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House Of Brides / awful experience

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House Of Brides
I went to House of Brides for my wedding dress, not knowing any better. I found one that I loved and got measured for it. I am normally a size 10 in regular clothes. Now I know that typically, bridal gowns run small. But they told me when I was measured they told me that I was measuring for a size 18. I was blown away. I told them that I would not under any circumstances be ordering a size 18. I found out 20 minutes later that size 18 is where the 'plus sizes' start, so that would have made the dress cost $300 more. I ended up ordering a size 16 at their insistence. I waited 4 months for my dress to come in. When it did, I tried it on- IT IS GIGANTIC. Now I only have 3 months until my wedding and I am stuck with it. I don't even know if it can be altered properly because it is a corset style and it will be difficult to take in as much as it is needed. It is so big that it can be clipped in the back like they do in the stores when you are trying the dresses on- but this is my wedding dress. I am heartbroken and disgusted that House Of Brides cons women into buying bigger dresses so that the company can make more money in alterations. A friend of mine works as a model for bridal expos and has told me that House of Brides is notorious for taking the original label out of the dress and putting in their own. For example, if the sample dress came in as a size 8, they would take out that tag and put one in that says it is a size 12. So that when they tell suckers like me that they dress they are trying on is a 12, they can make you order a bigger size since you think the one you are trying on is small. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to people. As a bride, I have dreamed of my wedding day for a long time and what I would wear. I never thought it would turn out to be such a nightmare situation with my dress. Thanks a lot House of Brides- you are a disgrace.


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D  24th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Dear Customer,
We are replying to your post. The FCC requires all bridal retailers to leave the fabric content label and RN label in in-store sample merchandise. The fabric content label identifies the type of fiber. The RN label identifies the designer. The fabric content and RN labels can be found in all House of Brides' samples and special order merchandise. The FCC allows bridal retailers to add their own label to sample merchandise. The purpose of the retailer's label is for store identification. House of Brides strictly adheres to the FCC's policies and is in full compliance.

House of Brides does not remove any labels identifying the sample merchandise's size. We, in fact, post the sample size on our store's label in addition to the designer's label. House of Brides follows our designers' guidelines for customer size selection. Designers require retailers to take three standard measurements including the bust, waist, and hip. The designers provide the retailers with their size chart and require retailers to compare these measurements to determine the size to order. Sizes are determined by the largest measurement to ensure fit on the largest area. The merchandise can then be altered to fit as necessary. Special order merchandise is not cut to specific measurements but instead to the standard and specific measurements of the designer. Special order merchandise does run differently from street clothes.

House of Brides suggests the size to order according to designer guidelines. The customer has the option to select a different size. Likewise, we provide alterations as an optional service. We do not require customers to have alterations at our stores. The customer again has the option to have alterations done outside House of Brides stores.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. House of Brides strives for excellence in customer service to ensure our customers' satisfaction.

House of Brides was established in 1929 and has since grown to 6 full-service bridal stores assisting over 30, 000 customers annually. We also have our international website, www.houseofbrides.com, which receives 10 million unique yearly visitors. Customers come to House of Brides because of our proven record of outstanding service, selection, and prices. We enjoy an approval rating of over 99.99% among our customers. We, however, understand from time to time we may not have met a customer's needs to their full satisfaction. Every customer is important to us and therefore, we'd like to extend an invitation to contact House of Brides for further discussion of your issue. Please contact service@houseofbrides.com. A representative will contact you within 48 business hours.

House of Brides understands the importance of this experience and wishes you the very best.

Thank you,
House of Brides
N  25th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I will never use house of brides either. Their customer service both online and on the 800 our very rude. Noone answers emails. Noone knows about the products offfered by thier own company. I have sent 7 emails just to one department alone with no response back. i have emailed the manager no response back I have emailed what they says is corporate. Nothing, nada, no phone call back no email response nothing. they took money out of my account twice for a service they provide which was not authorized by me, fighting to get it back. the service i did pay for which is their wedding websites, does not work, all pages are blank, even had a computer programmer help and they said their site is messed up, only having it for a couple of days they say you can cancel it, but the way they tell you to, does not exist on the page, It is a total scam, piss poor customer service, very poor lack of communication. I will be reporting them to the better business bureau. I have had it trying to contact this people both by phone and by email, with no luck, . the 800 number tells you they cant help you or they dont even know about that product all thought it is their product on their website offered by their company. It is a disgrace the way they rip people off and take extra charges then tell you yeah you can cancel this is how, but that does not exist for you to do, not not a happy customer. will never use them again
A  14th of May, 2009 by 
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oh my goodness I am having a horrible experience wit House of brides also!! I have 6 weeks untill my wedding and my bridesmaids dresses are nowhere to be found. Now they are saying they finally after a month have gotten in touch with the manufacturer and our dresses should arrive in 5 to 8 buisness days. so now 10 dresses are going to have to be rush altered... I am lost. I dont know what to do. We are seriously thinking about moving our date back which will throw everything off because of thier mistakes. I cant even send out my invitations because I dont know if we will have any attire for the evening!!

Seriously frustrated,
April L.
A  8th of Oct, 2009 by 
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I had a similiar situation with House of Brides. I went there to get sized for a brides maid dress. The lady measured me and gave me a size 10 to try on (normally a size 6). The size 10 was falling off of me and I had to hold it up. The sales lasy looked at me and told me that I was a 12! I looked at her and then looked at the dress and laughed and told her I wasnt going to order anything larger then a 10. She got angry and said "fine i just hope you lose some wait before the wedding" and then she stormed out and told me to go to the cashier. I was in complete shock. Of course after I left the dressing room and she was no were to be found. I asked for a manager and was told they were unavailable. Also another girl had the same situtation with them trying to make them order a plus size dress when she was not plus size. I will never go to another House of Brides again, especially the one in Glen Ellyn, IL.
A  26th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I also agree we had a horrible experience with HOUSEOFBRIDES.com. Seems to me that they are more concerned with trying to cover their own butt and "look" good than actually give out customer service. I would not waste your money with them. Even to save a few because in the long run you will spend it with them!!! Spend your money elsewhere with people that really do care about your wedding day!
N  8th of Mar, 2010 by 
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I recently purchased a wedding dress for a close friend at House of Brides. They charged me the wrong amount, supposedly cancelled/completed voided the transaction, and then recharged me for what was the wrong amount again. I mentioned to the 3 House of Brides employees who were obviously having a difficult time checking us out, that they should be refunding the tax on the difference as well. They completely ignored me and charged me the wrong amount. Upon giving me the final receipt, they said, "It says a different amount, but don't worry the credit card receipt shows how much you were actually charged. At this point, it's only a $1.50 difference, and the bride to be and I, after speding all Saturday trying dresses on, didn't want to argue for $1.50 as all the House of Brides employees were rushing to go home for the day. Then early Monday morning, I checked my bank account and realized I was double charged, called the bank, and had my friend pick me up from downtown (I had to leave an extremely important all day strategic planning meeting), and drive to Schaumburg to speak with a manager who said, "You didn't have to come all the way here. I would've taken care of it sometime." I made it clear to her that she was going to do everyhing in her power to get this issue resolved ASAP as my bank account was on hold. After pressuring the manager and waiting all day, the manager supposedly faxed the needed information in around 5:00pm. The next day, my account was still on hold, so I called the bank only to find out that nothing was received. So I had to fax in the information 3 times. My account's hold was cleared Wed. afternoon. I was not able to spend a single dollar and had to borrow cash from my co-workers for lunch, etc. We asked for something in return for all the inconvenience they have caused. They offered $100.00, which doesn't even cover the hours of work missed, phone usage calling House of Brides and my bank, gas & mileage (I'm not even talking about actual inconvenience and the discrimination we felt). The manager also promised to e-mail the bride to be and I a copy of the e-mail she sent her supervisor who bluntly stated that she does not want to deal with us, the customers, directly and is only willing to deal with the manager - WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT!!! After being offered something that obviously doesn't make up for the inconvenience they have caused the two of us, the bride to be called and spoke with the manager who simply didn't care. She called me right afterwards, crying for 30 minutes at how she doesn't want a wedding anymore. It's supposed to be exciting and happy, but she felt like she's going through hell, being treated like less than trash from House of Brides. I was PISSED OFF, obviously, called and left a voicemail on the manager's line and also left a message with the receptionist who guaranteed that "everything will be take care of and that the manager will call me first thing the next day when she gets in." Half a week passed, and neiter the bride to be nor I have neard from them yet! This is not even half of what we experienced with House of Brides, the worst shopping experience ever!!!
A  29th of Mar, 2010 by 
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i am having the worst experience w/HOB. i ordered bridesmaids dresses back in jaunary and told they would be in by middle of march. we're at the end of march and my girls dresses still aren't in.!!! they were rushed ordered. this leaves no room whatsoever for alterations. im upset, frustrated, and stressing out. my wedding is friday.
i only went w/HOB because my sister got her dress from them 15 yrs ago. the experience she had is nothing compared to mine.
every time i call, ordering dept or store located in schaumburg, in general they give me the run around. the dresses were far from cheap. my gown and veil came from there. im not understanding the miscommunication. they dont want to give me the name of their ordering dept manager and when pressed about it, he wont be available until monday, way after the fact, after the wedding.
i shouldn't be going thru this aggravation nor should my girls be stressing out about their dresses.
my nieces have small dresses thanks to the consultant who ordered them in girls sizes instead of miss. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
A  23rd of Mar, 2011 by 
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This place is an absolute nightmare. I am so distraught over this! I ordered two dresses for a wedding I'm in (yes two) and they don't have any record of either purchases. Not only that, but I've been calling/emailing for 2 and a half months as of today. I called a number I found today and it said "press 1 to check the status of an order". So I did, and it said "this voicemailbox is full". What kind of place is this? I'm questioning if this is some kind of a sham that does not even really exist as an actual business. As a school teacher who does not have $275 to just throw away, I am completely angry that a company can be so insensitive especially today. SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR BRIDESMAIDS! DO NOT SHOP HERE!
A  30th of Mar, 2011 by 
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My wedding is a month away and the bridesmaids put april 1st for the wedding date, which is tomorrow. Only 2 girls got their dresses. And hob tells you they can only email corporate to get back to you and they never do. THIS COMPANY SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS. I have gotten hung up on numerous times...and no answers whatsoever. I wish i would have researched before ordering.
N  24th of May, 2011 by 
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House of Brides - Bad service, wrong product
House of Brides
Chicago area
United States

Do not buy from the scam of a company. I ordered 5 dresses, 2 came in a child's size, their fault, they ordered it wrong. I am now eating the children's dresses plus I have to find 2 dresses off the rack as my wedding is 2 weeks away. they are total ###s and I will do everything in my power to let the world know what scam they are running. Move on, you are not saving any money. BEWARE!!!
N  28th of May, 2011 by 
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House of Brides - Thieves!
House of Brides
United States

I put an order for two brides maids dresses through with House of brides and i received an email four days later on April 18th telling me that my order was not going to be processed and a refund would be issued to me. I called on several occasions inquiring as to when exactly this refund would happen and was given a different story each time and this morning the latest story was that i had already received a refund. I called again this evening and was told that i need to request a refund. Honestly, they took my money and didn't give me a product, how is it that i have to REQUEST a refund. Please do not purchase anything from house of brides. Please.
A  23rd of Jun, 2011 by 
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House of Brides is horrendous to say the least. I called two weeks ago telling them that I had not received the dress which I ordered 2.5 months prior, I asked them if I could put a stop on the dress as I was now pregnant and required a maternity bridesmaid's dress. They said they could and then they told me that a product specialist would call me to switch my order and credit me the amount of the original dress. I never received a call. Now I received an E-mail confirming that they were sending out the original dress. I called and Viann answered the phone saying that there was a record of my telephone conversation 2 weeks ago and my request and that a message had been left for product specialist to call me. I then wrote an E-mail to their Refunds and Info E-mail only to be told that under no circumstances would they refund the dress (although on the phone they deceive and pay lip service to the opposite effect). I told them that I would not be ordering the maternity dress from them and that I would tell everyone what a horrible company they are. They lie, deceive make you think you will receive a refund then tell you well that's not our policy. They won't even consider it for a pregnancy. Not even a congratulations on the fact I was expecting either just a crude E-mail that saying that they have a no refund policy. THEY ARE THE HOUSE OF LIES!!!
N  6th of Jul, 2011 by 
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We value you as our customer and apologize for any inconvenience. We offer you a $25.00 coupon for an online purchase from House of Brides.com. Please enter coupon code C221 on the online order form to receive $25.00 off your next purchase.

Thank you,
House of Brides
N  25th of Sep, 2011 by 
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Is that comment from the HOB a joke? LMAO Why after being put through that would she want to purchase anything from you ever again? Ridiculous!!

Angry Bridesmaid
Do not buy from House of Brides period!!
N  9th of Oct, 2011 by 
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House of Brides - Service
House of Brides
United States

I ordered a bridesmaid dress through House of Brides online on June 8th for an October 1st event. I was originally told that I would be receiving the dress by the end of August. I did not receive the dress until September 27. I called numerous times and left messages and never received a return phone call. I will never order anything from them again!
N  7th of Apr, 2015 by 
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I went to get my dress and my veil yesterday. When I saw the veil I told the lady that that wasn't the veil I ordered. I saw them a picture and they said "Oh you are right, well...sorry". I asked them for a solution and they literally told me there was not solution because it would take them 16 weeks to get me the correct one." I even asked them for the ones in the store, and all she said was that she could not do anything. I asked for the manager and all she did was bringing out a T2 layer white veil, nothing to do with the one I ordered, and offered to take out 1 layer...still I will have to pay for the veil. EXCUSE ME?? IS YOUR MISTAKE! YOU ORDERED THE INCORRECT ONE AND I AM THE ONE STUCK WITHOUT THE VEIL? NO COMPENSATION, NO STORE CREDIT AT LEAST, NOTHING!
A store such as this one is a shame to the business! Wedding stores should know about the responsibility they have in their hands. We are spending hundreds of dollars and when they comit a mistake there is no rensposability taken anywhere.

Spare yourself and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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