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House Of Brides / what a scam!!! buyers beware!

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House of Brides website CLEARLY indicates that standard delivery is 8-9 weeks. Rush orders are 7-8 weeks. I ordered my bridesmaid dress 13 weeks out, thinking that if there was a problem, I would still have a cushion. I had tried the dress on in a retail store so I knew the dress would fit perfect. I ordered online becasue it was $40 cheaper than the in-store price. Turns out...not so much. Once you pay for the tax, shipping and the insurance, it was the same price as "in-store", but whatever, I went ahead and orderd it thru them anyway. Make my life just a little easier (so I thought). I ordered the dress and 2 weeks later, I received an email from House of Brides indicating that the "designer"...(not them), REQUIRED an additionl $45 for a RUSH handling fee. When I called HOB and asked them how this would be possible since I ordered it 13 weeks out, they quickly responded that it wans't their fault and that it was "peak wedding season". I said, how would I know that? Nothing on your site mentions that, nor is there a disclaimer (even in small writting) that says that during "peak" season, you should order earlier than their site indicates. Ridiculous. To make matters worse, they won't accept a cancellation unless they deem that the order can't be met in time. They told me I could cancel my order, but they would keep the money- CRAZY (now in the hole $225). Oh, by the way, when I told them their site was in accuarate, missleading and totally unethical, she agreed and said they were "working" on the site as we spoke. (ya right). Anyway, after calling 3 times and emailing a rep 4 times to complain, they finally agreed to cancel my order after I refused to pay an additionl $45. I found an almost identical dress (cuter, actually) on ebay for $60 including shipping, arriving in 3-5 days. Save your money. Pay in store, or call before you place the order to see if its really going to be delivered in the time it says OR will the "designer" require RUSH shipping? Total scam artists, HOB know they can get more money out of you because if they "let" you cancel your order, you then would have to order from someplace else that would take 10 weeks to order as well, so they wait till it's too late to order elsewhere. They offer no apologies, they have a "so what" attitude. When I suggested THEY pay the RUSH fee, they didn't even hesitate with the answer NO. Not even up for discussion. What a way to run a business, right? Save your money ladies. Shop elsewhere!

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  • Nu
      8th of Aug, 2018
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    Ordered bridesmaid dresses from Schaumburg store. When calling to find out delivery date (ordered in February for a 9-1 wear date) never received a call back from anyone. After 3 calls, went in to ask in person what was going on. Was told by Krys the manager that the dresses should have come in on 8-1, it was now 8-2 and she said she would get right on it and see what was happening and call back in the next 2 days. No call back from them. We called store and was told Manager is the only one who can give information about shipping. Well manager hadn't called us back to begin with. Walked into the store (again) on 8-6. After being made to wait half hour (in a completely empty store) Krys comes to talk to us. She goes on her computer and states that the dresses shipped on 8-3! We ask for a tracking number and was told there is none but she can get it. It can take about 24 hours. She will call us with it. We say we dont' receive calls back and would she put it in writing that she will call back the next day. She writes it out and of course doesn't call. She doesn't care about her legitimacy or her word or the clients. She just lies and lies. We called on 8-7 and asked for our consultant Linda to see what was happening with the dresses. She puts us on hold and Krys gets on. We ask for the tracking number. We get put on hold for 20 minutes. She returns to say that the dresses will ship THIS friday (8-10) even though she told us the day before that they already shipped. So she lies and does it so easily and with a smile on her face that it's almost frightening. I am in the process of calling the manufacturer to see what they can tell me about the dresses. With a wear date of 9-1 and dresses not being delivered until AFTER 8-13, there isn't a lot of time to get the dresses altered. We have a large wedding party and 3 out of state bridesmaids and 1 bridesmaid going out of the country. House of Brides charges full price (not a deposit) and doesn't deliver the dresses when they say they will and won't give your money back. If you have already gone here and are getting the run around I would suggest disputing your charge with your credit card company due to non delivery of the item and go somewhere else if you have time. Or contact one of the news stations that have been investigating (ABC is who I have been talking to) Otherwise DON'T GO HERE. JUST DON'T.

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