called The House of Brides in Aurora, IL, to inquire about the advantages and disadvantages of placing my order of 5 Bill Levkoff #560 bridesmaids' dresses online opposed to at the store location, the HOB representative "Molly" told me that it was to my advantage to place the order of the dresses with the physical store location as the bridesmaids were able to get the "online price" if they ordered in a group.

I decided to register my group's orders for the Aurora location, and relayed this to my bridesmaids. My sister was the second bridesmaid to place her order with the aforementioned HOB Aurora store. Upon purchasing the dress, my sister learned that her dress would not cost the promised "$127" to match the online price, but instead my sister was charged for shipping and sales tax, which totaled to be nearly $200 (this included an additional fee for a plus size, of which I am not disputing).

Learning of this, I contacted the Aurora HOB store and spoke with "Eilene" who identified herself as the store manager. Eilene initially stated that the price was higher due to the HOB online price increasing since I last reviewed it. While on the phone, I confirmed the online price of "$127" was still listed on the site. Eilene then said that the online listed $127 price did not reflect the real charges which included insurance. I then reviewed and confirmed for Eilene the online 2012 promotion stating that insurance was free. I, then, asked Eilene why she would not honor what was relayed to me; I was told that my bridesmaids would be charged the online price. Eilene, the self-identified, store manager still would not honor the $127, and stated that she would refund my bridesmaids' orders placed prior my call, which would take a week or more, as she needed to contact "corporate to get a refund code". I requested to have this in writing, stating that I could no longer rely on the verbal statements of this place of business. Eilene refused to acknowledge this in writing.

The dishonest and unreliable business practices of this location do not reflect well on the House of Brides, and has ultimately cost your corporation over five hundred dollars and poor reviews, as I have decided to no longer order my bridesmaids' dresses through the House of Brides, and will share with others my bad experience.

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